Things To Do in Laureles During Your Stay at Factory Lofts

TLDR? Laureles has great nightlife, cafés, and sporting events for you to enjoy while staying at Factory Lofts!

Most temporary visitors to Medellin know about Poblado. The wild and diverse cultural center has captured international attention due to its beautiful views and outrageous nightlife.

But, another neighborhood in Medellin is gaining on Poblado in status. This neighborhood is Laureles! It is centrally located and a little more low-key than Poblado.

Despite being less well known than Poblado, there’s no shortage of things to do in Laureles, and I found it the perfect place to spend your time in Medellin. What follows is a brief outline of some of the most fun things to do in Laureles during your stay. This applies whether you’re in Medellin for a few days or are in it for the long haul!

Carrera 70: A Hub of Nightlife and Bars

A Hub of Nightlife and Bars

There’s a Casacol property in Laureles called Factory Lofts. Its perfect location in the neighborhood allows one to hit the town running, exploring everything that the neighborhood has to offer.

The loudest and proudest place in Laureles would have to be Carrera 70. It is a thriving and bustling thoroughfare that captures attention. It runs for several blocks right through the heart of Laureles.

Carrera 70 has long been an epicenter for Colombian nightlife in Medellin. The city officially renamed it “Libertadores de Americas” in honor of the Medellin football team, Atletico Nacional.

Calle 70 has countless bars, restaurants, and street vendors hawking their wares. There’s a massive variety in the nightlife, from cantankerous salsa clubs to throbbing techno joints.

The party scene on Calle 70 offers visitors and residents of Medellin a place to get their rocks off. It is less touristy than the boulevards of Poblado, and you’ll see hundreds of paisas and Medellin locals traversing Calle 70.

The Nightlife on La 70

The Nightlife on La 70

Since Carrera 70 has so much to offer, I’ll be going over some of the most famous nightlife locales on the bustling avenue below.

  • El Tibiri: is a salsa dancing institution. It sees locals from all over Medellin pouring into its tightly packed space to dance.
  • La Charcu: La Charcu is a more low-key option with a very impressive cocktail list. It remains consistently popular with both locals and foreigners. This is for its chill atmosphere and cozy vibes.
  • Oye Bonita: Oye Bonita has five locations speckled across the city and it’s a bit of a household name for locals. The venues are decorated with a tropical vibe, and there’s never an entry cover.
  • Mondongo’s: Mondongo’s is another very well known Paisa institution. It’s known for serving up heaping portions of Colombian food for very affordable prices.

El Primer Parque de Laureles and El Secundo Parque de Laureles

Laureles Park

When the party’s over, it might be time for a little rest, relaxation, and contemplation. What hits the spot better than a well-designed, well-landscaped, urban green area that’s conveniently located in the middle of all the action? Nothing I can think of.

Laureles is a very well-designed neighborhood, with several circular streets creating almost a spherical layout. Plopped right in the center of these circles are two small parks. Their names are El Primer Parque de Laureles and El Secundo Parque de Laureles.

The parks are very relaxing and are surrounded by bars and restaurants. This makes them very convenient as well.

Several cafés line the streets nearby, making it easy to bring your laptop along and get some work done.

Both parks feature some beautiful tropical vegetation and some interesting architectural features. The second park has a distinctive sculpture honoring the area’s indigenous people.

El Estadio Atanasio Gardot

Atanasio Gardot Stadium

Another major feature of the Laureles neighborhood is the hard-to-miss soccer stadium. The stadium is located on the northern end of the neighborhood.

On game days, thousands of residents flock to the massive stadium to cheer on the Medellin home team, Atletico Nacional. The stadium hosts both national and international games.

Often the revelrous crowd can include more than 40,000 individuals. They often will spill out onto the nearby Carrera 70 to toast in victorious celebration or to drown their sorrows and hope for a better game next time. Either way, things can end up rather wild!

The stadium was initially built in 1953. It’s named after the Colombian folk hero and revolutionary Atanasio Girardot. Girardot fought alongside Simon Bolivar. They fought to attain independence for Latin America from Spanish rule.

The stadium was renovated in 2011 in anticipation of Colombia hosting that year’s world cup. It even boasts a metro stop: Estacion Estadio. You can read more in-depth about the Stadium and the experience of going to a soccer match here.

The massive venue has also hosted concerts from some of popular music’s most famous artists. Some of these include Madonna, Beyonce, Paul Mccartney, and Bad Bunny.

Hike To The Top of Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa

A short jaunt from the Factory Lofts is a small hill that hosts the fascinating Pueblito Paisa. Pueblito Paisa is a small town modeled to imitate the look and feel of a historic village.

The Pueblito is located at the top of a very pleasant park that only takes about 15 minutes to hike. This makes the trip in whole very low stress. It never hurts to pack a few snacks for the trip, however. The Pueblito offers fantastic views of the surrounding city, setting the scene for the perfect afternoon picnic.

The Pueblito features many informative plaques. These inform readers about the history of the region and the lifestyle that the village intends to depict. The buildings compose a convincing facsimile of a genuine paisa village.

The park also offers a quick way for one to feel like they’re escaping the hustle and bustle of the city with very little effort. In fact, the park where the village is located is shrouded in beautiful greenery.

Explore the Wealth of Activities in Laureles

There’s so much to do and explore in the Laureles neighborhood that it’s almost overwhelming. It’s easy to see why it’s becoming a popular choice with both foreigners and locals. People have become entranced by the neighborhood’s svelte architecture and riotous nightlife.

Luckily Casacol has situated its Factory Lofts right at the center of the action. You won’t have to worry whether you’re going to miss out on anything during your stay – it’s all right outside your front door!

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