A Day’s Getaway in Santa Fe de Antioquia

A Day’s Getaway in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Medellin is a beautiful city with thousands of things to do and discover.

But, it’s not just the city that’s worth checking out. You should also think about going on a weekend getaway to some of the surrounding villages!

One of those villages is Santa Fe de Antioquia. Sate Fe has friendly people, delicious food, and great weather.

Here’s what to know about this adorable village on the outskirts of Medellin.

What to Know About Santa Fé de Antioquia

What to Know About Santa Fé de Antioquia

Santa Fé is one of the most important relics of Colombia. It’s located about an hour and a half from Medellin.

A Spanish soldier founded it in 1541 (the Spanish conquered Colombia) and left his mark on the town. You’ll especially notice that the town’s architecture is a legacy of the influence of Spanish culture.

In addition, ten minutes from the center of this town is a famous bridge, Puente de Occidente. It’s another architectural wonder built in the eighteenth century, and is a big tourist attraction.

How to Get There

How to Get There

Different tours offer different conditions and packages to get to Santa Fe in Medellín. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do it alone.

If you want to DIY the trip, you can depart from the terminal Norte de Medellín, which goes directly to Santa Fe and is very cheap. The trip only takes one hour.

Remember to check routes and departure times as these vary.

Alternatively, you can rent a car. This tends to be a little bit faster than taking the bus, but only slightly.

What to Do in Santa Fé de Antioquia

Santa Fe de Antioquia is perfect for a one-day getaway from the city. For all the activities I’ll mention below, I recommend you go on foot.

Not only is it much cheaper, but you can go at your own pace and really take in your surroundings. And of course, you can burn off all those calories from the yummy Colombian food you’ve been eating!

Still, there are also small three-wheeled taxis (known as moto-taxis) that you can hail for a ride if you get tired.

Go to the Central Park

Go to the Central Park

One of the places that I loved the most was Santa Fe’s central park. The Plaza Mayor Simón Bolívar Park, as it’s called, is one of the town’s most charming places.

As you might already be aware, Colombia is known for its beautiful towns since the most stunning buildings are located in its central parks. And, Santa Fé is no exception.

One of Plaza Mayor Simón Bolívar’s charms is its gardens. They’re lush and complement the architecture of the place. Plus, you can really get a feel for what the town might have been like back when it was first founded! The gardens also have an active fountain that adds weight to the atmosphere of the place.

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece inside and out, is the cherry on the cake. Regardless of your religion, it’s impressive to look at since this cathedral has been preserved from the time it comes from.

Tour the Churches

Tour the Churches

Santa Fé is a Catholic town, so it is not surprising that it has many churches. I’ve already told you a little about its main one. But, that’s not the only church in town.

Here are a few more churches to visit in Santa Fe.

Santa Bárbara

Known as the “Grandmother of churches”. It’s the oldest church in the village, so you can imagine what you can learn about its construction and history.

It also has a small park outside where you can take a break and have a cold drink. The best thing is that it’s only two blocks from the central park. The advantage of the small towns in Colombia is that everything is close by!

Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá

This more than classic church has a history that is a little different from the others, and that is that it was used as a cemetery and served as a prison for some clerics.

Many Colombian churches have crypts, and this one is no different.

Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral

This is the tallest church in the area (47 meters high) and was another gift from the Spanish in terms of style and architecture.

At its entrance, you can find different stalls of local vendors selling fruits and souvenirs.

Puente de Occidente

Puente de Occidente

Recognized as a national monument, this is an incredible suspension bridge and an architectural marvel. From here, you’ll view one of Colombia’s main rivers.

The landscape is beautiful, perfect for taking Instagram photos! The bridge has two lanes for pedestrians and one for vehicles so that you can walk across it if you want to.

One of the perfect things about the place is its remarkable view of the Cauca River with its wild current.

You have two options to get to the bridge:

  1. Moto-taxi
  2. Bus

I took a moto-taxi that drove me to the bridge, waited for me while I toured and took pictures, and then brought me back. This option is very affordable, and it’s a bit more comfortable than cramming into a bus.

On the other hand, from the Santa Fé terminal, you can take a bus to Liborina and get off at the bridge. This option tends to be a bit cheaper and is sometimes easier to coordinate, especially if you don’t speak Spanish.



If you want to know and see more of the city’s history, you can visit the Juan del Corral Museum, where there are occasionally temporary exhibitions on research and art. They will tell you about the town’s history.

You can also visit the Francisco Cristóbal Toro Religious Art Museum. It’s a place that tells more about the religious history of the city.

Where to Stay in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Where to Stay in Santa Fe de Antioquia

My trip was a round trip, but Santa Fe has two hotels if you want to stay an extra day. Hotel Boutique Casa Tenerife is just a few blocks from the central park.

In addition to this option, on the outskirts of town, you can find various hikes and nature trails where you can enjoy the outdoors a little more. Just remember to make reservations before traveling to avoid inconveniences.

Have a Beautiful Day in Santa Fe de Antioquia

If you want to get out of the city and take a trip to a quieter town, this is the right place for a getaway. Santa Fe de Antioquia has all the charm of a small town but is still close by to Medellin.

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