A Guide to the Best Gyms in Medellin

TLDR? Medellin offers a range of activities to help you stay fit. This includes some great gyms. Here is a list of the best gyms in the city!

Fitness is a pretty big deal in Medellin, so big that the city’s main highway is shut down once a week so people can work out. And in recent years, Colombia has seen a steady growth in health awareness. 

So, with this desire for new ways to increase well-being comes an array of exciting, innovative, and cost-effective fitness options. 

Whether your goal is to work off that extra vacation weight or simply to keep up your fitness regime from back home, you will be able to find some fantastic gyms in the city. Here’s our list of the best!

Price RangeMembershipsFree Pass?ServicesLocation
SmartFit$60.000 – $200.000 COPDaily, weekly, monthly, or annualNoSmartFit apps, free weights, exercise machines, group classes, spaLaureles, Poblado, Engivado
Power Club$200.000 – $1.000.000 COPMonthly, trimester, semester, annualNoPersonal training, group fitness classes, virtual fitness, exercise machinesLaureles, Poblado, Envigado
Bodytech$70.000 – $900.000 COPMonthly, annualNoExercise machines, group fitness classes, individual fitness classes, sports medicineLaureles, Poblado, Envigado
Athletic$50.000 – $600.000 COPMonthly, annualYesSpinning classes, weight lifting classes, exercise machinesLaureles, Poblado, Envigado
F45$200.000 – $1.000.000 COPMonthly, daily, weekly, trimesterNoHIIT classes, functional training classesPoblado
Powerfit$180.000 – $1.000.000 COPMonthly, trimester, semesterYesCrossFit, HIIT, weightlifting classesLaureles
MMA Colombia$150.000 – $250.000 COPMonthlyYesGroup classes, individual classesGuayabal
Open Air Gyms$0 COPN/AN/AFitness machinesLaureles, Provenza, Poblado

SmartFit (Best Gym Overall)


With numerous locations scattered around the city, you may have already noticed the mega gym in your neighborhood. SmartFit is one of the country’s more well-known health club chains. Their large modern spaces are equipped with a vast selection of state-of-the-art exercise machines and weights. 

Keep motivated with one of the many workout classes. Group sessions include yoga, fit-box, spin, and much more. 

SmarFits flexible memberships are particularly attractive to ex-pats and tourists alike. The ‘Smart Plan’ has a no-fee cancellation and no minimum term!

So if you only want to attend the gym for the few weeks or months you’re in the city, this is the perfect option. 

Website: https://www.smartfit.com.co/

Address: Locations city-wide

PowerClub (Best for Group Fitness)


This CrossFit gym provides advanced equipment, hourly classes, and highly knowledgeable coaches.

In a true CrossFit style, classes will physically and mentally challenge you. However, this functional training style will have great rewards and fast results. 

PowerClub has five locations across the city, and one in Bogota and Amsterdam. You can choose between virtual training or affordable studio sessions. 

Website: https://powerclub.com.co/

Address: Locations city-wide

Bodytech Gym (Best for Personal Training)

Bodytech Gym

With over 21 years in the fitness game, Bodytech is one of the leading sports clubs in the country, having 170 locations nationwide. They offer personal training sessions and over 40 different types of fitness classes. 

They pride themselves on not simply being a gym but a sports medical center focused on health. Of course, you can always just treat yourself to a sports massage at the Celestino Hotel Spa!

Well, what exactly is the difference? At Bodytech, workouts are advised based on physical conditions as well as personal motivations, thereby helping treat injuries and different diseases.

Fitness coaches are highly trained, providing varied and dynamic personal training sessions that challenge your mind and body.

Website: https://bodytech.com.co/

Address: Locations city-wide

Athletic Gym (Most Affordable Gym)

Woman doing exercises in a gym

Bodytechs low-cost alternative ‘Athletic’ has two locations in the city. It offers fun and alternative ways for Medellin growing, the health-conscious crowd to stay fit.

Spin classes conducted in a movie theatre, weight lifting competitions, and Halloween events are just a few stimulating activities you can participate in.

Athletic has some of the most competitive membership rates in the city. You can sign up for a taster gym session with their free pass.

Website: https://athleticgym.com.co/

Address: Locations city-wide


F45 gym in poblado

Originally founded in Australia, F45 has transformed into a global phenomenon, with a staggering 1,750 studios worldwide. 

Its innovative high-intensity workouts have finally arrived in Medellin! Combining CrossFit with circuit training, it’s designed to produce drastic body transformations. 

The format is a little different from traditional gyms, as workouts will always take place in group formats. You don’t necessarily pay for access to the gym; you pay for the classes. 

Classes focus on functional training and are largely without the use of weights. Its sole Poblado studio is popular with both foreigners and Colombians and provides highly skilled trainers. 

Website: https://f45training.co/elpoblado/

Address: Cl. 9 #43b 17, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia


PowerFit fitness gym

Having gained a significant following with its three Barranquilla locations, the fitness center has expanded into Medellin. 

This Laureles sports club combines different functional workouts like CrossFit, Hiit, and weightlifting to offer fitness enthusiasts an alternative to traditional gyms. 

They offer six-month and three-month membership plans. But not to worry, you won’t have to commit straight away. Check Powerfit out with a free five-day pass.

Website: https://www.powerfitco.com/

Address: Cq. 2 #68 -128, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia


MMAColombia boxing gym

Mixed Martial Arts may not be your conventional workout, but this adrenaline-pumping sport is just as effective when it comes to fitness. 

With 18 different training plans, you’re sure to find something you like at the MMAColombia sports club. Each plan permits access to train in all the disciplines; Thai boxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, and traditional boxing. 

They offer a free courtesy day for you and a friend! In addition, you can try multiple classes. All you have to do is reach out via the website to make a reservation. 

Website: https://mmacolombia.com.co/

Address: Cra 50E #10 Sur-173, Medellín, Guayabal, Medellín, Antioquia

Open Air Gym 

People exercising in a open air gym

The Medellin government has been pumping big bucks into fitness initiatives for the city. One of the coolest is the free outdoor gyms popping up around town. 

Yes, you read correctly. Completely free. I’m not just talking about a pair of monkey bars, but apparatus equipped with actual weights. These areas are located on small bits of green throughout the city. 

The outdoor gyms are popular with ex-pats and locals, so they get surprisingly busy throughout the day. Although the equipment is somewhat basic, you can definitely get the job done and have a decent workout. 

Address: Locations city-wide

Check Out the Best Gyms in Medellin

Whatever your tastes are, Medellin has something for everyone.

With affordable costs, flexible memberships, and innovative and exciting fitness initiatives, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all your fitness goals!

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