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TLDR? If you’re looking for complete health insurance in Medellin, Angela Berrio Seguros has got you covered!

Most Americans are well-versed in the importance of insurance policies. They keep our cars, houses, and families safe!

The trouble is when you’re traveling abroad, taking out an insurance policy can start to get a bit hairy. Suddenly, you’ve got to navigate foreign policies and healthcare systems, not to mention doing it all in a foreign language!

Luckily, in Medellin, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re looking for insurance coverage for ex-pats while visiting the City of Eternal Spring, it’s time you got to know Angela Berrios Seguros. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a great policy in Medellin. 

What’s the Deal With Healthcare in Medellin?

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Before we start talking about taking out insurance policies, let’s do a quick breakdown of healthcare in Medellin. 

Thankfully, Colombia’s healthcare system is accessible to quite literally everyone. Whether you’re a visitor to the country or a long-time resident, you’ll always be able to get healthcare. 

In fact, the World Health Organization ranks Colombia as the 22nd best country with accessible healthcare in the world. Most of the best hospitals in South America are also from Colombia. 

Medellin, in particular, has fantastic medical services, largely because of the modern infrastructure and large pool of bilingual medical professionals. Perhaps that’s why it’s quickly become a popular destination for transplant and cosmetic surgeries!

The EPS System

In Colombia, there’s a type of medical government insurance called the EPS or Entidades Prestadoras de Salud for dental, medical, and vision care coverage. 

This is a national healthcare system and equates to basic coverage. You’ll need a foreign resident’s ID if you want to enroll in an EPS system. 

Private Healthcare

On the other hand, regardless of whether you’re a permanent resident in Medellin or not, you can also go for private healthcare plans. 

Private healthcare plans come with out-of-pocket costs for the plan itself, but they’re still about half the price of what you’d pay in the US. Once you’re covered, however, you’ll have some great benefits: 

  • 0 copay for diagnostics
  • Private rooms in the hospital
  • Access to the best hospitals in the country
  • Dental and travel insurance included
  • No out-of-pocket deductibles
  • Unlimited doctor’s visits

On top of that, with private healthcare plans, you get care much faster. Colombia is notorious for long waiting periods for medical services. With private healthcare, however, you can cut that down by as much as 80%. 

Unlike with the EPS system, you can get private healthcare with a Passport; you don’t have to a have a foreigner ID. This means that you don’t have to be a foreign resident in order to receive discounted healthcare in Colombia.

There are three tiers that you can enroll in with a prepagada

  1. Plan Evoluciona
  2. Clasica
  3. Global

Of course, you’ll want to consult directly with Angela to figure out which is right for you. 

Types of Medical Coverage in Medellin

Medical coverage in Medellin falls into two main categories: one for migrants and the other for visitors. 

Depending on which bucket you fall into, you’ll need different types of insurance. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of insurance and how your immigration status affects coverage.

Coverage for Migrants

If you’re living in Medellin for a long-term stay, your medical coverage can fall under three categories:

  • EPS or the basic insurance plan for employees
  • SISBEN for underprivileged citizens
  • Prepaid Medicine or Medicina Propaganda for residents with private health insurance

Coverage for Visitors

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Medellin has finally opened its doors to more tourists. However, there are some restrictions on insurance. 

For instance, visitors need to have sufficient international travel insurance to minimize Colombia’s health service burden. 

These policies allow you to get temporary coverage in Medellin even if the city is not your primary residence. 

Getting Covered With Angela Berrio Seguros 

Angela Berrio Insurance

Whether you’re in the market for migrant insurance or it’s just a travel policy you’re after, it pays to know where to look. 

Angela Berrio Seguros is a great place to start for immigrants and foreigners who are still learning Spanish

Not only is she bilingual, but she also grew up in the US and understands exactly what it is you need as a traveler to Medellin. 

What Makes Her Different 

There are a lot of insurance providers in Medellin. But, if you want an honest recommendation, go with Angela. 

For one thing, most insurance providers will only offer services in Spanish. If you don’t speak the language, this is going to make it pretty tough to get a policy that you actually need. 

As a foreigner, you need a bilingual insurance provider so that communications will run smoothly. This will prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications that could cause problems in the future. Angela Berrio Seguros is bilingual, offering services in both English and Spanish and handling translations as the middleman. 

Another benefit of Angela Berrio Seguros is that she’s worked with some of the top Colombian companies, including Liberty, Bolivar, and SURA, Colombia’s leading insurance provider. 

Even if you’re not a permanent resident, Angela knows how to get you enrolled in a SURA prepagada and create tailored-made insurance plans for your situation. 

Insurance Plans Offered by Angela Berrio Seguros

There are a ton of different insurance plans you can take out with Angela Berrio Seguros. However, a few of the more popular include:

  • Health insurance: complete protection for the plan holder and his family in case of emergencies, surgeries, and outpatient care
  • Life accident insurance: complete protection for plan holder and family in case of life-threatening accidents or death
  • Homeowners insurance: full protection for your property’s commercial value
  • Employee’s group life insurance: full protection for the policyholder in case of accidents and death
  • Renter’s insurance: full protection for damages to your rental property and other rental situations
  • Pet insurance: full protection for injury and harm to your pets

Angela Berrio Seguros also offers travel insurance for visitors planning to stay in Medellin, either for a vacation or for good. Plus, all her plans meet the immigration visa requirements should you decide to migrate to Colombia permanently. 

You can check out this page for more information on other services. 

Concierge Service

Another great aspect of Angela Berrio Seguros is its personalized concierge service. She has a whole team of professionals waiting to serve you and keep you comfortable. 

Her concierge services are available for booking doctor appointments as well as schedules for diagnostic tests. You can also ask for updates for follow-ups in case of delays. 

As a foreigner, this can be a much faster way to get access to your medical results. You don’t have to wait for translators to get on the line or spend hours sifting through medical processes you’re not familiar with. Instead, the concierge service will do it all for you.

Stay Safe and Healthy in Medellin

Accessible healthcare is everyone’s right, regardless of where you are in the world. Plus, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

If you’re interested in getting started with insurance services, Angela Berrio Seguros is a renowned insurance provider in Medellin. With her background as a US bilingual resident, she can guarantee convenient and personalized plans to suit your needs. 

Whether you’re based in Medellin or just coming for a short visit, it pays to have protection. Get in touch with Angela Berrio Seguros to get the coverage you need for your stay!

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