Does San Pedro de Los Milagros Have WiFi?

wifi in san pedro de los milagros antioquia

TLDR? San Pedro de Los Milagros is a small town in Antioquia, but there are still some places where you can connect to WiFi!

When you’re looking for a place to unwind and breathe, San Pedro de Los Milagros might be the perfect destination. With its serene environment, you can easily recharge and escape. 

But, you might still need an internet connection to squeeze in a bit of work while visiting the area. Being a digital nomad isn’t easy, after all. 

If you’re visiting San Pedro de Los Milagros and know you’ll have to get some work done, don’t worry. This article talks about internet reliability in San Pedro de Los Milagros so you can stay connected on the go!

Sit back, relax, and let’s get working!

WiFi Strength in San Pedro de Los Milagros 

WiFi Strength in San Pedro de Los Milagros

San Pedro de Los Milagros has a little over 17,000 as its population. Yes, it’s a small town. But don’t underestimate it because it’s packed with tourist attractions and must-try restaurants. Also, because not many tourists visit, it does not get easily crowded even during peak seasons. 

It’s easy to get to San Pedro de Los Milagros from Medellin. Either take the bus and arrive in 30 minutes, or self-drive and arrive in 50 minutes. Either way, both options are fast and reliable. Once you arrive here, it will be the best vacation of your life. 

San Pedro de Los Milagros has several unique architectural buildings and churches worth visiting. Also, you will find several parks where you can hike and appreciate nature. Overall, San Pedro de Los Milagros has countless tourist attractions for every traveler. 

That being said, you won’t encounter any problem with WiFi as long as you book accommodations equipped with internet connections. It’s easy to find one online, especially since this detail is almost always explicitly written. 

As long as each room in hotels and Airbnbs is equipped with reliable internet, there won’t be a problem. So it’s always best to check reviews online before securing a booking to avoid inconvenience. 

Also, sending emails is easy when you have a stable internet connection. I’m pretty sure hotels, and other accommodations can provide you with that. 

Best Cafes with WiFi in San Pedro de Los Milagros 

Best Cafes with WiFi in San Pedro de Los Milagros

I know how satisfying it is to get some work done while sipping your favorite cup of joe. Good thing San Pedro de Los Milagros has various cafes you should try! If you’re looking for the best ones with internet connection, I’ve compiled them below. 

Idilios Cafe

One of the most famous coffee shops in San Pedro de Los Milagros is Idilios Cafe. Its menu ranges from coffee to desserts, milkshakes, and healthier alternatives. Also, you will love how conducive to work the cafe’s environment is! 

Idilios Cafe gets packed with digital nomads, so booking a table online is best. The entire place features rustic and homey vibes, so it’s relaxing to work while sipping your coffee. 

If you visit this coffee shop, I recommend trying their croissants paired with their flavored coffee. The internet connection is also reliable, so you can get as much work done as you can. 

Address: Carrera 49, Medellín-San Pedro #48, Medellín, Antioquia

Aroma Coffee and Food 

Another must-try cafe with a stable WiFi connection is Aroma Coffee and Food. Tourists love the variety of food this coffee shop offers. Also, you will love its best-selling cakes that pair significantly with the cafe’s rich black coffee. 

Aroma Coffee and Food also offers meat selections, so you can have your lunch or dinner at this place. If you’re working long hours, it’s best to arrive early in the morning to secure a good spot. 

For the best internet connection, I suggest staying indoors. Aroma Coffee and Food offers al fresco dining for guests who love eating while close to nature. But if you’re sitting on the patio, the WiFi can get a bit spotty.

Address: Cra. 49 A #49-62, San Pedro, San Pedro de los Milagros, Antioquia

Where You Can’t Find WiFi in San Pedro de Los Milagros

Where You Can’t Find WiFi in San Pedro de Los Milagros

As digital nomads, you should also prepare for places where the internet is unavailable. However, that does not mean that you should avoid these places. Some outdoor adventures are not equipped with WiFi. It’s how you can appreciate the entire experience without any distraction.  

Remember that not all restaurants and cafes in San Pedro de Los Milagros have WiFi. And if you know places that have, the connection might be slow, especially when it’s packed with people. Most don’t have WiFi to let you appreciate what you’re eating with friends and family. 

Also, San Pedro de Los Milagros has several nature parks worth visiting. Because these places are entirely outdoor, it’s no surprise they lack connectivity. But hey, tourist attractions without the internet allow you to connect with nature and escape from your work totally. 

Getting A VPN

If you’re a tourist, the most secure way to browse the net is to secure a VPN. It keeps your data protected, especially when you’re sending emails back and forth. You can shut down the VPN when you’re using your own internet connection. 

But if you’re using the free WiFi from the hotel or restaurant, always use a VPN. The connection in these places is not secure, and it can cause unintentional data sharing. If you want to protect your sensitive information, securing a VPN is the best option. 

Work While Traveling to San Pedros de Los Milagros 

Work While Traveling to San Pedros de Los Milagros

No matter where you’re traveling, you can get any work done as long as you have a stable WiFi connection. San Pedro de Los Milagros has not only amazing tourist attractions to visit but also reliable connectivity to help you stay on top of your job. 

Be one with nature and send the emails you need while relaxing at San Pedro de Los Milagros. 

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