Where to Change Money in Medellin

Where to Change Money in Medellin

TLDR? Homecambios has one of Medellin’s lowest exchange rates and offers secure procedures in private cabins.

When planning your trip to Medellin, don’t forget to change some money to cover planned expenses and other incidentals.

Whether you want to travel to different tourist areas of the city or take a taxi at any time, it’s always best to have some pesos in your pockets.

But where can you safely change money in Medellin? Well, there are several options for you to make your financial transactions without worries. 

Here’s a look at the top picks!

What You Need To Change Money

First, you must know the money exchanging requirements to avoid drawbacks when buying or selling currencies.

  1. Present valid ID or passport
  2. Ask for the change declaration (a document that informs the national authorities about the exchange operation).
  3. Report if you’re a politically exposed person (PEP) or a family member (who holds a government position)

It’s easy and practical. You just might find lines, depending on the time of the day you decide to do it.

Now that you know how to exchange money, let me tell you where to go.

Globo Cambio

Globo Cambio

It’s the first place I exchanged money when I landed in Medellin: you can find three Globo Cambio offices at the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport. There’s also another office located on level S1 of the Santafe mall.

The offices are open 24 hours. You also have the option to make the money change from the Globo Cambio website and choose how much, when, and where you’ll pick your money.

Personally, this option saved me in a hurry as I was late for my flight. I just had to stop by the office, pay, and pick up my money without having to bear long waiting lines.

You can book your money up to two days before your trip and have up to 15 days guarantee. That means you can ask for a refund. It’s a good option if you want everything planned for your trip!

Globo Cambio handles the highest exchange rates on this list yet offers high-quality and reliable service.

They handle 54 currencies, some of which are:

  • Euro
  • U.S dollars
  • British pound
  • Swiss franc
  • Yuan

Since you can find Globo inside the airport, you don’t have to worry about security, as the staff continuously monitors it.

Website: https://www.globocambio.co/es/inicio

Address: Vereda, Rionegro, Antioquia

Surcambios Dolares

Surcambios Dolares

Located in La Frontera Mall in the El Poblado neighborhood, Surcambios Dolares is one of the exchange houses in which you can find other types of Latin American currencies, such as:

  • Mexican peso
  • Peruvian sol
  • Dominican peso
  • Chilean peso

Surcambios offers currencies at more reasonable rates than Globo Cambio, including dollars.

The office offers its customers free parking lots and security monitoring permanently.

You can also request a more private place to exchange larger amounts of money if you don’t feel comfortable at the main counter.

Website: https://surcambios.com/

Address: Cra. 43A No. 18 Sur – 174 Local 248.

Lleras Cambios

Lleras Cambios

Also located in El Poblado, this one might be convenient depending on your location. They handle exchange rates similar to Surcambios’.

However, Lleras Cambios stands out for its advisory services in trading and currency exchange.

Even though you’re getting paper money, you can use other payment methods such as virtual transfer or QR code. However, you can only do this at the exchange office, and they charge the 4×1000 (A tax implemented by the Colombian national government).

Website: https://llerascambios.com/

Address: Carrera 41 N° 9-67 Medellín, Colombia



Like all foreign exchange houses on this list, Homecambios is a company authorized by the DIAN (Tax and Customs Office of Colombia) to buy and sell foreign currencies.

They offer one of the lowest exchange rates, competing with houses like Surcambios and Lleras Cambios. Plus, it’s located half a block from El Poblado Park.

Like Global Cambio, it offers the money reserve service and other payment measures such as the Bancolombia App or bank transfer for you to avoid transporting large amounts of cash.

The purchase and sale of currency occur in a private cabin. They also offer security services and parking lots nearby.

Website: https://www.homecambios.com

Address: Cl 10 #42-63 Edificio Plaza Poblado

Tips to Exchange Your Currencies in Medellin

Tips to Exchange Your Currencies in Medellin

Changing your money in Medellin is safe if you go to authorized and reliable establishments! However, there are some recommendations that I think you should take into account when making such transactions:

  • Be accompanied by one or two trusted friends to make the money transaction.
  • If the amount of change is high, police accompaniment may be requested. You’ll be escorted by two cops throughout the procedure.
  • Don’t wear flashy outfits to avoid attention, especially if the exchange house is in a busy place.
  • Always check each bill before leaving the exchange house, so you avoid inconveniences and can communicate any inconsistency to the managers.

Swap Local Currency for Pesos

Now that you know everything you need to change money in Medellin, you‘ll have no problem getting some extra pesos or buying foreign currency for your next trip.

Do a detailed search of each exchange house and choose the one that best fits your budget and location!

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