The Ultimate Guide to El Tesoro Mall’s Indoor Park

The Ultimate Guide to El Tesoro Mall’s Indoor Park

TLDR? Jumbalá is an indoor park and fun zone that you can find in El Tesoro Mall.

Amidst a few buildings and roads, you’ll find one of Medellin’s treasures.

El Tesoro is the best mall you can visit in the Paisa capital. It has different activities to enjoy alone, with family, or friends.

In this post, I’ll show you what you need to know and what you can find in this mall!

What Fun Activities Await You

Fun Activities Await You

The Tesoro Mall is in the El Poblado neighborhood. You can get there on foot or by bicycle since the mall promotes its use and has places for this environmentally friendly transport.

Once you’re there, you can choose between different activities. Let me list some examples.



One of the kids’ favorite places to celebrate birthdays, Jumbalá is an adventure park on the mall’s second floor!

The place offers activities for children between 0 and 12 years old, meaning babies can also be part of the adventure.

Among its most striking attractions, you’ll find:

  • Climbing wall
  • Crawlers area
  • Ball pools and slides.
  • Trampoline area

It’s a perfect place for spending quality time with your kid, but you can also take the childcare service and do your things while the children have fun.

Location: Plaza fuente, segundo nivel, local 2194A. 



The Afterland Theme Park is a place even more full of adventure.

Some of the activities there aren’t safe for small children, but they’ll be able to enjoy many others.

Among its best activities you can find:

  • Bumper soccer: It consists of playing soccer while you are inside an air bubble.
  • Laser shot: This may be the favorite of many. You just have to take a vest and a gun and shoot lasers.
  • Surf wave: If you are missing the sea, this is the opportunity to wear your best swimsuit and enjoy this attraction.
  • Canopy: This is the attraction for adventurers. You can even traverse the mall from above by sliding down ropes.
  • Video games: You can choose between different machines to live different realities in each one.

This theme park has many other activities you can access by buying bracelets on the spot. Remember that you can also drink or eat something between adventures.

Location: Plaza Palmas, tercer nivel, local 3841

El Tesoro Encantado

El Tesoro Encantado

El Tesoro Encantado is full of attractions for you to enjoy with your family!

With attractions like trains and long slides, it’s a happy place to have fun with your kid.

You’ll find competitive machine games, a carousel, and a place to eat.

Location: Sótano 2, local 8545



One of the best movie theaters in the country, Cinemark has different schedules that include daytime or nighttime hours.

The best thing is that if you still haven’t learned Spanish, you can find some movies in English versions.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy yourself with family, friends, or your partner.

You might find many people, and the session may run out of good places, so I recommend you purchase your ticket in advance.

Location: Plaza cines, first level, local 1101

Be Academy

Be Academy

It isn’t common to find everything in one place, but Tesoro nails it: Be Academy specializes in teaching art.

You can take music, acting, and dance classes. Although it isn’t exactly an activity to enjoy on a family weekend, it’s the opportunity to try something new or for the little ones to explore their talents and learn about different cultures through dances and crafts.

If you’re interested, you know where to find it.

Location: Plaza fuente, second level, local 2194B

La Jaula Del Angel

If you’re a football lover, this is the place for you! 

Here you can make your reservation and enjoy a good game with friends. Take a look at the different types of courts and choose yours.

If you have kids, they can also sign up for soccer training practices and participate as a team in tournaments scheduled around the venue.

Location: Plaza palmas, fourth level, local 4523 

Butterfly Garden

You might be interested in taking a 40-minute tour of the Mall’s gardens.

Enjoy the walk with an expert guide who’s in charge of teaching about the more than 20 species of butterflies that visit the place and their metamorphosis process.

To do this tour, you must make the reservation with time on the page. It’s a perfect family activity.


Ciclo Kids

If you’re looking for bicycle lessons for your child, you have found one of the best places. In Ciclo Kids, they can learn to ride a bicycle or simply practice sports.

You don’t have to worry about safety: there’s a whole bike lane designed with preventive measures for child care.

Location: Basement 1, South. 

Food & Food

Food & Food

The Tesoro Mall houses more than fifty restaurants. Among them, you can try foods of national and international origin in different preparations.

You’ll also find Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, and Juan Valdéz. Here’s a quick reminder: no matter where you go, always remember to enjoy Colombian coffee.

You can even find an organic market inside the mall.

El Tesoro Mall, Your Best Option to Be With Family and Friends

Find the best attractions to have a good time with friends or as a couple and have a fun weekend without leaving the city!

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