The Best Things to Do in Tamesis, Antioquia

The Best Things to Do in Tamesis, Antioquia

TLDR? The Tamesis Cavern is the largest in Colombia!

​​If you’re in Medellin, you probably heard of many Antioquian towns to visit for a weekend getaway. 

A natural and coffee town in southwest Antioquia, Tamesis isn’t as known as some of its neighbors, but it’s a perfect place for a weekend full of nature and adventures!

Keep reading and discover everything you need to know to spend a few days in Tamesis.

What to Know About Tamesis 

What to Know About Tamesis

Tamesis is about three hours and a half from Medellin in Valle de Cartama, an area characterized by rich coffee, cocoa, and cane production.

Typical old houses full of colors are an attraction to walk through the town’s streets surrounded by mountains.

The place stands out among other sites in Antioquia for the more than 300 works of original petroglyphs you’ll find in the Museo Arqueologico Cartama.

In addition, the town’s full of gardens, hills, waterfalls, and forests that provide hiking experiences, natural baths, and general encounters with nature

Don’t forget to try the gastronomic offers of traditional Antioquian food to make the visit to Tamesis a complete experience!

How to Get To Tamesis

How to Get To Tamesis

You can get a bus at Medellin’s South Terminal to Tamesis.

If you prefer, you can rent a car. That provides more comfort and more independence.

You can choose between two routes to Tamesis and maybe make some stops to get to know other destinations before your final one.

The main route starts in the municipality of Caldas. You’ll pay a toll of almost COP 10,000 along the way.

The alternate route consists of crossing the Tunel de Occidente, Santa Fe de Antioquia, and a few other towns until you reach Tamesis. Here, you’ll pay two tolls that add up to approximately COP 25,000.

Both routes take almost the same time to get to Tamesis.

What to Do in Tamesis

What to Do in Tamesis

This small town has so much to offer that I compiled a list of the best activities, so you can plan what to do on your weekend getaway there!

Hike to Cerro Cristo Rey

The Cerro de Cristo Rey is a very high point-shaped mountain with a statue of Christ on top. It’s very striking, especially for those who enjoy hiking and trekking, and it’s one of the town’s main activities.

The walk starts from Tamesis’ central park of Tamesis and is about six miles (10 km) long. With a duration of three hours, it’s considered a high-difficulty walk since it’s very steep and crosses a humid and cloudy forest.

However, the views from the top are truly enchanting, allowing you to observe the entire Cartama Valley, the Cauca River, and the Farallon de la Pintada.

Caverns of San Antonio

Caverns of San Antonio

Tamesis has the largest cavern in Colombia! It consists of a cluster of enormous rocks around the San Antonio riverbed, a favorite for tourists who love ecotourism and extreme sports.

It’s a walk of approximately five miles (8km) from the urban center to get there. 

You must be willing to get into the gaps between the giant rocks formed from an underground volcano a long time ago, use a helmet with a flashlight like an explorer, and appreciate this beauty of nature also made up of crystal clear waters.

Route of the Petroglyphs and Cartama Archaeological Museum

Route of the Petroglyphs and Cartama Archaeological Museum

Tamesis is an old town with a lot of history, something attested by the number of original petroglyphs in the area.

For this reason, the petroglyphs route is a must-visit in this town. The inscriptions tell Cartama Valley’s history as carved by indigenous people of the time.

The route isn’t extenuating and lasts approximately six miles (10 km). You’ll see all kinds of stones with traces from hundreds of years ago.

By visiting the Cartama Archaeological Museum, you’ll get a more educational and scientific insight into petroglyphs. The Museum also adds to the collection of indigenous pieces and petroglyphs to rescue the place’s memory.

Hike and Rio Frio River

Rio Frio is an easily accessible hamlet four miles (7 km) from the town. Spend a day by the river with your family, take a bath, and have a picnic!

Other Recommendations

I recommend you bring warm clothes to Tamesis since temperatures drop significantly at night and in the early morning.

For the walks, it’s also essential to wear comfortable clothes, mountain shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and hydrate.

Find the tourist agency with the tour that suits you best and enjoy Tamesis’ adventures with comfort and security.

Visit Tamesis for a Weekend

Tamesis is a town that offers a lot of natural wealth and history.

It’s an ideal place to get out of the monotony of the city and breath some fresh air. Don’t hesitate to visit this town as soon as possible!

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