A Quick Guide to Things to Do in Barbosa, Antioquia

A Quick Guide to Things to Do in Barbosa, Antioquia

TLDR? Pineapple, cacao, swimming pools, and trekking trails. Barbosa is the perfect town to visit if you enjoy outdoor activities while staying in the area of Medellín.

With the names “Sweet Pineapple District” and “The Sweet Route of Fun, Joy, and Cordiality”, Barbosa’s a must-see!

Its geography makes it the perfect destination for adventure lovers. 

There are so many places to visit in Barbosa! At the end of this article, the first thing you’ll want to do is pack your suitcase and plan a trip to this beautiful town.

A Little About Barbosa

A Little About Barbosa

Less than an hour from Medellin, Barbosa is a municipality surrounded by the evocative Andes mountains. It’s optimal for growing pineapple, coffee, cocoa, and sugar cane.

The weather is temperate and hot due to the altitude of 4209 feet (1283m). This municipality offers different activities for you to be in contact with the beautifully landscaped Valle de Aburrá’s nature. 

Let’s get you to know some of them!

Origen Cacao

Origen Cacao’s a company founded in 2015 that produces some of the best chocolate bars in the country. Two main sites will offer you different activities depending on which ones you like the most.

1.  Cacao Tour

Cacao Tour

Inspired by the traditional practices of the Arhuaca indigenous community, Origen Cacao focuses on sharing knowledge related to chocolate.

Through a tour that lasts two and a half hours, you can learn about the chocolate-making process from its beginnings with the observation of cocoa plants to the final product. You can even make your chocolate by adding the ingredients you want.

In addition, when the tour ends, you can tour the farm, swim in the river, and pay attention to exotic plants and birds.

2.  Origen EcoResort

Origen EcoResort

Within its grounds is the Origen Ecovillage, a sanctuary dedicated to caring for the land. The stones, the river, the bamboo forests, and the animals there will leave you speechless.

It follows a philosophy of giving and receiving through good deeds and karma yoga. If you’re interested in spiritual and outdoor activities, you should come.

Here are some of their services:

  • Massage therapy
  • Herbal plant baths
  • Reiki and other healing treatments
  • Drum making and instruction
  • Temescal ceremony
  • Coca and Cacao ceremony with Asdrubal of the Sierra Nevada’s Arahuaca tribe.
  • City tours
  • Chocolate tours
  • Cooking classes
  • Chocolaterapia spa treatments

Because the water in this area is protected, it’s completely safe to swim in the river and drink tap water. However, inside its facilities, you’ll find filtered water.

Let them know if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. The Origen team can organize everything for your comfort and safety!

Address: KM 4.5 Barbosa – Santo Domingo Road, Vereda la Cuesta, Barbosa, Antioquia

Alto Matasanos

Alto Matasanos

The sidewalk of Matasanos is at a higher altitude than the urban area of Barbosa. For this reason, it’s a busy place to go paragliding or fully admire the Aburrá Valley.

It has two take-off areas, one used by hang gliders and the other by paragliders.

It’s also common to take a bike ride from Barbosa to Matasanos. Some sections are difficult due to it being a mountainous area.

The viewpoint of Matasanos is a family meeting place, usually in the afternoons of cold breezes. Chocolate and other hot drinks are good options to accompany the experience.

Water Park of Las Aguas

Water Park of Las Aguas

While in Barbosa, don’t forget to visit this place. It’s one of the best options to spend the hot days at a reasonable price!

If you find yourself on a small family trip or with friends, you can spend fun moments playing in the pools. All of them have different interactive proposals. Here you’ll find:

  • Recreational pool
  • Wave pool
  • Diving pool (free-fall slides and pulley)
  • Slow river
  • Interactive springs

Don’t worry about food. In Villa de la Candelaria, there’s a mall with restaurants.

The park has biosecurity protocols you must follow.

Address: Autopista Nte. #Kilometro 23, Medellín, Barbosa, Antioquia

Puddles, streams, and waterfalls

Puddles, streams, and waterfalls

The town’s full of tourist attractions arranged by nature that are mainly free of cost. You can swim and even do water trekking on your own!

You won’t find shops or supermarkets close to these spots, as they’re in rural neighborhoods. We recommend carrying in your backpack everything you consider necessary to enjoy the most of these adventures! 

Bring a swimsuit, headlamp, reusable water bottle, insect repellent, light hiking shoes or water shoes, pants, and a light jacket.

Among the most outstanding pools are:

  • The Ipachanaque waterfall (Buga neighborhood)
  • Charco el Mandarino (La M neighborhood)
  • Charco de la Cripta
  • Charco Chorrón
  • Charco El Guamo

To get to each place, you’ll have to walk for approximately 20 minutes, but the streams are long, so if you want to travel there, don’t forget to bring enough water and prepared food. It isn’t recommended to make bonfires, and there are no trash cans.

Would you visit Barbosa?

If you’re an active person who loves nature, it’s worth visiting Barbosa! In fact, a day isn’t enough to enjoy all this city has to offer.

All the fun is easily accessible. What are you waiting for? Fall in love with this small village of muleteers!

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