Painting Workshops in Medellín

Painting Workshops in Medellín

TLDR: In Medellin you can take painting workshops in art academies, or in activities open to the public to explore your creativity! 

Medellín is the kind of place where you can get up close and personal with art, thanks to the city’s flourishing artistic and cultural scenes

If you’re the type of tourist who wants to interact directly with artwork and maybe even produces some of your own, look no further! 

You can take a painting workshop right here in the City of Eternal Spring. Read ahead to find out everything you need to know about these workshops and live your artistic life to the fullest!

Painting Workshops in the Museo El Castillo 

Painting Workshops in the Museo El Castillo

Did you know there’s a castle in Medellín that doubles as a museum? Located in the mountains of El Poblado, the Museo El Castillo displays artwork in a building that belonged long ago to the city’s most powerful families. 

This fairy tale museum also provides painting lessons to those seeking to improve their artistic skills! 

During a three hour a week intensive at the El Castillo Museum art school, you’ll be able to learn different techniques and skills from the school’s prestigious teachers, many of whom have famous works on display throughout the city. 

The school provides three different course levels allowing students to sign up for the level that best matches their needs and abilities: 

  • Beginner painting
  • Intermediate painting
  • Advanced painting

Classes are available for learners of all ages, even the smallest ones in your family: 

  • Workshop for children (from 3 to 7 years old)
  • Workshop for young people (from 8 to 15 years old)
  • Workshop for adults

Drawing and Painting in Bellas Artes

Drawing and Painting in Bellas Artes

If you’ve never attempted drawing or painting but think you have potential and want to start developing your skills, the Fundacion Universitaria Bellas Artes is the place for you. 

The school is dedicated to fostering all kinds of artistic expression in Medellín and offers a space for adults wishing to take the first steps into drawing and painting using techniques such as: 

  • Dry techniques: Pencil, charcoal.
  • Wet techniques: Watercolor, colors: yellow, blue, red white, and black.

The training is virtual and last four months. However, the institute also offers face-to-face workshops for artists with more advanced skills: 

  • Deepening in oil and acrylic (for young people)
  • Deepening in drawing and painting (for young people)
  • Youth drawing and painting
  • Drawing and painting for children

Additionally, Bellas Artes offers short, face-to-face vacation courses aimed at children and adults on each Saturday of the month: 

  • Creative Holidays: Draw and paint portraits with a live model
  • Creative Holidays: Children’s drawing and painting and botanical illustration.

Painting and Wine in Matilde 

Painting and Wine in Matilde

The cafe restaurant Matilde stands out in a variety of ways, providing delicious foods, brunches, spaces for coworking, events, and, of course, its workshops. 

They currently teach a wine workshop as well as a painting workshop. 

While a bit more informal than one taught at an academy or art school, classes at Matilde allow students to explore their creativity to the fullest under the guidance of an expert artist. 

In Matilde’s Painting and Wine workshop, you’ll get a glass of wine, a brush, a canvas, as well as a red beret that’ll make you feel like an artist in the streets of Paris, so get your creative juices flowing! 

The workshop has no age limit or required skill set. All you need to do is bring yourself and your creativity to explore a world of colors and shapes. 

Located in Provenza, the workshop takes place every Saturday and lasts two hours. Make sure to register beforehand – the spaces fill up fast! 

Online Private Teacher 

Online Private Teacher

Superprof is a platform that allows you to find expert teachers in any area of your choosing. 

Just search “painting in Medellín” and you’ll find a ton of different teachers you can learn some fine art skills from. 

Each teacher is responsible for developing their own classes and is able to set their own price per hour. On most profiles, you’ll be able to see reviews from past students to help make your decision a bit easier. 

Taking classes with this method allows you the freedom to decide what you want to learn, how many classes you want to take when you want to take them, and for how long. 

Take a Painting Workshop in Medellin 

Aspiring artists can find a wide range of spaces and styles to hone their craft in the City of Eternal Spring, from professional universities, art schools, laid-back cafes, or online teachers. 

Choose the one that works for you and let your artistic spirit flourish! 

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