Museo Del Agua EPM (Empresa Publica de Medellin)

Museo Del Agua EPM (Empresa Publica de Medellin)

TLDR? Museo del Agua EPM is a place for you to learn about water and its impact on the city of Medellín.

If you’re not really a museum person and generally prefer getting your hands dirty, that can leave you floundering on a rainy day. 

Luckily, aside from your standard art museum, there are interactive places like the Museo del Agua EPM. 

Even though it’s educational, you get a chance to act like a kid again and experiment with fumes, lights, screens, and games. 

Does this sound like something you might like? Then keep reading to learn more about Museo del Agua EPM!

What is the Museo del Agua?

When I first heard of the Museo del Agua, I thought it had to be the most boring museum. The name means the Water Museum, which gave me flashbacks to 2nd-grade biology class. 

Luckily, despite the fact that it’s all about water, it’s actually a pretty cool place. 

The Museo del Agua is a museum that was founded to show how important water is to our planet. The goal is to educate people and show them why we need to take care of this resource. 

The museum, despite having such a sciencey focus, is designed to be interactive and engaging. It presents information in a fun way that keeps you interested and really helps you learn. Its goal is to be a different museum, so you’ll find models, puzzles, mobile sculptures, and even a bathtub to make bubbles in!

How to Get There

You can get to the Museo del Agua either by going on the metro or by taking a taxi. I’d recommend taking the metro since it’s actually pretty easy to reach. 

The museum is located near both the Alpujarra subway station and Plaza Mayor del Metroplús station. You’ll only have to walk about ten minutes after getting off the train. 

Of course, if you feel like getting active, you can use the EnCicla bike system to get to the museum. These are city bikes that anyone is able to borrow in order to get around!

You can rent the bikes using your metro pass, or you can pay for them separately. 

Address: Carrera 57 No. 42-139, Parque de los Pies Descalzos, Medellín, Antioquia.

What to Expect at the Museum

When you get to Museo del Agua, you can either take a tour or just wander through the exhibits yourself. 

Apart from the permanent exhibits, they also have changing exhibitions. When I visited, they were presenting an art exhibition called ”Bhai Bhai – Un Llamado de la Selva”. You can check the calendar on their website to see which art exhibitions will be on display at the time of your visit.

Next to The Museo del Agua, you’ll find a place called “Parque de Los Pies Descalzos”, where you can have an ice cream or just visit the water fountains and garden. This park is designed for you to take off your shoes (yes, really!) and walk through the fountains, the bamboo forest, the zen garden, and along the sand road.

Both in the park and in the museum there are places to grab a bite to eat. If you need something a bit bigger than just ice cream, just buy some of the typical Colombian treats available.


The museum has special workshops aimed at the care of biodiversity, preserving species, and teaching about the tropical weather in the city. 

The workshops are all pretty affordable and open to the public, so you can learn something new!

While I was there, I took part in the workshop on biodiversity to learn a bit more about Colombia. What I discovered is that Colombia is actually the second most biodiverse country in the world!

There are plenty of other workshops for you to choose from, too, so go ahead and pick something you enjoy. You never know what you’ll learn!


The museum has monthly programs dedicated to raising awareness about water care and proper usage. Other talks discuss bigger picture items, such as water and our planet in general.

At the time of my visit, there was a talk about the universe and I learned that planet earth is about 4.600 million years old!

The best way to find out what talks are on is to check the website. There, you can get information about dates and times as well as upcoming discussions. 


The museum has clubs for both children and adults where you can learn more about the city and the environment. Some clubs have a members fee, but many of them are free! Each meeting includes any necessary materials as well as a snack.

These clubs don’t just hold their meetings in the museum. They can also take you on outings to participate in campaigns or activities. 

Clubs are organized depending on your age. In other words, there are clubs that the whole family can get involved in.

Themed Tours

Aside from general museum tours, you can take themed tours. These are free to join and are a great option if you’ve already toured the entire museum or just want to learn something new.

While I was there, they were promoting a themed tour about global warming and water. It was pretty cool because you got to see the reality of how our actions hurt the planet.

Spend a Day at the Museo del Agua EPM

The Museo del Agua is a place where you can really learn something new. Whether you love museums and want to check this one out or you’re just looking for a way to kill time on a rainy day, this is definitely a good place to go!.

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