MAMM: A Guide to the Medellin Modern Art Museum

MAMM: A Guide to the Medellin Modern Art Museum

TLDR? The Modern Art Museum of Medellin is a place to appreciate art, architecture, cinema, exhibitions, and nature. Tickets are priced depending on the type of visitor.

When I was younger, I was a major modern art skeptic. Today, however, I’ve fallen in love with the stuff and have a newfound appreciation for this type of art.

Lucky for me, Medellin has a fantastic modern art museum called the MMA.

If you’re in Medellin and you still don’t know about this museum, then it’s time that you did. I’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can add this place to your Medellin bucket list.

A Quick Overview of the Museum

A Quick Overview of the Museum

The Modern Art Museum of Medellin is an architectural wonder itself. This place dedicated to art is located in Ciudad del Rio, a park full of nature.

The museum is open all week, although the hours vary depending on whether it’s a holiday or a work day.

Aside from the art exhibits, this museum offers additional spaces to enjoy such as the study room, which is suitable for reading, studying, or working.

This room also has a library, an archive, and an online catalog with helpful tools.

The MAMM also offers spaces for rent such as social event rooms, laboratory-type rooms, and a mezzanine for meetings.

And, last but not least, there’s the square outside the museum, where families, children, and groups of friends can relax in the sun.

The Tickets

In terms of the tickets, there are different prices for different types of visitors. You can enter as a “MAMM friend”, which means you’re a donor of the museum to get special prices. 

Colombian adults also get slight discounts for being residents of the areas. 

Foreigners will have to pay slightly more than a Colombian citizen, but if you’ve extended your tourist visa and are staying on a long-term visa, you can show your foreign citizen ID to get local prices. 

Minors and seniors also pay discounted prices, as do students who have their student ID.

These tickets cover an unlimited time value for one day while the museum is open. Also, you can access all the public spaces available, except the cinema, which has an extra cost.

Getting to the Museum

If you have rented a car, you can access the Museum’s paid public parking lot. Since the parking is open to any member of the public, you can get a discount by presenting the ticket to the museum or the MAMM cinema.

You can also get there with the metro system. Get off at the Industriales station, and from there either take an EnCicla public bicycle that you can leave right at the Ciudad del Rio station or just make the short walk up to the museum.

Either way, you’ll only spend five to fifteen minutes making your way over to the museum.

Current Exhibitions at the MAMM

Current Exhibitions at the MAMM

There are currently five exhibits in the museum:

  • Fragmented Geometries, by Ivan Hurtado.
  • Rerecorded (mixtape) Transitions of Art by the MAMM collection.
  • If This Were a Principle of Infinity, by Maria Teresa Hincapie.
  • New Sound Chronologies
  • The Mirror, by Rodrigo Hernandez.

You’ll find these exhibitions and other contemporary art exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin. Just remember, exhibits change all the time so you can see something new every time you visit!

The MAMM Store

The MAMM Store

The MAMM store is a place full of souvenirs for every style and taste. They’ve got jewelry, desk items, clothing, leather goods, accessories, and even items for your kitchen.

You can get all these items with designs and prints by local artists with markings that say “Medellin” and “Colombia”. 

That way, you can take home a unique souvenir that shows off where you’ve been on your trip!

Amigos MAMM

Amigos MAMM

I mentioned earlier that the friends of the MAMM get special discounted prices. 

Well, if you’re interested in joining that program and becoming a friend yourself, you can! This is a paid membership through which you support the educational projects of the museum. 

It’s ideal if you are a great art lover and plan on staying in Medellin long-term, so you don’t miss any of its events. 

You can pay up to about $1,000 (subject to change) per year for benefits such as unlimited tickets, a preview of the exhibitions, and discounts for as many as three years.

Museo Escuela

Museo Escuela

Museo Escuela, or the Museum School as you might imagine, is a program offered by the museum to teach members of the community about art.

In the school, artists offer courses and workshops for everyone from young kids to older adults and offer insight into the history, theory, and practice of modern art.

Currently, there are two ongoing courses:

  • Wet felting workshop: A workshop that teaches you to make non-woven textile material.
  • Elaboration of pre-Columbian stamps in ceramics: A course in which you learn to make items out of clay.

The dates for the workshops change regularly, and there are constantly new classes and courses being offered. Make sure to check the website to see what events are on next!

The Movie Theaters

The MAMM has a movie theater in it that’s perfect for watching new films and thinking about film as a form of art. Let’s take a look at what the MAMM’s theater is all about and what you can experience there.

Cine MAMM Virtual Room

Cine MAMM Virtual Room

In this online theater, you’ll find independent films, Colombian cinema, auteur cinema, experimental cinema, documentaries, series, and specialized programs.

For seventh art lovers, this is an offer you can’t miss. 

You can join online conversations with the directors of some of these cinematographic works after the showing, too. Go ahead and schedule your first show!

Cine MAMM Theater

Cine MAMM Theater

If you don’t want to watch movies from home and would rather get the classic movie experience, you can check out the Cine MAMM theater.

Enjoy movies on the big screen at the MAMM from Thursday to Sunday and also on holiday Mondays. This theater has the same showings as virtual cinema.

Buy tickets at the museum box office or online, and enjoy a movie that’s off the beaten path.

Visit the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin

If you’re curious, you like being a part of the art scene, and you’re passionate about the contemporary, you can’t miss this place! The Medellin Modern Art Museum is a place where you can truly experience some culture.

Who knows? Maybe this will be your new Medellin hang out spot!

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