Medellin Neighborhood Guides: Villa Hermosa

Medellin Neighborhood Guides: Villa Hermosa

TLDR? Las Golondrinas Ecopark is one of the best activities in Villa Hermosa.

Villa Hermosa is commune number 8 of the 16 that makeup Medellín. Bordering La Candelaría and Buenos Aires, it has 18 neighborhoods, which makes it one of the largest communes.

Villa Hermosa’s best-known neighborhoods are San Antonio, San Miguel, 13 de Noviembre, and the homonymous Villa Hermosa.

By mixing urban and natural, this commune offers views of beautiful landscapes and routes that you cannot miss. Here’s what you need to know about it!

Public Transport in Villa Hermosa

Public Transport in Villa Hermosa

Villa Hermosa’s one of the neighborhoods with cable metro stations! This will allow you to see the city from above, an unmissable experience.

You can take metrocable in the Villa Sierra and the 13 de Noviembre stations.

Remember to keep your Cívica card topped up to facilitate your trips on public transport and avoid recharging lines at stations. You’ll find several public transport options in Villa Hermosa.

Places to Know in Villa Hermosa

Places to Know in Villa Hermosa

After seeing them from above with the metro cables, here are some options of places you must visit in Villa Hermosa!

Ecoparque Las Golondrinas

If you want to walk, Ecoparque Las Golondrinas is one of the best options in the commune!

Its trails are in perfect condition amidst tall trees. The eco-park as a whole is very clean.

There are also small crops cared for by families in the sector to feed them or sell in the city’s markets.

Along the path, you’ll find some small street food stalls that help you get some energy. 

The tour finishes at the Pan de Azúcar hill with a beautiful view of the city and the mountains around Medellin.

To get to Ecoparque Las Golondrinas, you can go by Metrocable to the Trece de Noviembre station and walk to the stairs that go up the park.

Address: #16d- a, Cl. 65 #16d134, Medellín, Antioquia.

Bosque Villa Hermosa 

Bosque Villa Hermosa’s another place to enjoy nature!

As it’s an enormous green zone, people of the sector like to go hiking and spend time in nature there. It’s, after all, a whole forest (Bosque) in the middle of the city.

I recommend you go accompanied.

Address: Cra. 19 ##5960, Medellín, Antioquia.

Parque UVA de la Imaginación

This park is an open space from which the buildings look huge and super close to you. This viewpoint’s filled with city light at night, making it a romantic spot.

For that reason, people use the green areas surrounding it for camping or picnicking.

With a beautiful design, Parque UVA has small water jets from the ground. It’s perfect for kids, who take advantage and play in the water.

I recommend hanging out there from sunset until night since it’s very sunny during the day and has few areas to take refuge.

Address: #61- a Carrera 39 #6151, Medellín, Antioquia

Parque Villa Hermosa

A classic Medellin park, Villa Hermosa allows you to learn more about the sector’s nightlife.

During the day you can tour the shops and visit the imposing church. In the evenings, there’s a little more bustle as small informal places start to work selling fast street food.

Address: Medellín, Villa Hermosa, Medellín, Antioquia

Places to Eat

Places to Eat

In the neighborhoods of Medellín, it isn’t hard to find where to eat: there are usually restaurants on every corner or small street stalls in the parks.

In Villa Hermosa, you won’t find fancy places to eat. 

Nevertheless, here are two places to enjoy good food in Villa Hermosa!

Hojuelas Tentación

If you want to try something different in Medellin, Hojuelas Tentación is the place to go.

I suggest you order hojaldras, one of the best Colombian snacks. It’s a square piece of crispy flour usually cooked in oil. It has a rich flavor! 

In this place, you can buy your package and take it home.

Address: Cl. 64 #40 – 16, Medellín, Villa Hermosa, Medellín, Antioquia.

Happy Grill Cocina

An ideal place to enjoy a good dinner! You can eat roasts with arepa, French fries with corn, or delicious hamburgers.

You can also try their salchipapas. Within the menu, you’ll find a variety of drinks, especially juices.

Address: Cl. 66 #37-04, Villa Hermosa, Medellín, Antioquia 

Include Villa Hermosa in Your List

If you’re spending a season in Medellin, there isn’t a better way to get to know the city than visiting each district!

Enjoy the beautiful views of pan de azúcar, eat fast street food in Parque Villa Hermosa, and enjoy the thick Bosque! This commune’s waiting for you!

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