Medellin Neighborhood Guides: Santa Cruz

Medellin Neighborhood Guides: Santa Cruz

TLDR: Santa Cruz is a neighborhood with urban and theatrical cultural offerings! 

The neighborhoods of Medellín are full of history and culture just waiting to be discovered, and the neighborhood of Santa Cruz is no exception. 

Located in Comuna 2 of Medellín’s 16 Comunas, Santa Cruz is known for being a neighborhood visible from the heights of the Metro Cable. 

If you’re looking for an immersive tourist experience , be sure to check out this neighborhood, located in the second densest commune in Medellín. 

What to Know About Santa Cruz 

What to Know About Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is located in the northeastern area of the city, bordered by the Popular 1 and Aranjuez neighborhoods, the Medellín River, and the Municipality of Bello. 

The neighborhood began around the 1950s, with farmhouses and buildings built in the bahareque style. Later, an influx of peasants from Antioquian towns began the process of urbanization. 

The comuna represents 0.54% of the city, and is distinguished by its several micro-basins fed by streams such as:

  • La Seca o Cañada Negra
  • El Burro
  • La Francia
  • La Herrera o Granizal
  • Juan Bobo
  • Villa del Socorro
  • Santa Cruz 
  • La Rosa 

The neighborhood is of low socioeconomic status, located between the Trincentenario and Acevedo Station of the metro system, and crossed by the Andalucia Station of the Santo Domingo Metro Cable. 

Culture in Santa Cruz

Culture in Santa Cruz

Although small, the neighborhood of Santa Cruz has a variety of cultural spaces to offer to the community and to tourists seeking something outside the traditional. Let’s take a look at a few of these places around the city.

Corporacion Cultural Nuestra Gente 

Corporacion Cultural Nuestra Gente

The Corporacion Cultural Nuestra Gente is a social group seeking to promote culture in Santa Cruz for the past 35 years, operating out of an iconic yellow house in a corner of the neighborhood. 

Artistic and cultural are held at the Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente, alongside theatre, dance, and puppet performances. Best of all, the entrance ticket is obtained through a barter system, so you don’t necessarily have to pay cash! 

Casa Lesmes

Casa Lesmes

A rehearsal and event room for musical groups, Casa Lesmes promotes music as an artistic expression in the area. 

Here, musicians can practice their repertoire, and visitors can attend live performances of rap, punk, rock, hip-hop, reggae, and other musical genres popular in the urban culture of Medellín. 

Tickets are always sold at extremely cheap prices, or through the barter system. So, it’s a great place to go for a cheap night out!

Food in Santa Cruz

Food in Santa Cruz

If you plan to spend a couple of hours in the neighborhood attending a music or theatre presentation, you might work up a bit of an appetite. Let me tell you about the best places to grab a bite to eat in Santa Cruz! 

La Carbonera

One of the most well-known restaurants in the neighborhood, La Carbona’s corner location boasts a striking setting and vast menu. 

It’s the perfect place to enjoy grilled food or fast food dishes redone in a gourmet style. You can also order drinks and ice cream for dessert or a snack. 

Mandingas de Santa Cruz 

Mandingas is a french fries-based dish complemented with ingredients such as proteins, cheeses, sausages, and traditional Colombian sauces like pineapple or pink sauce. 

This restaurant is a good representation of fast food in the neighborhoods of Medellin. You see, mandingas restaurants are informal places, often serving meals in a tent outside of a house’s kitchen. 

If you like to mix new flavors with common ingredients, I recommend checking out this place.

Donde Guaro Ice Cream & Sandwich

Donde Guaro has a bit of a peculiar name: “Guaro” is an abbreviation of aguardiente, what Americans might know as schnapps. 

But don’t let the name deter you! Donde Guaro has an exquisite menu with a wide variety of fruits and ice cream flavors. You can also order a traditional Colombian fruit salad with cheese.

If you’re not in the mood for ice cream or fruit salad, the restaurant also serves sandwiches, drinks, and salpicones. 

Other Places in Santa Cruz

Other Places in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a traditional neighborhood like many others in Medellín and has some interesting places to visit and spend a couple of hours, despite its socioeconomic status. 

In fact, there’s something for everyone here. Let’s check out a couple of those places!

Santa Cruz Public Library

The Santa Cruz Public Library belongs to the Public Library System of Medellin. What’s more, this place provides literary and academic opportunities to inhabitants and visitors. 

While the library is small, it provides everything needed to create a calm, serene environment with a lot of information at hand. Computers with internet access are available to the public if you’re looking for a space to get some work done.

Soccer Field

If you’re looking for a place to exercise or play sports, check out the neighborhood soccer field. Made of sand, the spacious field hosts local sports tournaments as well as children’s soccer lessons. 

In addition to public places, the comuna has a wide range of places for residents and visitors, such as:

  • ATH Machine
  • School
  • Tire Mount
  • A pool bar
  • Hospital
  • Some Supermarkets
  • Gym
  • Clothes shops
  • Drugstore

Visit Santa Cruz

Visiting the small neighborhood of Santa Cruz provides an authentic look into everyday life in Medellín, where visitors can also enjoy artistic, musical, and theatrical events. Hop on the Metro System to Santa Cruz, and let yourself be surprised by all you can find here! 

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