Medellin Neighborhood Guides: Robledo

Medellin Neighborhood Guides: Robledo

TLDR: Robledo is known as the hospital and educational district in Medellin!

Each neighborhood and Comuna of Medellin are characterized by the different things they offer, both to tourists and locals. 

Robledo, a very large Comuna, is known as a hospital and educational district. Within it is one of Medellin’s main hills, a popular tourist destination thanks to its historical value, hiking trails, and the view from the top. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through everything the neighborhood has to offer. Read ahead! 

General Facts About Robledo 

General Facts About Robledo

Located in the northwestern area of Medellin, Robledo is listed as Comuna 7, and borders the neighborhoods of Doce de Octubre, Castilla, La America, San Javier, and the Corregimiento, or hamlet San Cristobal, located in the highest part of the mountain.

Robledo was considered a hamlet until 1938 and already looked much like a neighborhood, inhabited by farmers, artisans, and wealthy families from Medellin. 

Within Robledo, four streams pass through the neighborhoods of: 

  • La Quintana
  • La Malpaso
  • La Moñonga
  • La Iguaná

Also, in this neighborhood dwellings with socioeconomic stratum 2 or low stratum predominate with more than 50% of the dwellings, followed by strata 3 and 4.

The twenty-five neighborhoods of Robledo are: 

  • ​​Barrio Cerro El Volador
  • San Germán
  • Barrio Facultad de Minas
  • La Pilarica
  • Bosques de San Pablo
  • Altamira
  • Córdoba
  • López de Mesa
  • El Diamante
  • Miramar
  • Aures n.º 1
  • Aures n.º 2
  • Bello Horizonte
  • Villa Flora
  • Palenque
  • Robledo
  • Cucaracho
  • Fuente Clara
  • Santa Margarita
  • La Campiña
  • La Huerta
  • Olaya Herrera
  • Pajarito
  • Monteclaro
  • Nueva Villa de La Iguaná

Transportation in Robledo 

Transportation in Robledo

Robledo is located in one of the most mountainous areas of the city and many of its neighborhoods are situated on considerably high hills. 

Despite this, Medellin has figured out different public transport alternatives to reach all corners of the area. 

Two of the most important streets in this sector are Autopista Norte and Calle 80. 

In regards to the Medellin Metro System, it covers different areas of the metropolitan area. This neighborhood has the Caribe and Tricenternario stations, as well as Line J of the Metro Cable, taken from San Javier. This line reaches the hamlet of San Cristobal, crossing several Robledo neighborhoods located in the highest parts of the mountain. 

Robledo Hospital District

Robledo Hospital District

Robledo is known for having some of the city’s most important hospitals and specialized clinics, giving it the nickname “the hospital district.” It’s home to at least three of the most important medical centers in Medellin. 

Among them are:

  • Clinica Cardio VID: Specializes in cardiovascular and respiratory treatments, as well as transplants. 
  • Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital: One of the most complete specialized health centers in Medellin.
  • Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana: A university clinic specializing in maternity. 

Robledo Educational District

Robledo Educational District

Just as there are different universities around Medellin, Robledo has a sector made up of different university entities and spaces for education:

  • Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano
  • Pascual Bravo
  • Colegio Mayor de Antioquia
  • Sede Universidad Nacional
  • Sede Universidad de Antioquia 
  • Tecnológico de Antioquia 

You can also visit the Quintana Library in Medellin, which has an attached park with modern architecture, as well as spaces to enjoy a quiet place outdoors to read, walk, and relax. 

The ‘El Volador’ Hill in Robledo

The ‘El Volador’ Hill in Robledo

El Cerro el Volador is one Medellin’s seven tutelary hills. Located in Comuna 7, the hill measures 1628 meters above sea level and is considered a Cultural Asset of National Character. 

A popular destination for tourists in search of adventures and outdoor activities, the hill is home to over 200 species of birds and countless species of butterflies, reptiles, and mammals. 

Climbing the hill is a highly demanding ecological sports activity, and can be done on foot or by bicycle, although there are some who prefer to go by car directly to the top of El Volador. 

El Cerro el Volador is one of the 7 tutelary hills of Medellin located in the entire Comuna 7 or Robledo that has a height of 1628 meters above sea level and is considered a Cultural Asset of National Character.

In and around the area you’ll also find: 

  • The archaeological museum
  • Indigenous trails 
  • The spiral of time
  • The castle
  • The open-air butterfly garden

Other Places of Interest in Robledo  

Other Places of Interest in Robledo

For the most part, Robledo is a residential area, full of clinics, hospitals, universities, and other educational entities. 

It’s also characterized by its commercial spaces, providing residents with everything they need: national supermarket chains, neighborhood stores, schools, clothing stores, and public security establishments, among others. 

Other places to highlight in this sector are:

  • Parish Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores: This is a national heritage site and is located in the main park of Robledo.
  • Villa Suramericana Urbanization: Built for the South American Games held in Medellin in 2010, these buildings are where athletes stayed during the competitions and are located in the last station of the Metro Cable Line J ‘ La Aurora’.
  • UVA Los Guayacanes: UVA means “Unit of Articulated Life”, in Spanish “Unidad de Vida Articulada”. The UVA’s artistic structure contains Multiple Rooms as well as ICT Rooms for educational and training purposes. It also has a small square with fountains and a viewpoint to spend a relaxed afternoon.

Robledo, a Developing Neighborhood

Robledo is growing more and more, and houses a number of important sites for the city, especially in regard to the health and education sectors. 

Like many other places in Medellin, it has its tourist attractions, though the main draw is climbing Cerro El Volador. Visit this gorgeous part of the Medellin and find a touch of the wild in the urban jungle! 

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