The Medellín Book and Culture Festival 2022

The Medellín Book and Culture Festival 2022

TLDR? The Book and Culture Festival 2022 is an annual event for culture enthusiasts and bookworms. 

The Annual Book and Culture Festival marks its 16th anniversary this year. And if you love learning about Colombian culture, don’t dare miss out on this exciting festival event. 

Unleash your creative imagination and dig deeper into your love for books in the Medellin Book and Culture Festival 2022. And in this guide, we’ll share the event’s juicy details to excite you even more! 

So, prepare yourselves, and let’s get started. 

About The Medellin Book and Culture Festival 2022

About The Medellin Book and Culture Festival 2022

This year’s Book and Culture Festival will take place from September 9 to 18, 2022, in the botanical gardens in Carabobo, Parque Explora. The tickets are free, and it’s easy to reach Medellin’s botanical gardens. 

Moreover, the festival happens three times. The first took place from April 24 to 25, 2022, while the second rerun occurred on June 13 and 14, 2022. 

For the fastest commute, ride the metro and get off at Universidad station. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella in case heavy rains pour. This is especially because the entire event will take place in an open space. 

For ten days, programs will start at 10 am and end at 9 pm. 

This book and culture festival is the best way to bring together locals and tourists from all over the world. Even when you’re alone, you can meet new people who share the same passion for reading as you do! 

And when you’re an aspiring book author, you’ll fall in love with several editors and authors who will be gracing the event! Learn about their masterpiece and work ethics. You can even personally talk to them should you have questions about starting a writing career. 

Some of the famous Portuguese writers you’ll meet are the following:

  • Mafalda Milhoes
  • Maria Quintans
  • Jose Luis Peixoto
  • Luis Cardoso
  • Bruno Vieira

If you want fewer people, it’s predicted that going on weekdays is best. But, you must be aware that more events are on the schedule during weekends. 

This year, the book and culture festival’s guest country is Portugal. It will pay tribute to Jose Saramago, a Portuguese and a Nobel prize winner. 

And heads up! Because the location is an ecological park and garden, pets are not allowed to enter. 

The Activities

The Activities

So, what activities should you be excited about in this year’s book and culture festival?

For starters, the book and culture festival features a wide selection of books for sale. And when we say it’s a wide selection, it really is so diverse! 

You can find various book selections from famous authors and publishing companies. And because it’s a special event, book prices will be more affordable than usual. 

The majority of the books are famous Spanish selections, but you will also find books from English language schools. Also, the selections come in various genres. Expect to find classic stories from Hemingway and fictional and more modern stories like the Twilight series.

Another famous book you can grab is Heidi. It’s a children’s novel story written in the 1800s setting. The author is a Swiss writer, Johanna Spyri. And if you love illustrations, you’ll love the beautiful drawings in this book by Alejandra Tilano. 

After selecting a few pieces from the bookstore, go back to the main stage. It’s a yearly tradition for a famous novel to be turned into a stage play. Famous local theater artists are the characters of the play. So be sure not to miss that. 

And towards the end of the festival, a surprise band will perform live on the main stage too! 

The Commercial Exhibition

The Commercial Exhibition

Yes, you have the bookstore, the stage play, and the live band. But you deserve more! Aside from these three, you can also participate in the festival’s commercial exhibition. But the registration to have your masterpiece already closed last August 17. 

Nonetheless, coming to the festival still gives you the chance to enjoy other people’s work! The exhibition showcases writings with pure feelings and intentions. You can enjoy various artworks, such as:

  • Folding paper
  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Stories

Fall In Love with Books and Culture 

Books are more than just fictional stories. They serve as a unique art where authors can express their true personalities. And people who love reading enjoy the connection they create with the books they read. 

The best way to understand Colombian culture is to read Colombian books with unique storylines. It’s the best way to let your imagination run free and let your creativity flow out. 

Check out this page for more updates about the upcoming Medellin Book and Culture Festival 2022. 

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