What to Expect During a Stay at The Landmark

TLDR? The Landmark Hotel is one of the newest (and best) hotels in the Manila neighborhood.

If you’re planning a visit to Medellin and aren’t sure where to stay, I hear you. It’s a big city, and the hotel choices are endless. 

Well, this is where the Landmark comes in. The Landmark is conveniently located in the El Poblado district but tucked away into the quiet micro-barrio of Manila. 

I had a more than fantastic stay here, and it was just what I needed to reset and get back in my game for the upcoming week. So, are you ready to hear about what to expect during a stay at the Landmark?

Here’s everything you need to know.

A Quick Overview of the Landmark Hotel

A Quick Overview of the Landmark Hotel

This fabulous hotel was built by some of the city’s best architects, PlanB. Its construction began in July 2020 and was finished in early 2022.

The Landmark has 84 rooms with a balcony, each of which allows the guest to appreciate the amazing view of Medellin. Each room has air conditioning and Wi-Fi, so you’ve got all the creature comforts you need to work as a digital nomad during your stay. 

The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, so you can get help literally any time you need. Plus, they offer tons of suggestions for places to eat and things to do in the area. 

They’ll also help with airport pickup and transfer. If you’re coming from abroad or a different city, that can make your transition into Medellin much easier.

Getting to the Landmark

Getting to the Landmark

Although I didn’t personally come from the airport, I realize that most guests are coming from there. 

If you’re in this position, I’ve put together a quick guide to make getting around Medellin on your first day a bit easier. There are a couple of options available, so let’s break them down. 

Public Transportation

If you want to take the public transportation system to save a bit of money, you can, but it’ll be a bit of a hike. 

There are buses that depart every 15-minutes from the airport. Ask for the one going to San Diego and get off at the end of the line. 

They drop you off at a taxi stand, and you can ask the driver to take you from there to the hotel. The total journey will take you about an hour and a half. 


Another option is to just take a taxi directly from the airport. If you do this, I highly recommend speaking with your Casacol concierge. They’ll help get you hooked up with a taxi service that’s not horribly expensive.  


One of the most convenient ways to get to the Landmark from the airport (or from anywhere, really) is to use a rideshare app. Whether it’s Uber or InDriver or something else entirely, this will drop you off at the door of the hotel and take a lot of the hassle out of catching a cab.

The Room

The Room

Each of the rooms in the Landmark Hotel is small but cozy. They have a number of features, such as automatic curtains that you can open with a remote control. That way, you don’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy the sunlight streaming through your window in the morning!

On top of that, each room has a smart TV that you can connect to your Netflix account. For me, this was the perfect way to wind down in the evenings. 

You’ll also find a safe, some coffee table books to flip through if you get bored, and a closet to hang your clothes. 

One of my favorite perks of the room was the in-room water tap. It comes with a jug and two cups, so you have fresh, cool water whenever you need it.

Other Types of Rooms

While I stayed in a standard Queen room, there are quite a few other choices you can pick from. Here are some of the other room types available:

  • Deluxe Queen With Balcony: This room features a queen-sized bed and comes with an upgraded terrace so you can lounge outdoors if you want. 
  • Double Queen With Balcony: This is the same as the deluxe queen but comes with two queen beds instead of one.
  • Double Queen Duplex: This is a room divided into two, so you can get a bit more privacy. There are two queen beds, each of which has its own space.
  • Duplex Junior Suite: This is a slightly larger space than the Double Queen Duplex, offering more common areas
  • Duplex King Suite: This is a two-floor room that has a jacuzzi and a sofa bed as well as a king-size bed. 

Those are just a couple of the other rooms you can check out if you want. Even if you go for a standard queen room like me, I can guarantee you’ll be comfortable.

The Amenities

The Amenities

Even though the Landmark has an industrial design with minimalist features, there are plenty of amenities to take advantage of. Here are a couple of the things that you want to know about.


The hotel rooftop offers a great view of the city of Medellin. You can lay around on loungers or take a dip in the pool. 


If you’re planning to work while in Medellin, you’ll love the coworking space in the hotel lobby. They’ve got multiple couches and lounge chairs as well as a cozy nook for you to tuck yourself up in and get to work. 

The lobby WiFi is great, and there’s free coffee and tea for you to take advantage of. Basically, it’s better than most of the official coworking spaces around the city.


The Landmark has a casual-chic restaurant attached to it. It’s located to the left of the entrance when you walk in and is a two-story place called Smash Avocaderia for you to sit down to eat breakfast.

As you can imagine from the name, they’re an avocado-based restaurant. Still, you can get some great juices and coffees to pair with your avocado toast. 

A lot of people also go there to settle in for some work. You can sit there or out on the patio to get some deep work done.

What to Do During Your Stay

What to Do During Your Stay

There are tons of nearby activities for you to take advantage of. If you want to catch a movie, there’s a Cine Colombia located pretty nearby. 

Or, if you’d prefer to spend a day treating yourself to some R&R, there are multiple spas and nail salons in the area. They’re a great way to sneak in a mini-wellness retreat. 

Another option is to book with one of the many tour agencies in the neighborhood. They’ll take you on great little getaways out of the city

Nearby Nightlife Recommendations

Nearby Nightlife Recommendations

Although Manila isn’t a place for wild parties and discotecas, it’s still a great place for you to get out on the town. There are some fantastic bars in the area that are worth checking out.

Here are my top picks!


20Mission is a bar and brewery located down the hill from the Landmark. They have some of the best craft beer in the city, which is why their brews are sold at most bars and restaurants. 

What’s cool about this bar is that they regularly have live music. During my stay, they had a rock band playing on a Saturday night.

They also run beer tastings on Thursdays and Saturdays. This is a cool way to learn a bit more about how beer is made and to try out different flavors. 


Foxey is another pick for beer lovers. This bar actually features seven different breweries all under the same roof!

At each of the bars, you can try a beer flight of four different drinks for just a few dollars. That’s a great way to get a taste of a couple of different kinds of drinks. 

You can also head up to the rooftop. Although the view isn’t sweeping, it’s still a nice outdoor area to lounge around on after dark.


While there are a couple of rooftop bars close to the Landmark, Vrtice is one of the cooler ones. This spot has a jacuzzi on the rooftop where you can lounge around with a cocktail in hand. 

They also have live DJs on weekend nights. If you want to get your party hat on, this is a good place to check out.

Check In for the Perfect Stay at the Landmark Hotel

Check In for the Perfect Stay at the Landmark Hotel

Sure, there are plenty of hotels around town. But I guarantee none are quite like the Landmark Hotel. 

So, what do you say? Are you ready for your own stay? Book a night or two at the Landmark and get ready for a relaxing experience in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in town.

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