Jewelry Tours in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Jewelry Tours in Santa Fe de Antioquia

TLDR? Santa Fe de Antioquia has some great jewelry tours that you can take.

If you’re in search of beautiful handmade gold and silver jewelry within a reasonable distance of the city of Medellin, check out Santa Fe de Antioquia and take a tour to discover the amazing local art of filigree.

Santa Fe de Antioquia boasts some of the best jewelry the region has to offer, so stick around to find out which jewelry tour is best for you! 

The Art of Filigree in Santa Fe de Antioquia

The Art of Filigree in Santa Fe de Antioquia

The art of filigree is a long-standing craft tradition in the colonial town of Antioquia. The practice emerged during Colombia’s colonization and is now considered an important part of the area’s heritage. 

Filigree is the practice of making jewelry or other ornamental pieces out of gold and silver threads. This technique is done with rudimentary tools and without the use of technology. 

A goldsmith melts down gold or silver into many small, thin threads. These delicate filaments are then woven together to form earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

The Santafereño artists can even create complicated figures like animals or star out of the tiny wires. 

Seeing firsthand how these artists create these unique pieces thread by thread from gold and silver is one of the highlights of taking a jewelry tour in Santa Fe de Antioquia!  

Jewelry Tours in Santa Fe de Antioquia

There are actually a couple of places in Santa Fe de Antioquia that offer jewelry tours. Let’s take a look at a few places where you can learn about how jewelry is made.

Watermark and Workshops Tour of the Tourism Office

Watermark and Workshops Tour of the Tourism Office

The Watermark and Workshops Tour is organized by the town’s government, and provides some of the best cultural tours of Santa Fe de Antioquia. 

On this walking tour you’ll enjoy a guided visit to the town’s goldsmith workshops. Plus, you’ll get the chance to watch the elaborate process of filigree yourself. 

If you see something that catches your eye in any of the stores you visit, the tour provides its customers with a jewelry discount, so make sure to get yourself a souvenir! 

The Watermark and Workshops tour lasts three hours and includes a refreshing drink. 

Once you’ve finished the tour, take advantage of your stay in Santa Fe de Antioquia by visiting some local museums, parks, and churches.

Colonial Treasure and Traditional Jewelry – Palenque Tours

Colonial Treasure and Traditional Jewelry - Palenque Tours

This tour really gives customers the full Santa Fe de Antioquia experience. The guided tour centers around making traditional jewelry and lasts about eight to nine hours. At the same time, it provides insight into Santa Fe de Antioquia’s cultural and colonial history. 

You’ll get to experience a private visit to an artisan gold and silver jewelry factory for an in-depth look into all the practices developed around the trade. 

You’ll also get the chance to visit the Puente de Occidente bridge, considered a national heritage site. 

Tour prices start at $128 and include: 

  • Travel insurance
  • Private transportation to and from your hotel or Airbnb
  • Expert and bilingual private guide (English and Spanish)
  • A visit to the local Juan del Corral  museum 
  • A bottle of water and a snack
  • A traditional Colombian lunch

Gold Tour in Santa Fe de Antioquia – Destino Antioquia

Gold Tour in Santa Fe de Antioquia - Destino Antioquia

Visitors who decide to take the Gold Tour in Santa Fe de Antioquia learn about the practice of gold panning. This is another ancestral trade of the region tied into the process of creating filigree. 

During this seven-hour tour, a private vehicle will take you to Santa Fe de Antioquia. Then, they’ll take you to the Puente de Occidente Bridge. Here, you’ll be able to watch the traditional process of “barequeo,” or gold panning. 

The tour wraps up with a visit to a filigree workshop. There, you’ll have the option to purchase a silver pendant. 

Rates for this travel package start at $55 USD, but are subject to increase depending on:

  • The number of people taking the tour
  • The means of transportation
  • Jewelry purchases

Visit Shops and Workshops on a Private Trip

Visit Shops and Workshops on a Private Trip

The jam-packed schedule of a guided tour is not for everyone. If you’re the type of person who likes to take their time and go at their own pace, consider taking a private, self-guided trip to Santa Fe de Antioquia! 

Santa Fe de Antioquia only a $3 bus ride away from Medellin – you’ll get on at the Terminal del Norte. Or if you’d rather travel in comfort, there are many places tourists can rent a car in Medellin. 

Once you’re in Santa Fe de Antioquia, you can visit the following workshops and stores on your own: 

  • Carolina Vélez Filigrana: This artisan is one of the most highly regarded and recognized in her trade, so make sure to check out her jewelry store and workshop. Maybe you’ll find something for your mother, partner, or other loved one! 
  • Jimmy Jewelry: This workshop is one of the oldest in the region and belongs to a family that has passed down the art and tradition of filigree since its inception. 
  • RH Goldsmith: Reinaldo Hernandez is a filigree entrepreneur known for making rounded pieces with the appearance of a snake with this ancient technique.
  • HB filigree: The goldsmith craftsman who leads this workshop is known for the many shapes he creates out of his golden thread. Take a look at his wide variety of filigree jewelry, especially his filigree ball rings! 

Take a Jewelry Tour in Santa Fe de Antioquia

You can find the best filigree jewelry close to Medellin by taking a trip to Santa Fe de Antioquia! Visit the town’s workshops and jewelry stores, learn about the cultural history of goldsmith art, and support the local commerce and artisans. And at the end, take home a gorgeous piece of gold or silver jewelry! 

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