Is There Wi-Fi in Caucasia?

Is There Wi-Fi in Caucasia?

TLDR? Hotel Caucasia is one of the best places to find Wi-Fi service in the town of Caucasia.

Places like Caucasia are perfect for you to meet nature and enjoy different spaces.

You might not find Wi-Fi wherever you go in this fishing town, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great places to connect to the internet.

Let me show you where you can find Wi-Fi in Caucasia, get some work done, and enjoy visiting this special place.

Is It Worth Visiting Caucasia?

Visiting Caucasia

In short: yes!

Caucasia is a place full of gastronomy, which can become a national treasure.

Although some of its restaurants have varied menus, Caucasia’s main offer is seafood in its different presentations and Colombian flavors. 

Its natural landscapes are breathtaking!

But since the distance between Medellín and Caucasia is six and a half hours by road, a weekend may not be enough to enjoy all this place offers.

So prepare your suitcase and don’t worry about your work: you can do it from Caucasia!

Where to Find WiFi in Caucasia

Where to Find WiFi in Caucasia

Wi-Fi isn’t as commonly found in Caucasia as in Medellin. Although there are many places to eat great food, they don’t have internet service.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t internet in Caucasia. You can find several accommodations where you can do your thing before heading out and sightseeing.

If you need to do a job that requires a strong internet signal, such as transmitting, read the hotel reviews and consult the staff to be sure of not having problems.

Community Wi-Fi in hotels can present a temporary failure that can generate an unexpected disconnection.

Here’s a list of places you can stay with wireless internet service within their facilities.

Hotel Caucasia

Hotel Caucasia

One of Hotel Caucasia’s advantages is its location in Caucasia’s urban area. If you still don’t handle Spanish well, the staff can communicate with you in English.

You’ll find a Wi-Fi zone in all the hotel facilities. It has a terrace, a TV area, and a lounge for shared use if you don’t want to work from the comfort of your room.

You can go for something from the cafeteria or order room service so you can eat and drink something while you work.

Address: Cl. 24 #4-29, Caucasia, Antioquia.

Hotel Y Restaurante Mesón Gitano

Hotel Y Restaurante Mesón Gitano

One of the best places in Caucasia is the Mesón Gitano. You can find it on one of the paths of Caucasia just twelve minutes from the town center.

The hotel has a restaurant, a shared lounge, and a TV area where you can sit down to do your work. The hotel also has different amenities.

There’s internet in all common areas, so you can use your computer by the pool with a cold drink or in a corridor chair, wherever you want.

Address: Km 5 troncal a la Costa, desde el municipio de Caucasia, Ant. Vereda Campo Alegre, Caucasia, Antioquia.

Hotel La Rotonda

Hotel La Rotonda

If you’re looking for someplace simple to stay within Caucasia, this may be your choice. The hotel is new in town and located just one block from the terminal.

You can ask for a room with a balcony, do your work from there, and order food service.

Its amenities are limited, but Hotel La Rotonda is a comfortable place from which to get some work done.

Address: Cra. 20 #5A-15, Caucasia, Antioquia

Hotel Luxor

Hotel Luxor

Hotel Luxor is only nine minutes from downtown Caucasia.

It offers comfortable rooms with a good view of the town. You can go swimming to cool off before doing some computer work.

It has an advantage you may like: it’s very close to the Viva shopping center, where you’ll find renowned stores such as Éxito or Subway.

Address: Cl. 30 #191, Caucasia, Antioquia

Where You Won’t Find WiFi

Where You Won’t Find WiFi

Many restaurants in Colombia don’t offer Wi-Fi service to help clients talk to each other, which is good if you’re looking to chill with friends, but less exciting when you have to work.

In this town, it’ll be easy to find Wi-Fi in the hotels, but not in other areas. Even if you won’t find Wi-Fi in many places, that doesn’t mean the restaurants aren’t worth checking out!

Make sure you do your work in your lodging and go for a walk as a reward!

You Can Work and Do Tourism in Caucasia!

Don’t let the city absorb you. If you need a getaway, Caucasia is your best option to leave behind all the hustle and bustle and do some work in a more natural environment.

Explore the limits of Antioquia and keep adding experiences while you work!

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