How to Use Airbnb in Medellin: A Quick Guide


Despite the fact that Airbnb has only been around since 2008, it’s hard to remember what life was like without it.

If you’re anything like me, it’s become your go-to when looking for accommodations in a new city!

Many visitors to Medellin find themselves in the same boat: scouring Airbnb for rentals around the city. 

But, there are a few things you’ve got to keep in mind when you do. Let’s take a look at how to use Airbnb in Medellin plus a few pro tips for doing so.

What’s Different About Airbnb in Medellin

What’s Different About Airbnb in Medellin

In the early days of Airbnb, the platform went largely unregulated. That was great for hosts who were looking to make a few extra bucks by renting out their spare rooms.

Today, however, the platform has undergone some pretty big changes, mostly thanks to new legislation. 

In Medellin, the Colombian government has a few laws in place that you’ve got to keep in mind when renting an Airbnb. 

For one thing, in Colombia, it’s illegal to rent a place for less than 30 days unless it meets some very specific rules. That means that if you’re a renter (or a host) and the space doesn’t meet these guidelines, you could get into trouble. 

Another rule regarding Airbnbs in Medellin is that all homes have to be registered with the RNT (Registro Nacional de Turismo) in order to be legal rentals. 

On top of that, some buildings with Airbnb properties in them can establish their own rules. Hosts and tenants have to comply with those in order to stay out of trouble.

Make sure to double-check that your chosen host complies with these rules so that you don’t get into any trouble. 

Or, of course, you could just rent from Casacol, a fully-compliant Airbnb partner in Medellin.

How to Use Airbnb in Medellin

How to Use Airbnb in Medellin

Now that we’ve got the legal stuff out of the way, let’s talk about how to use Airbnb in Medellin. 

The good news is that the general process works the same way as it does in any other city!

To make a reservation for a Medellin property, you’ll just have to log into the application and select Medellin as the city. Make sure to add the dates and number of guests that you’ll be traveling with.

These are important because they can greatly alter the price of your trip. 

For example, during August when Medellin’s Flower Festival is in full swing, you can expect to pay quite a bit more for your stay. 

You can also add other filters to your search, such as private rentals vs private rooms. Or, you could pick the location of your property, such as Poblado vs Laureles

After you’ve found a property that you love, you can make the reservation right there on the site (or in the app). 

Pro tip: Before you seal the deal and make a reservation, check out the photos of the property and the reviews. This will give you a good feel for whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

Paying for an Airbnb in Medellin

Paying for an Airbnb in Medellin

If you’ve tried to make online payments with a credit or debit card from your home country while in Medellin, you might have run into some trouble. 

The reason for this is that in Colombia, online credit card payments usually require you to submit your ID number to make the payment. Since countries like the US don’t have an ID number associated with your credit card, your payment might be declined. 

The good news is you don’t have to worry about any of this on Airbnb. The website uses its own secure payment system that’s compatible with PayPal as well as most major debit and credit card networks.

Better yet, your payment won’t be taken until the host confirms the reservation. 

If the space isn’t available, you won’t be charged for the space.

Safety Tip: If someone reaches out and requests a bank deposit or wire transfer to pay for the property, beware. This could be a scam. Stay safe and only use Airbnb’s secure payment platform to book your properties.

Legal Support for Airbnb Rentals in Medellin

Legal Support for Airbnb Rentals in Medellin

If you’re worried about things going awry with your Airbnb, don’t be. Most Airbnb rentals in Medellin are super safe and comply with local laws. 

What’s more, Airbnb Colombia has a few policies in place to help add an extra layer of safety to your stay. 

For one thing, Airbnb includes civil liability and damage protection. 

This essentially means that if you, your property, or Airbnb’s property is damaged during your stay, you’ll be covered for those damages. 

What’s the Best Airbnb in Medellin?

What’s the Best Airbnb in Medellin?

Ah, the million-dollar question. 

The truth is, the best Airbnb in Medellin will probably vary a bit depending on what type of stay you usually like. 

And, considering the fact that Medellin is a city with tons of different activities, there really is a lot to pick from. 

However, here are a couple of suggestions for finding the best Airbnb and where to stay in the city.

Most Convenient: Poblado

If you’re looking for sophisticated lodgings in an area that’s packed with action, El Poblado is probably the place to go. There are tons of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and evening activities here.

My advice? First-time visitors to Medellin might want to consider a stay in Poblado

Best for Families: Aranjuez

If you’re visiting Medellin with kiddos, you might want to check out the Aranjuez neighborhood. This area has tons of different family activities such as museums, an amusement park, and the city’s botanical garden. 

Best on a Budget: La Candelaria

Visitors on a budget might want to head to Medellin’s historic center, La Candelaria. This is where you’ll find popular spots such as Fernando Botero’s statues in Plaza Botero. Plus, it’s super close to the metro and tram systems.

Best for Nightlife: Laureles

If your goal is to check out the nightlife on La 70, Laureles should be your pick. This neighborhood is a super walkable zone full of bars and restaurants. 

Better yet, there are some amazing Casacol rentals in the area to check out. You’ll get an awesome Airbnb experience right where the action is. 

Book Your Airbnb Stay in Medellin

Medellin is an incredible city with tons to offer. And, regardless of whether you stay in an Airbnb or one of our boutique hotels, we’re confident you’ll love your stay. 

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