How to Spend a Day in Segovia

How to Spend a Day in Segovia

TLDR? If you’ve got a free day in Segovia, you can check out historic buildings and enjoy some great hikes!

Segovia is located in Antioquia, four hours away from Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring. Nestled in the central mountain range of the Andes, gorgeous natural landscapes surround the town, and its altitude of 431 meters above sea level keeps the temperature a warm 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With an urban area of only 2.8 square km (1 square mile), you could say Segovia is quite a small town. But despite its size, there are still many fun activities and places to visit on your trip to Segovia. 

Why Visit Segovia

Visit Segovia

Segovia might not be the first option for tourism in Antioquia, but its mining industry’s commitment to protecting the natural environment is truly something to be admired. 

The rural area of Segovia covers almost 500 square miles, explorable through hiking trails and drives. 

I suggest planning a trip through the bordering municipalities of Antioquia: Zaragoza, Remedios, Anorí, and El Bagre. There are many hotels, restaurants, and spas on the roads connecting these towns. 

You can get to Segovia from Medellín by taking along the route passing through Barbosa, Porce, Yolombó, Vegachí, and Remedios. Once you’re in Remedios, you’ll be able to find easy transportation to Segovia. 

It’s also possible to fly to Segovia by landing at the Alberto Jaramillo Sánchez in Remedios. 

When to Visit Segovia?

When to Visit Segovia?

The best time to visit Segovia is during the gold, mining, and Virgen del Carmen yearly festivals held in the third week of July. 

During the pre-carnival of La Gigantona, people paint their bodies red with Moresco and walk through the town while singing, dancing, and celebrating by throwing water and flour at each other.

During festival times, people intermingle amid love, joy, and friendship, united by a strong sense of tradition and history. 

What to Do in Segovia?

Now that you know how and when to go to Segovia, let’s talk about what to do once you’re there! 

Once you’re in town, you’ll realize there’s a lot of activity in the streets. Be wary of the number of motorcycles on the streets, their high number can get a bit overwhelming. 

1. Mining Tours and History Lessons

Mining Tours and History Lessons

Recognized as the most gold-bearing site in Colombia, one of Segovia’s main attractions are tours of the mines. 

During the day, I suggest visiting the Providencia and El Silencio mines, which have been in continuous operation for over 150 years. Don’t worry, they have all the necessary safety and security protocols in place. 

The heat inside the mines during the first part of the tour reaches temperatures of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, so make sure to dress accordingly. You’ll get a first-hand look into the lives miners live every day, a truly unique experience.

2. Go for a Swim

Go for a Swim

The three natural baths of Segovia, la Tupia, las Cristalinas, and el Charco de las Brujas, are great places to cool off during a hot day. The baths are recreational places with a family atmosphere. 

La Tupia is to the northwest, and Las Cristalinas is to the northeast of the urban area. Because the baths are in semi-rural areas, you’ll have to walk or take a bike ride through the beautiful landscape. 

El Charco de las Brujas is much closer to town, on the road connecting Segovia to Remedios. There is an onsite restaurant and bar, as well as spaces for visitors to cook their own food. 

3. Eat Some Food

Eat Some Food

As the sun sets in the distance and a breeze blows over the Andes mountains, it’s the perfect time to have a coffee or enjoy a meal. 

The Cafe y Arte restaurant shares a space with Casa de Colores, where you can take part in cultural and artistic activities such as live concerts and workshops. 

The murals that give Casa de Colores its name provide a look into the cultural history of Segovia. The place has friendly service, tasty food, and even a small library, so it can get a bit crowded at night. 

4. Enjoy a Local Party

Enjoy a Local Party

Segovia has many places to cut a little loose, from clubs to discos. On weekends, the streets fill with people dancing and drinking, so if you’re not too tired from your adventures, this is an opportunity to end the day on a high note. 

Final Thoughts

Although Segovia may seem like a small town with nothing to do, there are a ton of fun activities for travelers to immerse themselves in the area’s unique culture. 

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