How to Get to Remedios from Medellín: A Guide

How to Get to Remedios from Medellín A Guide

TLDR? Remedios is a town in Antioquia that you can get to by plane, bus or car.  

Although the Antioquian town of Remedios isn’t as touristy or well known as Santa Fe de Antioquia or Guatape, it’s still a wonderful place to relax for a day or weekend. 

If you like to visit different places and are in need of a getaway from a city that isn’t overwhelmed with tourists, Remedios is the place for you. 

Read ahead to find out about the best ways to travel to Remedios, and what to expect from this village located on the border of Santander. 

Where Is Remedios?

Remedios borders Segovia, in the northeast of Antioquia, and is home to approximately 29,000 inhabitants. 

Although the town’s sightseeing opportunities are often overlooked, it’s a place full of natural attractions and delicious restaurants, where you can enjoy a couple of days surrounded by nature and good food. You can also learn about the local mining industry by taking a tour through the town’s natural mines. 

To get to Remedios, take the well-known “via al mar” (road to the coast), through the municipalities of Bello, Girardota, and Barbosa, then continue driving for about 185 km or 115 miles. 

I’ll fill you in on the best means of transportation to get to Remedios, so you can enjoy a different experience than others offered in Antioquian tourism. 

Public Bus to Remedios 

Taking the bus to Remedios is an easy and cheap option, especially if you’re the adventurous type. 

First, you need to get to the North Terminal in Medellin, which is simple enough to do by taking Line A on the Metro System to the Caribe station. Once there, all you have to do is cross a bridge and you’ll be inside the terminal! 

There are two bus companies you can choose from to get to Remedios: 

  • Transportes Segovia 
  • Flota Nordeste 

Both of these inter-municipal bus companies go directly to the village, so don’t worry about getting lost. Prices may vary depending on the bus company you choose, but usually are around $35,000 COP or $8.25 USD, and the ride lasts between four and five hours. 

Rent a Car to Go to Remedios 

Renting a car to travel around Medellin and its surroundings is a popular choice for tourists as it provides comfort, safety, and independence. 

If you’ve rented a private car, you can get to Remedios through GPS, maps, or road signs. 

Similarly to the bus, the journey takes between four and five hours, and keep in mind that you’ll need to pay two tolls totaling around $30,000 COP or about $7.50 USD. I recommend carrying cash! It’s the most efficient means of payment. 

Hire a Private Driver to Remedios

If we’re talking about traveling in comfort, hiring a private driver is the most luxurious way to travel to Remedios. 

This is a stress-free option for travelers who want to avoid the headache of public transportation or driving themselves, so if you want to travel in style, hire a private driver. Bilingual or not, they’ll be able to act as a guide for you and your travel party. 

This alternative is a bit more expensive than the others, but sometimes peace of mind is priceless! 

Plane to Remedios 

This may sound a little exotic, but you can also fly to Remedios, landing at the Alberto Jaramillo Sánchez de Otú Airport, located in a hamlet near the town center. 

First, you’ll need to hire a charter flight from the Olaya Herrera Airport inside Medellin. 

This option may be the quickest way to Remedios, but it’s also the most expensive, so if you’re trying to cut back on costs, I recommend choosing one of the previously mentioned options. 

What to Expect Once in Remedios

Remedios is a mainly mining town where gold and silver are extracted through two types of practices: 

The town also produces livestock, wood, and agriculture, growing crops such as yucca, banana, beans, and fruits. The average temperature is 24º C or 75º F, very similar to the climate of Medellin. 

There are some great places to check out if you’re in the village, such as: 

  • Liberty Main Park
  • Our Lady of Remedios Parish
  • The spas of Otú
  • La Palmichala Mines

If you’re visiting Colombia in December, I highly recommend you attend the Festival of Return, Gold, Mining and Livestock in Remedios for a traditional town festival experience!

This town is also home to a number of delicious restaurants, serving traditional and international food alike. 

Here are a few I recommend:

  • Arbacoa 
  • El Stacon Parrilla
  • Restaurante Buffalo
  • Leños Restaurante

Spend a Day Exploring Antioquia

Remedios is a hidden gem of Antioquia, a place to relax, enjoy nature, or take some tours to learn new things. Although the trip there may be a bit long, it’s important to enjoy both the journey and the road. I promise you won’t regret your visit! 

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