An In-Depth Guide to the Colombian Student Visa

An In-Depth Guide to the Colombian Student Visa

TLDR? Having a student visa can be your opportunity to extend your stay in Colombia.

Frequent travellers may find it difficult to settle down and study the native language of each country they visit. 

I know how easy it is to fall in love with Colombia, so it comes as no surprise that you’ll probably want to extend your stay if your legal time in the country is already coming to an end. The good news is you have the option to apply for a student visa and extend your stay in this wonderful place! 

In this article, I’ll teach you what you need to know about the Colombian student visa, and how to obtain it through studying Spanish or through pursing a different career. 

Why Study in Colombia?

Why Study in Colombia?

Many of Colombia’s institutions offer a wide variety of education programs in addition to courses teaching the Spanish language. 

You’ll study under highly qualified professionals in a friendly, welcoming student environment. 

The city of Medellin is a great place to start looking for colleges and institutions, and many foreigners recommend studying there. It’s also a great option for those looking to extend their visas. 

Keep in mind that while many Colombian universities are authorized to help you with the legalization process of your student visa, not all of them have this ability, so make sure you’ve done your research before committing to one. 

You can study in private or public institutions as long as your student programs takes an average of ten hours a week minimum. 

The duration of your visa depends on the type of studies you pursue, but they usually last from six months to a year. 

Why Stay in Colombia?

Why Stay in Colombia?

Studying can simply be an excuse to stay in Colombia.

Medellin is just small taste of all the country as to offer, and travelling its surroundings is an unmissable experience. Visiting each town in Antioquia might just become one of your favorite hobbies. 

Studying in Colombia is also a great way to make native friends or meet people from countries around the world. 

What Are the Types of Student Visas?

What Are the Types of Student Visas?

Since undergoing regulatory changes in 2017, Colombia provides two types of  student visas for foreigners.

Let’s talk about what they are and how they differ!

Visitor visa (V)

A visitor visa (v) are normally requested and granted to foreigners taking classes in a study that does not generate a professional degree, such as studying Spanish. 

You’ll want to be 100% sure this is the visa option you want to choose to extend your stay, as once you make the request you will not be able to request another type of visa. 

Visas for studying Spanish are usually issued for a maximum period of six months, but some universities may provide options with longer terms. 

The Visitor Visa (V) is also great for people coming from an academic exchange, internship or apprenticeship, as well as foreigners looking to pursue art classes or a postgraduate degree. In these cases, the visa can last up to two years.

Migrant Visa (M)

The Migrant Visa (M) is issued to foreigners taking more extensive course options, such as elementary, secondary, middle and undergraduate classes. 

This kind of visa can extend your stay in Colombia up to three years, though this time can be reduced depending on the length of study period. Keep in mind that if you leave the country for over six months, your visa will no longer be valid. 

In addition to the the general requirements requested for any visa, for your student visa you must also have a document accepted the institution you plan to study at. 

Institutes and Universities That Will Work for Your Visa

Institutes and Universities That Will Work for Your Visa

Medellin has a variety of different institutions within its academic system that accept foreigners into their programs. 

You can find large universities or smaller institutions and colleges that can help you with your visa process once you’ve registered. 


EAFIT is one of the most recognized universities in Medellin. In Spanish, its name translates to  School of Administration, Finance, and Technological Institute.

Here, you can study Spanish or you can pursue a variety of undergraduate and post graduate degrees. 

Although EAFIT doesn’t have visa service assistance, it provides you with some entry requirements and as well as proof of your acceptance into your chosen academic program so you can begin your visa application process. 



Elefun is another institutions in Medellin where you can learn languages such as Spanish. 

It’s a certified entity through the Colombian government, so you’ll be able to start long-term classes to apply for your student visa.  


Can I Work in Colombia With a Student Visa?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

In order to work in Colombia, you must have a work visa or investor visa. 

What to Do After My Student Visa Is Approved?

What to Do After My Student Visa Is Approved?

Make sure you follow the steps below to ensure you’re following the correct procedure: 

  1. Check the status of your application or request on the Colombian Foregin Ministry website. 
  1. Once your visa is approved, you will receive an email notifying the approval of your stay. 
  1. To legalize the procedure, go to the consulate where you applied to obtain the visa stamp on your passport. 

Extend Your Stay in Colombia With a Student Visa!

Obtaining a student visa shouldn’t be a hassle, and is a great chance for you to learn something new while continuing to enjoy this wonderful country. 

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