How to Get to Caldas from Medellin

How to Get to Caldas from Medellin

TLDR? You can get to Caldas by taxi, metro, or car in just half an hour or so.

No matter how much you love the city, we all need a break once in a while. And, when you need to get away for a day or weekend, Caldas is a great pick.

Caldas is the home to soft coffee, known for its natural routes, art, and food.

Now, if you were wondering how to get to Caldas, I’ll give you some options right now! 

Where is Caldas from Medellin?

Where is Caldas from Medellin?

This Antioquian town has a population of around 82,000 people.

It might not be as quiet as other towns, but what makes Caldas your perfect weekend destination is how quickly you can get there from Medellin.

Around 13 miles from the city, the trip to Caldas shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes.

Stay for the weekend, or if your schedule’s too tight, stay for a day and travel back the next day.

No matter how long you choose to stay, you have to get there first. Let’s see some options!

What’s the Best Way to Get to Caldas from Medellin? 

What’s the Best Way to Get to Caldas from Medellin?

There are four different ways to get to Caldas from Medellin. I’ll walk you through each one, so you can decide what’s best for you. 

Bus from Medellin to Caldas 

One of the least expensive options is to travel by bus, leaving from Medellin’s Terminal del Sur.

Don’t forget to check the bus schedule online. Several different transportation companies can take you to your destination throughout the day.

Most of them have a 30-minute difference on each arrival. From the moment you get on the bus, your trip lasts about half an hour.


Take advantage of Medellin’s public transportation and take the metro to Caldas. Get down at La Estrella station and take an inexpensive taxi to Caldas. 

Taking the metro is your cheapest option but also the slowest. The trip lasts about 40 minutes. 

Private Driver

Medellin has a lot of transportation options, and even more if you’re hiring a private driver. If you want to sit back and relax on the journey, this is a luxury that might be well worth it.

However, this is the most expensive option to get to Caldas.

The other way is to get a taxi that is much less expensive and almost the same efficient. Whichever option you take, your trip will last around 23 minutes. 

Car Lending or Rental 

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend in Medellin that’ll take you to Caldas or lend you their car, this will be your cheapest trip. If not, in the city there are a few options for renting a car, but that’ll be a more expensive option than the bus or metro.

As in a taxi or private driver, the time on the trip will be the same, about 20 minutes.

I suggest you get an SUV because the roads can get rough.  

What to Expect When You Get to Caldas 

What to Expect When You Get to Caldas

This place has some surprises for you. After arriving, you’ll see that Caldas isn’t necessarily a small town.

You’ll be able to find everything you need for shopping and fun!

Located in the Antioquia department of Colombia, Caldas sits at an altitude of 5741 feet. Its weather is a little warmer than in Medellin, but still very enjoyable.

Most of the local people are Spanish speakers here. But don’t worry: especially in places like hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots, you’ll find English speakers as well. 

Where to Stay in Caldas

Where to Stay in Caldas

If you haven’t booked anywhere to stay yet, you’ll find many options for accommodation, no matter your budget.

Among those things you can find there are hostels, very luxury hotels, Airbnb, and more options. 

Where to Eat Dinner in Caldas 

Where to Eat Dinner in Caldas

Once you arrive from the journey from Medellin and have checked into your hotel, you’ll probably want to go out and eat some of Caldas’ gastronomic delicacies.

There are some places that you must try. I recommend Garage Drinks Bar, a special place for partying and drinking with live music, mostly rock.

Spend a few days in Caldas, Antioquia!

No matter what day in the week you come, this place will always offer you the same magic. Take your time to go and do the activities you like the most!

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