Where to Get Some Work Done in Tamesis

Where to Get Some Work Done in Tamesis

TLDR? Hostal Mirador de Cartama is one of the best places to work and stay in Tamesis.

Tamesis might not be that popular a place among tourists traveling through Antioquia, but this small town’s full of charm.

It can even become one of your favorite places to get some work done. Tamesis isn’t a town full of places to do coworking, but its tranquility, climate, and views make it ideal for focusing on your activities.

Let me save you some time and tell you where you can find internet service in this beautiful town, full of nature and adventure.

Where to Find Tamesis, Antioquia

Where to Find Tamesis, Antioquia

This small town is just three and a half hours from Medellín, near Jardín and the fishing village of Jericó.

Like many places in Antioquia, the mountains guarantee a pleasant climate, bewildering views, and multiple tourist activities.

You can get there from Medellin by bus from the South Terminal. There you’ll find two routes that have constantly scheduled trips. The travel time may vary due to traffic and stops along the way.

If you prefer to save time, you can travel by car following the GPS. I recommend downloading the route. That way, you won’t get lost even if you lose signal along the road.

You can also take metro A from Parque Berrio and travel to La Estrella station, where you can take a taxi.

Where to Get Some Work Done

Where to Get Some Work Done

There may not be a long list of places to hang out while you work, but you’ll find a few good options.

Among them are lodgings or well-known cafes in town, with something more to offer than a place to sit down to work.

Hostal Mirador de Cartama

You don’t need to go far away to get a good view of Tamesis!

From Hostal Mirador de Cartama, you’ll have beautiful views of the clouds and the nearby mountains and trees while enjoying a good cup of native coffee and getting down to work.

Hostal Mirador has different common areas in addition to the viewpoint, so you can leave your room and choose where you feel most comfortable.

Address: Calle 13 # 12-47, Támesis, Antioquia

Cafe Al Parque Tamesis

Is there anything better than working outdoors?

Imagine working on your computer in front of the park with a good coffee. When it gets dark, you can see the particular change of colors in the clouds and feel the breeze.

You can also work indoors when the temperature drops. Remember that Tamesis has a cool climate.

Address: Parque principal, Tamesis, Antioquia

Hotel Balcón Tamesino

The Hotel Balcón Tamesino’s staff is used to foreigners, so you’ll be able to communicate with them in English.

You can work from your room or in common areas with an incredible view of the mountains. You can also use the bar tables and enjoy a beverage.

Address: Cl. 11 #9-24, Támesis, Antioquia

Cafe de la Casa

Only two blocks from Tamesis’ central park, Café de la Casa is an excellent place to have a good drink — a cozy coffee shop with a well-kept garden, which gives you a nice view from the tables.

In addition to working, you can take a short tour of the facilities. The beauty of Antioquia is that its buildings retain a unique design, despite not having the modern city touches.

You can take a look at the library and any art exhibition available at the time of your visit.

Address: Cra. 11 #1240, Támesis, Antioquia

What to Do After Work in Tamesis 

What to Do After Work in Tamesis

As a nomad, you know that work isn’t everything, and in Tamesis, it’s hard to resist visiting the incredible places surrounding it.

Among its most recognized activities is Cerro del Cristo Rey, probably the first thing you’ll notice upon your arrival.

It’s a good experience if you like to hike, breathe nature, and enjoy a beautiful view after a walk of almost six miles (10 km).

On the other hand, if you want to do something more adventurous, get wet and dirty, Tamesis has a beauty made of rocks called Las Cavernas del Río San Antonio. You must go with a guide, for safety and to know the place’s history.

Bring Some Work to Tamesis

Include Tamesis in your schedule! A highly recommended place to visit and breathe nature, you’ll be able to do so much more here than just work.

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