Flights to Medellín from Europe: The Ultimate Guide

Flights to Medellín from Europe: The Ultimate Guide

TLDR? You can find in this guide essential tips to book cheap flights to Medellin from various cities in Europe.

The city of Medellín, Colombia, is a wonderful destination for tourists and digital nomads. 

Whether you’re visiting on business or simply looking to tour a new destination, you’ll need to do some research to find the best and cheapest flight to Medellín. 

Read ahead, and I’ll teach you the tips and tricks needed to book a comfortable trip as quickly as possible! 

Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Medellín

Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Medellín

Search engines often use your data to provide you with biased results and false promotions, so before you begin searching for flights, I highly recommend switching your browser to incognito mode. 

Here are some tried and true tips and tricks that’ll make booking your reservation that much easier: 

  1. Check the season: Prices are always cheaper during the low season. In the high season, prices rise due to an influx of travelers. Remember, weekly flights are cheaper than weekend flights. 
  2. Avoid intermediaries: If you’re working with a tight budget, make your reservation directly with the airline, although it can be a good idea to use platforms when booking hotels and car rentals. 
  3. Schedule notifications: Set your airline app to notify you about flight promotions during the dates you want to travel. 
  4. Use your credit card points: Don’t forget about the benefits of your credit cards! Often times cards provide miles with specific airlines, so check to see if you’ve got enough points to purchase a flight. 

Flying From UK

Flying From UK

To travel to Colombia from the UK, you’ll have to take a flight with a stop in a United States airport before flying to the Colombian capital. 

Currently, you can find direct flights to Bogotá using the Colombian airline Avianca. Avianca is a great airline, known for providing comfort on long flights.  

Here are my recommendations if you’re in the UK and want to avoid a trip to Europe before arriving in Medellín! 


You can travel to Medellín with only a single stopover from London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR). 

Your flight should fly directly to the Colombian capital of Bogotá, and from there you’ll take a short one-hour flight o the international airport of Río Negro (MDE). 

The cheapest flights from London to Medellín average between $460 and $560 USD, though prices are subject to increase during the high season. 


Maybe you want to take a short trip to London to do some sightseeing before visiting Colombia and taking your flight from Heathrow airport.

From London, you already know that you can find direct flights to Colombia without stops and it would be your best option to get to Medellin from the Colombian capital.

Flying From Europe

Flying From Europe

There are no direct flights to Medellín from Europe, so you’ll have to make at least one stopover before arriving in the City of Eternal Spring. 

It’s important to reserve your flights well in advance to avoid paying exorbitant prices. 

Fráncfort Del Meno 

Your best option to find direct flights to Colombia is to fly from Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

I recommend booking your flight with Lufthansa. This airline will take you from Bogotá airport to El Dorado airport. After that, hop on a short flight with Avianca and arrive in Medellín in an hour. 


Flights from Madrid to Medellín are relativity cheap, usually around $300 USD. 

Be wary when booking your flight – cheaper flights often have longer stopovers. 

I recommend making a reservation with Copa Airlines or Avianca. However, flights with Copa often have more stopovers. 


Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Paris to Colombia. 

I recommend traveling with Air France, which offers stopovers in Panama before taking you directly to the Medellín airport. 

And, as always, remember to book your tickets directly with the airline. 


The best option to book a flight out of Rome is with Air Canada, where you can find flights from Rome to Toronto, then Toronto to Canada. 

From Toronto, the airline will take you to Bogotá, and from there Avianca Airlines will take you to Medellín. 

How to Get to Medellin From the Airport

How to Get to Medellin From the Airport

After passing through foreigner entry control in Bogotá’s José María Córdova airport, you may feel a bit lost, as the airport is located in Río Negro, not Medellín. 

The airport is about 15 miles away from Medellín, or a 45-minute journey. You have a few different options to reach the City of Eternal Spring: 

Taxi Service

Taxing is the most popular option among tourists. You can usually find taxi companies outside the arrival gates. These are airport-authorized vehicles and are kept in good condition. 


If you’re traveling with a party of more than four travelers, consider taking a minivan. This way, your group won’t need to split between two taxis. 


Public transport is the cheapest option for travelers with tight budgets. 

Buses from the airport are comfortable and provide a place to store your bags safely. They should arrive every few minutes, so you won’t have to wait long. 

Rent a Car

If you’re used to navigating new cities or have visited Medellín in the past, consider renting a car at the airport. 

A car is a great way to get around Medellín and its surrounding areas. All you need to do to rent and drive a car in Colombia is present your passport and driver’s license. 

Buy Your Flights to Medellin

Now you know everything about traveling from Europe and scoring great flights to Medellin. Keep an eye on flight prices, and enjoy everything this city has to offer! 

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