The Best Coffee Shops and Coworking Spots in Girardota

The Best Coffee Shops and Coworking Spots in Girardota

TLDR? Mökka Cafe de Especialidad is the best place for coworking in Girardota!

Girardota is a small town located about 30 minutes away from Medellin. It’s the ideal place for a day or weekend getaway. There, you can enjoy a quiet, natural environment, and even get some work done in a quiet cafe. 

You don’t need to travel a great distance or look for specialized transport to go to Giradota. In fact, the metro system will get you there quickly and easily. And if you find the hustle of the city too distracting to get any work done, a visit to Girardota is the perfect solution. 

Read ahead for the best places to relax in this traditional town so you can get your work done stress-free. 

Habitat Connection

Habitat is a restaurant and coworking establishment seeking to offer pleasant experiences alongside delicious food. 

In this restaurant, you can pick from a wide menu of international food, including lasagna, pasta, hamburgers, meats, and other dishes you can accompany with a cocktail or soda. Best of all, they offer a menu of the day at affordable prices in case you need to save some money. 

Enjoy a coffee after your meal, and take some time to whip out your laptop and get some pending work done! 

Habitat has a cool environment, with wooden chairs, and living and dining room tables. Their second-floor location creates a homey but modern environment. 

There are also special days where live music is performed! 

Address: Cl. 10 #16-37, Girardota, Antioquia

Mökka Cafe de Especialidad

Mökka is one of the best coffee shops in Girardota, distinguished for their large variety of hot and cold coffees prepared in different methods, ideally accompanied by a cake or artisan pastry. 

Many digital nomads prefer to work in this cafe for its tranquility, comfort, and drinks and snacks perfect for any hour of the day. 

Mökka’s pleasant, welcoming space and relaxed atmosphere have made it a favorite place to pull out a laptop and work among Giradota’s locals and tourists alike. 

The cafe also has a variety of workshops, including meetings in English, coffee preparation workshops, and live music! 

Address: calle 10bb #10-09, Girardota, Antioquia

Alebrije Cafe Bar

Alebrije Cafe Bar is located in Talpa, Girardota’s Cultural House, in the center of town. 

This place feels like a traditional Antoquian house, preserving the architecture and colors historic to the area. It also has a backyard equipped with tables and chairs, surrounded by murals made by local artists. 

This cool and calm cafe is a great place to get some work done. The facilities are cozy, and the wooden chairs are comfortable. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy some yummy food and drinks to keep your energy up while you work. If you need a break, step outside to the patio for some fresh air. 

If you love art and discovering the culture of the places you visit, Alebrije is the ideal place to post up and get some work done. You’ll be surrounded by art, nature, and delicious food, and its location in a cultural house can expose you to events like live music, theatre, and even local soccer games! 

Address: Cra. 17 #6-29, Girardota, Antioquia

Free WI-Fi in Parque de Girardota 

Girardota, along with many other municipalities in the Medellin metropolitan area, has free Wi-Fi access zones. 

In Girardota, the free wifi is located in the town’s main park. All you need to do to access the Wi-Fi is fill out a form with basic information, and then you’re all set! 

You can hang out in the park and work if you want to be outside in a traditional Antioquian environment. But as it can become a bit uncomfy to work from a park, you’ll also have to option to go to any nearby cafe or store where you can sit, have a drink, and get your work done for the day. 

Some local places and typical cafeterias of the town are:

  • Tostao Cafe y Pan 
  • Girardota con Aroma a Cafe 
  • Cafe Eureka 
  • Cafe La Clave 

It’s an easy and cheap alternative to work in Girardota, as well as in many municipalities of Antioquia!

Address: a 6-76 Carrera 15, 628, Girardota, Antioquia

Spend a Work Day in Girardota 

Although Girardota is a small town, it’s a great place to go and work for a day. There are a lot of Wi-Fi-equipped options and spaces for digital nomads looking to get away from the city for a bit. 

Although there are no Coworking sites you can find cafes, restaurants, a cultural house, and even a public space where you can do some of your work!

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