Can You Get Wi-Fi in Marinilla, Antioquia?

Can You Get Wi-Fi in Marinilla, Antioquia?

TLDR? You won’t find Wi-Fi in Marinilla’s restaurants and Cafés, so look for accommodations that offer it.

I know sometimes you can’t leave work waiting at home when you plan to go on a trip.

If you’re going to Marinilla, you’ll find several solutions that’ll allow you to work and enjoy everything this Antioquian town offers.

Let me show you why you should visit Marinilla and where to take your work.

Why Visit Marinilla

Why Visit Marinilla

Some might say Marinilla’s just like any other Antioquian town. I’m here to tell you it isn’t!

Although it’s small and cozy like any Paisa town, this place’s also known by its nickname: the Colombian Sparta.

Marinilla is home to the largest museum of Christ representations, crosses, and crucifixes in the world! It also holds a museum of universal history, the historical and archaeological museum.

Marinilla is just an hour away from Medellin and well worth visiting!

Where to Get Wi-Fi in Marinilla

Where to Get Wi-Fi in Marinilla

Unlike the capital city of Medellin, the smaller towns of Antioquia don’t tend to offer coworking spaces everywhere.

But this helps you expand your options when choosing where to stay. You simply have to choose a place where you can work but allow you to do some sightseeing and relax!

Let me show you your options!

Cannúa Lodge

Cannúa Lodge

Cannúa is the most luxurious option on the list.

Its rooms offer beautiful views of the mountains, crops, and hundreds of meters of green areas through their huge crystal-clear windows. They also come with a table and chair, so getting work done from your room won’t be a problem.

If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of the hotel a little more, there are spaces for common areas such as terraces, gardens, or outdoor spaces. 

No matter the space you use, you’ll be able to enjoy pleasant environments and see how the mist sometimes descends and covers the mountains.

You can find Cannúa Lodge half an hour from Marinilla’s central park.

Address: Vda Gaviria KM 7+200, Marinilla, Antioquia

Hotel Villa Colonia

Hotel Villa Colonia

You can find this hotel within the town, just five minutes from the museum of Christs and crosses.

You can always work from your room if you have reserved one with the facilities to use your computer.

The hotel has comfortable common areas where you can also do your work without inconvenience.

Address: Calle 22 # 44 -214, Marinilla, Antioquia

Hostería Brisas Del Rio

Hostería Brisas Del Rio

Colombian fincas are one of the things I like most about this beautiful country.

This lodging has classic Antioquian farm spaces. You can finish working from your hotel room and then go fishing, have a picnic, or take a walk around the ranch.

Marinilla has several paths around it. You’ll find Hostería Brisas del Rio half an hour from the town.

Address: Vereda Llanadas, Marinilla, Antioquia.

Finca Las Miguelitas

Finca Las Miguelitas

This type of lodging is known as a mountain chalet. You can find Finca Las Miguelitas’ path less than ten minutes from town.

If you intend to take a trip with friends, have small work meetings, or stay with your family, you’ll find enough space here.

You can work in their houselike common areas and enjoy the beautiful views of the garden and mountains.

I suggest you go hiking before starting to work. It’s relaxing and helps you get it on with good energy.

Address: Vereda La Esperanza, Marinilla, Antioquia. 

Hotel Kasakir

Hotel Kasakir

Kasakir hotel is one of the most central in Marinilla.

It’s just two blocks from the town’s central park, close to museums and places to eat or drink.

It’s a simple lodging that offers basic comforts. You can book a room with a table to sit and do some work before or after you tour the town.

Address: Cra. 30 #28-58, Marinilla, Antioquia

Where You Won’t Find Wi-Fi in Marinilla

The restaurants or cafes in town don’t function as coworking spaces.

It’s better to stay in spaces with internet service to avoid having problems when looking for a place to do your work in Marinilla.

Marinilla Is a Good Place to Get Some Work Done!

Take your work on a trip to the small town of Marinilla!

Don’t let work stop you from doing the things you love.

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