The Best Cafés and Coworking Spots in Doradal

The Best Cafés and Coworking Spots in Doradal

TLDR? There aren’t a lot of Wi-Fi spots in Doradal, but in a pinch, you can post up at a restaurant or from your hotel room.

Sometimes you might want to run away from the city and technology, but you can’t stop working.

When balancing traveling and working, it’s essential to certify whether the place we’re going to has a Wi-Fi connection. Happily, Doradal has different places where you can work and enjoy nature’s fresh air! 

Get ready for your trip, and I’ll tell you about the best places to work while enjoying yourself.

Where Is Doradal, Antioquia?

Where Is Doradal, Antioquia?

Doradal is a district of the municipality of Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia. You’ll find this place approximately three and a half hours from Medellin.

You may not have heard it before, but Doradal’s one of the most visited places in Antioquia.

Known as the Colombian Santorini, Doradal also has nearby tourist attractions, such as the Río Claro reserve and the famous Hacienda Nápoles.

How to Get There From Medellin

You can take a bus from Medellín’s North Terminal straight to Doradal Terminal. I recommend you buy the tickets in advance and online.

Usually, buses have amenities such as Wi-Fi, reclining seats, toilets, and air conditioning. By bus, it can take almost four hours to get to Doradal.

Another option is to rent a car and travel by yourself to the place. It may be your most comfortable option, but it’s also more expensive. Remember to include gasoline and the tolls in your planning.

If you don’t want to drive or go by bus, find alternative ways to travel and choose the one that suits your preference.

Is There Wi-Fi in Doradal?

 Wi-Fi in Doradal?

Doradal isn’t the city, but yes, you can get a Wi-Fi connection! The important thing is that you know you won’t find it around every corner.

I recommend you’re cautious before traveling and guarantee that your lodging offers this service. Also, note that if you’re staying in a campground or eco-lodge, chances are you won’t get Wi-Fi.

Where to Get Wi-Fi in Doradal

Where to Get Wi-Fi in Doradal

If you’ve got to get some work done in Doradal, there are a couple of places you can go.

While it’s a small town, you’ll have no problem hooking up to Wi-Fi in your hotel room or vacation rental. Here are some options where you can do it!

Wi-Fi Zone at Hotel Mediterraneo

Hotel Mediterraneo is an elegant place in Antioquian style.

This hotel is on the outskirts of Hacienda Napoles and offers different amenities, including a Wi-Fi zone.

You can use your devices from the comfort of your room, or if you want some air, you can also use them in the hotel’s common areas and enjoy a pleasant environment while you work.

Address:  Kilómetro 165 de la Autopista Medellín-Bogotá Puerto Triunfo, Doradal, Antioquia

Hotel y Restaurante Sarali

Hotel y Restaurante Sarali is located along the main road of Doradal.

It’s a simple place, but it’s also quite comfortable. It has a Wi-Fi zone, so you can use it wherever you want: you can sit at the cafeteria (and bar and restaurant) and eat something or have a drink, even a nice beer while you work.

If you’re interested in visiting Hacienda Napoles, the hotel also sells tickets to the theme park.

Address: Calle 20 #20-48, Doradal, Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia.

Hotel Parador Gitano

If you want to relax, this hotel is your best option!

As a digital nomad, I want to connect with each place I go, regardless of whether I have to work.

In this hotel, you can do both things. It’s easy to connect with nature in this hotel full of flower gardens, green areas, and animals! You can even do some birdwatching here.

It’s also possible to work by the pool, where there are tables, and the Wi-Fi works well.

Additionally, you can plan your extreme experience in Doradal by visiting the Río Claro! It’s only ten minutes from the hotel.

Address: Hotel Parador Del Gitano, Autopista Medellín-Bogotá Km 164, Doradal, Antioquia

Disconnect in Doradal

Doradal is a cute little town, and although it might not have tons of Wi-Fi spots, it’s one of the best places to disconnect for a while. 

Spend a couple of days or more, and discover the beautiful Colombian Santorini!

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