Where to Get Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Doradal

Where to Get Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Doradal

TLDR? Lecco Pizza Gourmet is one of the best places to eat in Doradal. 

When you visit Doradal, there’ll be a million reasons why you’ll want to stay, in addition to its people and the beauty of its tourist places.

So you’ll have to know where to have the best local food while in this fun little corner of Antioquia!

Happily, I have a guide so you can know where to go at any hour of the day.

Where to Have Breakfast

Where to Have Breakfast

When you think of Colombian and Antioquian breakfast, coffee and arepas are always in the picture.

But in addition to a hot drink, it’s not uncommon to find a calentado. Calentado consists of a meal made the day before and heated up. Are you ready to start your day with this typical preparation?

De Paso Parador

De Paso Parador

Located near over five hotels and less than four minutes by car from Colombian Santorini, De Paso Parador is a good choice for breakfast.

This place’s calentado will make you come again and again. Here you can try one made with some of the most famous Colombian legumes, such as beans, accompanied by chorizo, ​​eggs, and of course, a good matching arepa.

The restaurant is large and intended to share. It’s a simple place on the road that you’ll recognize by the huge hippopotamus at the entrance.

You can also buy a souvenir at the store next to the restaurant’s exit.

Address: De Paso Parador, Doradal, Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia.

Asados del Camino

Asados del Camino

Like most of the restaurants in Doradal, this one’s on the edge of the road. The difference is that here you can have a gourmet breakfast!

You can order from natural juices to coffee or chocolate. Accompany any drink with arepa with cheese and fried egg. You can also accompany it with the typical calentado of beans.

Don’t limit yourself! You can also order meat to accompany your breakfast.

Address: Cra. 20 #58 # 23, Doradal, Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia

Time to Lunch

After a long morning touring Doradal, you’ll probably just want to eat again. What better than typical Colombian food to continue the tour on a more gastronomic level?



Another good option on the road, Nebraska has good food and a pleasant atmosphere.

In the middle of the restaurant, there’s a structure that imitates a tree, giving the restaurant a good appearance and a fresh feeling.

As to the food, you’ll find typical broths, beans, roasts, and even hamburgers. You can also try empanadas as a snack!

Address: Nebraska Hotel Restaurante, Autopista Medellín-Bogotá, Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia

Hotel Plaza el Doradal

Hotel Plaza el Doradal

Located less than a mile from Hacienda Napoles and in the middle of what they call the Colombian Santorini, you can feel like you’re in Greece without leaving Antioquia.

Hotel Plaza el Doradal is a perfect option to enjoy the town’s striking colors in daylight while having lunch.

On the menu, you can find a wide variety of pizza, the special of the day, desserts, and drinks.

Address: Hotel Aldea Plaza, Corregimiento La Aldea, Doradal, Antioquia

Restaurante Donde Tavo

Restaurante Donde Tavo

Restaurante Donde Tavo is an easy option on the road.

A typical traveler’s restaurant in which the bandeja paisa cannot be missing!

You can include in your lunch of the day a mix of pork rinds, chorizo, beans, and chopped sweet plantain accompanied by avocado, one of the region’s typical dishes.

You can also try other options such as fish or meat.

Address: Restaurante Donde Tavo, Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia

Getting Dinner

After a whole day of sightseeing, it’s important to end the day with a happy stomach. Here are some options to help you plan where to get some dinner!

Parrilla del Campo

Parrilla del Campo

Parrilla del Campo is the perfect restaurant to have a quiet night.

It’s located in Hotel Campo Verde, just six minutes from Hacienda Napoles. This restaurant is known for its roasts, but you can also try its chicharrones with plantain.

It also has a bar if you want to pair food with cocktails!

Address: Hotel Y Restaurante Campo Verde, Km 111 -Bogota, Autopista Medellín-Bogotá, Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia

Lecco Pizza Gourmet

Lecco Pizza Gourmet

Here you can choose between your favorite pizza or house-style pasta.

If you choose pizza, you can combine two flavors in one dish to satisfy any craving.

You can find this place a little further into town, just a couple of blocks from the main highway.

Address: Cl. 21 ## 21-85, Doradal, Antioquia, Colombia

Enjoy the Food in Doradal

I hope I have met your good tastes. Doradal is one of the most beautiful corners of the Colombian country! 

Don’t miss a single detail, including its different gastronomic offers.

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