The Best Neighborhoods for an Airbnb Stay in Medellin


TLDR? Poblado, Laureles, and Envigado are generally the best neighborhoods to rent an Airbnb in Medellin. 

The capital of Colombia’s vibrant state of Antioquia, Medellin has become one of the country’s most-visited destinations in recent years. 

However, deciding where to stay on your first visit to Medellin can be a challenge. The city is huge, very hilly, and packed with neighborhoods (not all of which are suitable for tourists).

The good news is that, with a little bit of insider knowledge, you can generally find a great neighborhood that gives you easy access to the rest of the city. 

Ready to learn about the best neighborhoods to rent an Airbnb in Medellin? Keep reading and let’s find out!

Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras

First on our list is Parque Lleras. Parque Lleras is a beautiful neighborhood that really gives you a taste of the changes the city has undergone in the last few decades. 

Parque Lleras is technically located in the mega-district of Poblado. But, this neighborhood is its own unique spot to check out. 

While Parque Lleras was once a very residential neighborhood, it’s now become a spot that’s full of bars, clubs, and other businesses. You can walk to pretty much any of these places and it’ll only take you five to ten minutes, tops!

In terms of safety, Parque Lleras is one of the places where you can happily wander without worrying too much. 

As always, use common sense and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home. But, other than that, you should have no issues staying safe in the neighborhood.

Where to Stay

There are a couple of boutique hotels in Parque Lleras that are ideal places to stay. 

For one thing, you’ve got The Marquee situated conveniently in the heart of the city. This Italian-inspired spot has excellent amenities and a fantastic restaurant. 

Plus, it’s got all the perks that digital nomads need to get their work done in between sightseeing. 



Provenza isn’t officially its own neighborhood (much like Lleras). Instead, it belongs to the gigantic Comuna 14 known as El Poblado. 

But, just because it’s a neighborhood within a neighborhood isn’t to say it doesn’t deserve a place of its own on the list. 

Provenza is characterized by colonial-style houses that transport you back to the 1800s

They’re scattered between stylish buildings home to fashion stores, boutique restaurants, and tons of other small businesses. 

Probably the most convenient part of Provenza is the Zona Rosa pedestrian path. This path takes you out of Provenza and into popular Parque Lleras, where you can grab a bite to eat or get some shopping done. 

Where to Stay

Airbnb fanatics will fall head over heels for the Provenza Life building. Not only is it situated in the heart of Provenza, but it’s got both furnished and unfurnished rentals.

You can go for a short-term stay or can rent these apartments out for longer periods of time, too.

If you’re looking for more of a hotel experience, you should check out the Celestino. This hotel is the perfect blend of fashion, design, gastronomy, and nightlife.

El Poblado 

El Poblado

El Poblado is by far the best neighborhood in Medellin, whether you’re looking to work hard or play hard. It’s an upscale neighborhood that’s packed with malls, shops, and restaurants. 

On top of that, Poblado is considered to be a pretty upper-class neighborhood. As a result, it’s super safe

El Poblado also happens to be a pretty big neighborhood. 

For example, you can drive for 15 minutes into the hills and still find yourself in El Poblado!

Where to Stay

There are tons of different Airbnb stays in El Poblado, each as good as the next. However, if you want a truly luxurious experience, you might want to consider a penthouse. 

Casacol’s penthouse collection will give you great views of the city in super-stylish Airbnbs that really let you live the high life (no pun intended). 

Plus, you get all that at more affordable rates than you’d find in the US or Europe. 



Laureles is a bit quieter than El Poblado, but it’s still a middle to upper-class neighborhood. 

Here, you’ll find some beloved restaurants and cafés such as Rituales (one of the best coffee spots in Medellin), Barbaro Cocina Primitiva, and Crepes & Waffles. 

There are two quintessential Medellín experiences you’ve got to try out while in Laureles. 

The first one is visiting the Estadio Atanasio Girardot, the home of two of Medellín’s soccer teams. And, when no soccer games are on, there’s still some stellar people-watching at this spot.

The second Laureles experience you’ve got to try is a stroll down to La 70. This is a big-time party street that’s loaded with bars, mom-and-pop restaurants, and street vendors galore.

Where to Stay

Like El Poblado, there are quite a few different Airbnbs scattered throughout Laureles. However, one of the better options out there is the Factory Lofts building

These sleek apartments work well for both long and short-term stays and have some pretty great amenities. 

Plus, there’s a coworking space on the second floor that’s definitely worth checking out if you’ll be visiting Medellin for business. 



Manila is essentially a haven for backpackers, whether they’re in Medellin for the long haul or are just passing through.

Manila is home to some super affordable yet attractive hotels as well as a number of hostels and Airbnbs. 

Like Provenza and Lleras, Manila is part of El Poblado. However, long before it became the trendy neighborhood it is now, it featured sweeping farmlands. 

That’s definitely not the case anymore, as now it’s packed with spas, art galleries, and tons of restaurants. It’s become its own micro-neighborhood that’s full of activities and things to do.

Where to Stay

Although there are tons of hostels in Manila, you’re really not going to find anything as affordable or comfortable as The Landmark

The hotel has fast WiFi, a great gym, and small but comfortable rooms. 

In other words?

It’s the perfect home base for any digital nomads that’ll be swinging through Manila on their globe-trotting adventures.



Last but not least is Envigado. Even though Envigado is a little bit further out of the city center than most travelers might want, it’s still worth visiting. 

Envigado is located to the south of El Poblado and is a much quieter neighborhood. The buildings here are a little more elegant and stately, too. 

One thing that’s unique about Envigado is that the neighborhood has numerous building restrictions in place. As a result, this suburban area is less vertical in nature than some of its neighboring districts.

Envigado is famous for its abundant green spaces. If you’re wanting a countryside experience without actually leaving Medellin, it might be a good pick. 

Where to Stay

The one downside to Envigado is the lack of accommodations. Still, you can find a few properties that are closer to this side of town. 

Just make sure that you’re well-versed in the metro or have a rental vehicle. Otherwise, you may find it a bit tough to get where you need to go.

Book an Airbnb Stay in One of Medellin’s Best Neighborhoods!

At this point, you should have a pretty good feel for what Medellin’s best neighborhoods are.

Regardless of which you choose as your home base, we’re confident you’ll love your time in the city!

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