All About the Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

All About the Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

TLDR? If you want to see modern architecture, technology, and good taste, the Edificio Plaza de la Libertad brings them all together.

Medellin is not just about lush green landscapes and nature reserves. It also has a modernized and industrial side, especially in the city proper. 

You’ll be surprised to know that Medellin has some of the world’s tallest and most stylish buildings! And because I got curious, I joined a walking tour in Medellin and discovered Edificio Plaza de la Libertad. 

This building is a beautiful masterpiece with its unique-looking facade. It’s not technically a tourist attraction, but it’s a nice place to visit and check out. Learn more about it in this guide! 

Getting to Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

Getting to Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

Edificio Plaza de la Libertad has a great location. Because it’s part of the modernized Medellin, it’s within the town proper. This means it’s very accessible through cars, taxis, and other modes of public transportation. 

From the hotel I stayed at, it’s only a 2-minute drive. But I think it can take you at least ten minutes when there’s traffic. Also, I suggest visiting this building on weekends because the streets are almost always busy on the weekdays. 

The building is also near the smart building, La Alpujarra Administrative Center. It’s also near Parque de las Luces, so you can take a look at this building after relaxing in the park. 

About Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

About Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

According to some locals I encountered, Edificio Plaza de la Libertad is not a major tourist attraction. In fact, it’s a commercial building of a distinguished Medellin company.

The building is a place where you’ll often find the following:

  • business meetings
  • cultural and educational events
  • other special occasions in the town proper.

The main architects of this beautiful architectural building are OPUS and Toroposada Arquitectos. OPUS is famous in Medellin, and clients love hiring them for a reason. 

The architects finished the building in 2011, and several tourists have loved visiting to check this place out ever since. Even though it’s not a tourist attraction with activities, they just loved taking photos of it. 

Edificio Plaza de la Libertad is all about combining traditional and modern Medellin. The architects were able to incorporate bridges, courtyards, balconies, and terraces. They combined these in a contemporary design to resemble a typology of an office building. 

You can easily see this building from afar because of its height and embellished yellow color. When I saw the building, I knew right away it was Edificio de la Libertad. There are no other buildings that have the same color, and Edificio de la Libertad stands tall and proud. 

Surrounding this beautiful building are abundant vegetation spaces. Even from afar, you would notice that the building has bountiful exuberance and surroundings. A huge water fountain is also at the center of the building’s exterior. 

I also learned that Edificio de la Libertad also won an award over the years. It was the selected project for the XXIV Colombian Biennial of Architecture in 2014. The building is only opened on weekdays, from 8 am to 5 pm. 

Inside Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

Inside Edificio Plaza de la Libertad

Another great thing about Edificio Plaza de la Libertad is its exceptional energy conservation. Vertical solar panels are integrated into the building’s facade. That explains the huge efficiency of the building on energy consumption.

Thanks to the solar panels, there’s lower consumption of artificial lighting and air conditioners.

The insides of the building are strictly for the employees only. If you’re a tourist, you cannot enter. I only gained information about this thanks to the local I met who happened to be working inside. 

Inside the building are several offices. These companies include the following:

  • Teleantioquia
  • Secretary of the Ministry of Health
  • Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment
  • Secretary of the Citizen Participation
  • The Comptroller’s Office

Nearby Restaurants

Nearby Restaurants

After taking a tour around the building, why not grab something to eat? Luckily, the building is close to some of the best restaurants in Medellin. Don’t worry; I’ll share the places I’ve tried below. 

The Market

Because this building is close to hotels, try The Market. It’s a restaurant in Medellin Marriott Hotel, and it tastes incredible! 

The Market serves international cuisine. But what I loved the most was the friendly staff. The servers are very kind and approachable, even when you’re new to the place. They’ll tell you all about the food recommendations and bestsellers. 

The Market has a wide price range, so it’s perfect for every traveler. And it also serves vegetarian and vegan options, which is excellent if you have dietary restrictions. 

Cafe Con Mucho Amor

If you want to have some afternoon coffee after visiting Edificio Plaza de la Libertad, try Cafe Con Mucho Amor. 

I loved that it was the owner who personally created and served our drinks to us. Try their Frozen Coffee and Cafe Latte. Also, Cafe Con Mucho Amor does all kinds of pastries you can pair with your cup of joe. 

Food and drinks in this coffee shop are affordable and worth it. The servings are huge, and the service is top-notch. Cafe Con Mucho Amor is also a famous breakfast place for employees. 


And finally, Jurakub is also a famous dine-in spot near Edificio Plaza de la Libertad. It’s a gastropub, so it’s a perfect spot when you want to chill and drink with friends. Jurakub serves Caribbean, Spanish, and Latin cuisines. 

Try out the chef’s recommended menu if you’re visiting this place as a couple. The menu includes prawns, Amazonian fish fillets, and garlic or potato puree with greens. 

I had the chance to eat here, and the vibe was just amazing! It’s more intimate and warm than the other restaurant recommendations. And the drinks tasted great. 

Edificio Plaza de la Libertad Is A Building You Dare Not Miss

If you want to get immersed in the more modernized side of Medellin, check out its architectural buildings with unique designs. Edificio Plaza de la Libertad has a beautiful golden yellow facade you won’t find elsewhere. 

After taking a tour around and grabbing photos, check out the nearby restaurants for some authentic bites to eat. 

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