A Complete Review of 20Mission in Medellín

A Complete Review of 20Mission in Medellín

TLDR: 20Mission is a brewery and Gastro Pub where you can enjoy the freshest beers in Medellin and pair them with gourmet food!

Drinking a beer in the gorgeous spring weather of Medellín is a great pleasure only known by local paisas and visiting tourists. 

The experience is even better with a craft beer

If you’re a lover of craft beers, especially artisanal ones, you have to check out the 20Missions gastro-pub in Medellín. 

Read ahead to find out everything you need to know about the place and schedule your visit! 

What Is 20 Missions?

20 Missions

20 Missions is a Colombian craft brewery born in Medellin and inspired by the “Craft Revolution” of the United States. 

The 20 Missions team is made up of national and international personnel, experts in the production of craft beers, and gastronomic experiences. 

With their efforts, 20 Missions produced six different styles of premium craft beer, offering them to patrons on their menu along with a wide range of gourmet food. 

In addition to a factory, the brewery has created a space for lovers of beer, food, and art to meet and enjoy a good atmosphere. It’s truly something different! 

Mission 20 is located between El Poblado and Medellín’s industrial zone. You’ll find it two streets behind the Parque Lineal Ciudad del Rio and an eight-mile walk from the Poblado Metro Station. 

What to Expect From 20 Missions

Gastro Pub

Gastro Pub

20 Missions is the perfect place to spend an evening with family or friends. Open Tuesday to Saturday, the area is large and cozy, with an industrial atmosphere. 

You’ll be able to enjoy the freshest beers in Medellín, considering that the taps at the bar are directly connected to the manufacturing tanks! 

And we haven’t even gotten started on the menu – each entree was created to perfectly pair with one of the six specialty beers from 20 Missions. 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to make a reservation, the restaurant hosts live music on Thursdays and Saturdays, with performances by bands, cover artists, and DJs. 



The ‘art of pairing’ is what sets Mission 20 apart from other Gastro Pubs. They define this as the harmonious combination of two or more products, so make sure to order the suggested beer that goes with your entree! 

The Beers

The Beers

20 Missions has created six craft beers with their own brand and identity that you can find on the Gastro Pub menu.

These beers include 100% malted barley, hops, yeast, and water, with premium imported ingredients.

Four of them are ‘special’ and two are ‘premium:’


  • Blonde: a smooth and subtly flavored beer
  • Witbier: white, smooth, and with an herbal note
  • Pale ale: a refreshing amber drink with aromatic and fruity notes
  • Porter: a powerful creamy dark beer, with notes of coffee and dark chocolate


  • Ipa: an amber beer with citrus and tropical notes
  • Saison: blond, intense drink, with citrus and spicy notes

There is also a guest beer on the menu made by  Müchner Dunkel from Hillerbräu, another Colombian beer company inspired by German recipes.

The Menu

The Menu

On the first page of the menu, you’ll see the six house beers. You can choose between having a glass to yourself or a pitcher to share. You can also order a tasting to get the chance to try all six beers. 

Guests can also order sangria, Jagermeister, guest beer, and house cocktails. Many of the house cocktails include one of the bar’s six beers. If you’re celebrating an important occasion, accompany your beers with a shot of liquor

The menu is very extensive and suitable for all tastes. In front of each dish is the beer the restaurant recommends pairing with your food. 

There are appetizers with pork, cheeses, and mushrooms. They’ve also got organic salads, sandwiches, meat, and even vegetarian options

Wrap your meal up with a treat from the dessert menu paired with a Porter beer. 

If you want to take a bit of Mission 20 home with you, you can purchase a six-pack of your favorite beer. Or, carry out some of the restaurant’s special sauce for cooking. 

Visit 20 Missions and Put Together Your Perfect Pairing 

Mission 20 is much more than a beer factory: it’s an experience. 

Visit to try out one of the best and freshest craft beers in the city. And, treat yourself to a tour of flavors set in a great atmosphere. 

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