All the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés in San Pedro de Los Milagros

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All the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés in San Pedro de Los Milagros

TLDR? San Pedro de Los Milagros is small, but there are plenty of places to eat in the village.

When planning a trip to San Pedro de Los Milagros, you need to think about transportation, where you’ll stay, and where you’ll eat. 

Lucky for you, I’m helping you out with the latter part of that mission. 

In this guide, I’ve put together a list of the best places to eat in this small village, with everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner. So buckle up, and drool over this blog’s list of must-try eateries! 

Best Breakfast Places in San Pedro de Los Milagros 

You need to eat if you’re exploring this historic place for the entire day. And by eating, we mean getting the most delectable dishes in the morning! 

Eating tasty food gives you the boost you need to start your day. And here are our top recommendations for the best breakfast places in San Pedro de Los Milagros. 

Aroma Coffee and Food

Aroma Coffee and Food serves one of the best-tasting morning coffees. You will enjoy the rich and bold flavors in every cup. 

This restaurant serves varying cuisines, so it’s perfect for any traveler. If you want real breakfast food, pair your coffee with Aroma’s pastries or even full dishes to make you full. 

Guests who have visited this place loved its historical vibe indoors and outdoors. Every corner of Aroma Coffee and Food is picturesque, so be sure to take some lovely photos while you’re there. 

You will love the diverse dessert options if you’re a sweet tooth craver. Fall in love with their cakes, ice creams, and even coffee floats. Aroma Coffee and Food also serves milkshakes, perfect for kids! This breakfast coffee shop is open every day, with the following schedule:

  • Sundays to Fridays: 11 am to 10 pm
  • Saturdays: 11 am to 11 pm

Address: Cra. 49 A #49-62, San Pedro, San Pedro de los Milagros, Antioquia, Colombia

Idilios Cafe

Another great breakfast spot is Idilios Cafe. The best part about this coffee shop is that it’s open as early as 7 am! So it really is a great place to dine to start your day. 

Idilios Cafe serves a bunch of dishes for breakfast from various cuisines. You will love this coffee shop’s heavy breakfast plates. We recommend getting them when you have a long day of adventure. 

Idilios Cafe features wooden chairs and tables to complement its brick-styled walls. You will love the homey and warm vibes when you enter this coffee shop. And if you fancy a slice of cake or two, Idilios Cafe has a wide range of flavors and designs. 

Idilios Cafe also offers special packaging when you want to send one to your loved ones. Overall, it’s a chill cafe with various dishes, coffee, desserts, and more. 

And if you’re diet-conscious, Idilios Cafe offers healthy coffee with fewer calories and additives. You can also buy their coffee beans should you decide to make one at home. Idilios Cafe is open daily from Sundays to Mondays, from 7 am to 9 pm. 

Address: Carrera 49, Medellín-San Pedro #48, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Best Lunch Places in San Pedro de Los Milagros 

If you’re having brunch or lunch date with your loved one, San Pedro de Los Milagros also has a bunch of must-try places. Here are our top picks for you. 

Calipso Restaurante 

If you’re craving Mexican and South American food, visit Calipso Restaurante. It’s an ideal restaurant place when you’re with your entire family. You will love its welcoming and intimate atmosphere, perfect for enjoying having great lunch. 

Calipso Restaurante features different Mexican dishes, and we love the huge servings. Every food on the menu is good for sharing, so it’s a pretty price-worthy restaurant. 

If you’re planning to eat here, order their sandwiches. Calipso Restaurante offers various sandwich combinations, and they will definitely make your stomach full! If you’re staying till late afternoon, try ordering their cocktails for happy hour! 

Calipso Restaurante is open daily from Sundays to Saturdays, with the following schedules:

  • Mondays to Thursdays: 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Fridays to Sundays: 12 pm to 11 pm

Address: Cl. 48 # 49 03, San Pedro, San Pedro de los Milagros, Antioquia, Colombia

Asados La Chamiza 

Asados La Chamiza is a barbecue joint perfect for friends. It features Southern American vibes with its atmosphere and interior design. 

This barbecue joint offers various Southern American dishes aside from ribs and barbecue. We love that it has huge servings, so you can share a dish for two. Asados La Chamiza is open daily from Sundays to Saturdays, from 7 am to 8 pm. 

Address: San Pedro, San Pedro de los Milagros, Antioquia, Colombia

Best Dinner Places in San Pedro de Los Milagros 

What better way to end your night in this historic place than eating hearty meals? San Pedro de Los Milagros also has unique dinner places where you can cap off the night after exploring the town. Here are our top picks. 

Restaurante Ricolandia 

If you want a restaurant offering al fresco dining, check out Restaurante Ricolandia. It’s also a pet-friendly dine-in place, so you’re welcome to bring your fluffballs! 

Restaurante Ricolandia offers authentic Colombian cuisine. It’s the best place when you want to taste the real flavors of Colombian dishes. Also, you will love that this restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere. 

Restaurante Ricolandia is in an open space. So it’s also a famous events place for parties and celebrations. It’s open daily from Sundays to Saturdays, with the following schedule:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 9 am to 5 am
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 9 am to 8 pm

Address: Vía San Pedro De Los Milagros, San Pedro de los Milagros, Antioquia, Colombia

Pilones Restaurante 

If you want some grilled barbecue for dinner, visit Pilones Restaurante. It’s a small barbecue restaurant ideal when you’re with friends. 

Aside from their best-selling barbecue and ribs, try their salad, fries, and other rice dishes. Dishes are also huge, so they’re good for sharing. And because Pilones Restaurante is only a small restaurant, it’s best to message them online to check for availability. 

Pilones Restaurante is open daily from Sundays to Saturdays, from 11 am to 10 pm. 

Address: San Pedro – Entrerrios – Don Matías, San Pedro, San Pedro de los Milagros, Antioquia, Colombia

Dine With The Best Experience in San Pedro de Los Milagros

Even though it’s a small town, you can find various restaurants in this unique and historical place. San Pedro de Los Milagros offers coffee shops, barbecue joints, and huge restaurants for friends and family. 

Experience cuisine fusion and even authentic Colombian food in this small but mighty city. 

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