A Quick Guide to What to Do in Bello

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A Quick Guide to What to Do in Bello

TLDR? In Bello, you can hike through a pre-colonial path built by Cacique Niquia!

Are you in Medellin and want to know a little more about the municipalities surrounding the city? Meet Bello!

This town, located in Medellin’s extreme north, has several tourist activities ideal for spending a day there.

Historical tours, hiking, and extreme sports are this place’s offers. Keep reading to discover what to do in Bello!

Fly Paragliding

San Felix is a hamlet on a mountain about 20 minutes from the Bello Metro station renowned for its paragliding flights.

In this place, dozens of tourist agencies fight for the best paragliding offer, so you have many options on how to fly over the northern Medellín mountains.

Hire a tandem flight that lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. They follow all the safety measures and equipment and offer prior training.

You can also take a professional course!

Hiking to the Las Baldias Paramo

In San Felix, you can also do ecological walks and hiking to reach a paramo!

This tour begins at the church of San Felix and ends at the Las Baldias paramo, located about 18 miles (30 km) from the Metropolitan Area. During the walk, you’ll have panoramic views of the city and sightings of fauna in their habitat.

Likewise, during this tour, you can find some restaurants with Antioquian gastronomic offers to recharge your walking energy.

Enjoy these spaces of the Bellanita jurisdiction and meet the frailejones!

Hut Museum Marco Fidel Suarez

Marco Fidel Suarez was a Paisa politician of the Conservative Party, specifically from Bello, who was also president of Colombia and resigned his mandate after three years.

There’s a museum in Bello in his homage. Outside, you’ll see a monument, and inside, a hut where this character was born in 1885. 

A few years ago, besides being a museum, this place was used as a cultural space in Bello that exhibits other museum elements.

If you like history and learning about the heritage of places, this museum is a great place to get to know that bahareque and straw house where a Colombian president grew up.

Address: Bello, Antioquia 

Old Station of the Antioquia Railway

At the Bello Metro station, you can see some old train cars. They belonged to the Antioquia Railroad.

This place, made up of 12 buildings, operated the railway train workshop from 1874 to 1929.

If you’re a history lover, you should visit this Antioquia railway station! It represents a significant period for both Bello and Antioquia in general.

There are even photo sessions. Maybe you’ll be encouraged!

Address: Cl. 44 #44, Bello, Antioquia 

Hiking Through Cerro Quitasol

Cerro Quitasol consists of a very high pyramidal mountain located just at the end of the urban area of Bello.

Get to the Niquia Metro station and take an integrated bus that goes up to the last part of the town to start ascending.

It’s advisable to go with a guide or a tourist agency since they know the area and avoid any unpleasant exposure.

This Hill has a long history, as it belonged to the Cacique Niquia indigenous community and was a sacred ritual site for them.

This route goes through a pre-colonial pedestrian path that leads to the top, and the ascent lasts approximately four or five hours, during which you can enjoy a panoramic view of Bello. You’ll see many trees, animals, and a natural spring at the top.

Parque de Bello

In this central park, known as Parque de Bello or Parque Santander, you’ll find a lot of local commerce as well as crafts, and two churches, one very large and the other not so large, but they are the most important in the municipality:

  • Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario 
  • Capilla de Hato Viejo

If you’re visiting Bello, you can take a short tour of this park and maybe eat some typical paisa street products.

If you plan to visit Medellin and Bello during December, this park has a decoration with Christmas lights you can’t miss!

Address: Bello, Antioquia

Visit Bello in One Day

Bello is a town that mixes with Medellin in the north of Valle de Aburra, full of entertainment and tourist activities.

Don’t forget to visit this municipality that promises a lot of adventure, nature, and history!

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