Guide to Circo Medellin: The City Circus 


TLDR? The Medellin Circus sits on Nutibara Hill and is an amazing family-friendly activity to check out!

If you’re looking for family-friendly fun in Medellin head over to Circo Medellin for ‘Circus Sundays.’ Each weekend this colorful troupe puts on an exciting show filled with acrobats, contortionists, clowns, and more.

Circo Medellin is more than just a performance. The artists get a thrill out of interacting with the audience, so don’t sit up front if you aren’t stage ready! 

So, whether you head over there for a matinee or go for an evening show, it’s a great way to wind down in Medellín. Here’s what else to know about this circus!

Brief Background

Brief Background

There are about 500 circuses in Colombia, which have become a space for young people artists to receive training and employment opportunities.

Social circuses are groups with the resources to support these artists, and Circo Medellin is one example.  

Fundación Circo Medellín was founded in 2008 by renowned mime clown Carlos Álvarez. A non-profit organization, the mission of the group is to support performers in the circus arts and give them opportunities to share their skills with the public.

In addition to their weekly circus, the talent sometimes performs special Saturday shows or at events in the community, such as fairs. 

Where to Get Tickets 

Where to Get Tickets

Tickets for the show are sold at the ticket booth on arrival one hour before the show starts. Make sure to bring cash, as this is the only payment option.

Circo Medellin is one of the more budget-friendly family activities in the city. Children three to four get a discounted rate, and children younger than that get in for free. For the latest ticket prices, check with the organizers beforehand. 

There are no assigned seats under the tent, so if you want to get a front row seat to the show arrive on the earlier side.

However, if you show up on the later side it’s not a problem as there is plenty of seating available. 

How to Get There 

How to Get There

The circus grounds are located on Avenida Guayabal. If you’re going using a rideshare app like ,Uber just put ‘Circo Medellin’ as the destination, and it will take you right there.

However, if you’re planning on driving, there’s limited but available parking. 

For public transportation riders, you can get to the venue by metro. The closest stop is Industriales, which is about a 13-minute walk from the circus. 

Inside the Show 

Inside the Show

So what can you expect from a Circo Medellin performance? Expect the unexpected! At the show I attended, the main acts were acrobatics, juggling, contortion, aerial silks, hula-hooping, and of course, magic. 

To kick off the show was a solo acrobatic performance. Dressed in a glittering purple costume, she impressed the crowd by flipping and spinning in the air—at one point holding herself up with just her neck! 

After the beginning act, the talent only kept coming. The acrobat was followed by an equally impressive contortionist, who bent his body in ways you didn’t think were humanly possible. Not the only artist of his kind in the troupe, the crowd was treated to a duo who combined contortionist skills and acrobatics. 

While all the talent was amazing, the elaborate aerial silks finale stole the show. This style of acrobatics is when the performer wraps themselves in one or more pieces of silk and uses them to perform stunts in the air. It was truly breathtaking to watch. 

The clown emcee did a fantastic job of keeping everyone entertained between the acts. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, I promise the clowns will still have you laughing with their physical comedy routines set to music. 

Audience participation was another huge part of the show. The clowns called up children on stage to participate in silly skits, and even the parents got their chance at one point. 

Celebrating at the Circus 

Celebrating at the Circus

Do you know what’s better than a circus-themed birthday party? Having your birthday at the circus! Circo Medellin offers the option of hosting your birthday or any other special celebration at their venue. 

Here’s a quick look at the different events you can celebrate at the Medellín Circus.


Next to the main tent is a smaller tent that has space for tables and decorations. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

The performers make a point of incorporating birthday surprises into the show. When I attended, the birthday girl even got the chance to sit on an acrobatic swing and fly through the air. 


Birthdays aren’t the only special occasions to celebrate at the circus. The biggest surprise of the night when I went to the circus was an on-stage proposal.

The emcee brought the woman on stage and then brought out her boyfriend from backstage, who then proposed—of course, accompanied by some clown hijinx. 

Spend an Evening at the Circus in Medellín

Circo Medellin is an enjoyable activity for families and individuals of all ages. The artists are skilled and, just as importantly, know how to have fun with their audience. So, get in touch with your inner child and go to the circus! 

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