Best Places To Eat Vietnamese Food In Medellin


TLDR? One of the best places to eat Vietnamese food in Medellin is District I!

Vietnamese food is renowned worldwide for its amazing spice and flavor combinations. Some of the dishes from the cuisine have become amongst the most popular available in many metropolitan places. This includes staples such as the delicious hot soup known as Pho!

If you’re in the mood for Vietnamese, there’s little else that can satisfy the urge, so it’s good to know of some good places wherever you might be traveling. Luckily for those of us with interest, Medellin has a couple of very tasty Vietnamese restaurants. They offer the standard fair at reasonable prices.

In my quest to try them out, this is what I found.

District I

District I

District I is probably my most visited restaurant on this list. It’s partially just because I found myself wandering around the very beautiful part of the city where it’s located in.

In the heart of Laureles and close to the Primer Parque de Laureles, District I has the advantage of being quite close to many other bars, restaurants, and attractions. It’s in a very enjoyable part of town.

The food at District I includes most of the Vietnamese classics that you would expect from a quality establishment. This includes Ban-mi, Vermicelli Bowls, and of course, the legendary Pho broth soup!

In addition to these classics, the menu also includes some generally popular dishes from pan-Asian cuisines. This includes things such as fried rice and Pad Thai.

The environment at District I is nice, cozy, and charming. It also features some cool graphic design on the walls that overall is very in line with the progressive aesthetic that Medellin holds onto.

The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is great and the food is yummy. A good call overall!

Address: Cl. 40 #74-88, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia


Halong Vietnamita

Halong Vietnamita

Halong Vietnamita lies across town in the chic Poblado neighborhood. This is an area that has been covered countless times in the blog due to the extremely high volume of things to do in it.

Halong is fairly close to the center of the action, and true to the Poblado aesthetic, is slightly more upscale than the previous entry in this post. However, if you’re in the mood for a night out like that, you’ll find the décor and the fare at Halong to be quite satisfactory.

Halong has some Vietnamese classics as well as other types of Asian staples, including Ramen and Bibimbop, on the menu. All in all, the food is classy, delicious, and well prepared.

In addition to the extensive food selection, Halong also has an extensive cocktail menu that features many classic cocktails. It also has some inventive house cocktails that I felt warranted return visits – or at least a couple of drinks with dinner!

Due to its location in the fabulous Poblado area, Halong also makes for some good people-watching. So, it’s a good spot to hang if you’re interested in taking in some of the young and fabulous of Medellin. Why not indulge?

Address: Cra. 43F #10-38, Medellín, El Poblado, Antioquia, Colombia


Saigon Fire

Saigon Fire

Observant readers might notice that Saigon Fire has the same address as Halong Vietnamita, but a different name. What exactly is the deal, they might wonder?

Well, Saigon Fire is technically part of the same restaurant as Halong Vietnamita. I felt like it warranted its post and section since it’s a sub-section of Halong that’s only open on very busy nights. The atmosphere and ambiance of the section are very unique, standing alone in their own right.

Saigon Fire almost functions as the casual club section of Halong Vietnamita. It has a smaller menu that mostly just features the most popular items on the main menu of Halong Vietnamita.

It’s a more casual hangout, almost like a nightclub environment where you can get some food to anchor your partying in. The atmosphere is very cool and edgy, and in my own opinion wouldn’t be a bad addition in the next date spot post, or post to meet someone to date.

The drinks are flowing and it’s a great place to hang out before you might hit the more serious clubs. Nice!

Address: Cra. 43F #10-38 Interior 2, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Restaurante Limoncello

Restaurante Limoncello

This is a cool spot that’s a bit farther away, down the metro, or a car ride away in distant Envigado.

Despite the way that I just framed it, Envigado isn’t too far at all from central Medellin by either metro or car, you just probably wouldn’t want to hoof it there.

Restaurante Limoncello is a classy little joint that’s a bit swank, keeping in line with the generally upscale nature of the Envigado area.

Even though the restaurant is a bit out of the way, this is one that you’ll be wanting to keep on your radar. This is because the food is top-notch authentic Vietnamese crafted by a Vietnamese chef who has immigrated to Medellin!

The fare is inventive and refined without feeling too stuffy, which is exactly up this author’s alley.

Restaurante Limoncello is authentic enough that it even features dishes that aren’t available at the other places listed in this post. So, if you consider yourself a connoisseur of Vietnamese cuisine, then this is the place that I would recommend marking on your map.

In addition to the delicious fare, there’s a small selection of drinks that can make the spot a bit lively, though I wouldn’t consider it a bar or nightlife spot.

Address: Mall La Bota del Día, Tv. 33 Sur #39-39, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia


Taking A Bite Out of Vietnamese Food In Latin America

Medellin is quickly going more international by the second, so in addition to the places listed in this post, we only have reason to believe that there will be more and more great restaurants popping up in the next few years!

But, while we wait, I think the selection here represents a great array of places to chow down. You can sample the flavors of an amazing Asian food tradition in the fantastically beautiful Medellin environment.

One last thing to note is that like Colombia, much of Vietnam is located in a tropical environment. So many of the dishes are crafted to pair well with hot and humid climates. Fantastic!

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