Ciudad Altavoz 2022: Medellín’s Big Singing Event

Ciudad Altavoz 2022: Medellín’s Big Singing Event

TLDR: Ciudad Altavoz is a space to choose the best artists and groups that will be part of Altavoz Fest, the second largest music festival in Colombia!

Did you know that Medellin is known as the capital of music in Colombia?

The City of Eternal Spring has produced dozens of artists from all kinds of genres whose music has made its way across the world. 

If you’re a music lover and interested in local talents, you’ll love discovering the next big Colombian singer or band at Ciudad Altavoz!

Read ahead to learn about Ciudad Altavoz 2022! 

What Is Ciudad Altavoz?

What Is Ciudad Altavoz?

Held in Medellín, Ciudad Altavoz is a kind of prequel to the Altavoz Festival. During Ciudad Altavoz, local groups and artists representing different musical genres such as reggae, rap, ska, metal rock, and punk compete against each other to secure a place at the Altavoz Festival. 

What Is Altavoz Festival?

 Altavoz Festival

The International Altavoz Festival is the second largest music festival in Colombia and the largest music festival in Medellín. 

Bands chosen in the Ciudad Altavoz play their music on stage in front of thousands of spectators, and the festival functions as a platform for new and emerging artists from Colombia, exposing them to the national and international music scene. 

Ciudad Altavoz, 2022 Edition

Ciudad Altavoz, 2022 Edition

The Art and Culture branch of the Medellin government works incredibly hard each year to produce a festival better than the last. 

The festival is back on after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the 19th Ciudad Altavoz will take place in person. 

More than 270 groups ented the “Call for Promotion and Stimulus for Art and Culture 2022,” and from that 70 artists will perform from September 23rd to the 25th. Out of those 70, only 28 will be chosen to perform at the big event in November. 

The winners will have a place on stage to perform alongside more than 40 national and international bands at the city’s Cinquantenario Stadium, located in the Aranjuez neighborhood.

Performances at Ciudad Altavoz take place on different stages across the city, often located in spaces for culture and art in Medellin.

The Program

The Program

While the dates have been chosen for performances at Ciudad Altavoz, the stages and auditoriums have yet to be selected. 

However, the list of performers by musical genre has already been released: 

Ska and Reggae

Ska and Reggae
  • Vía Cerrada
  • Ciénaga
  • Pacífico Sur
  • Echo Selector
  • Pipe Roots
  • Wanady
  • Buki Bembé
  • La Gozadera Completa
  • Mátame Si Puedes
  • Carrera 52

Metal and Ramifications

Metal and Ramifications
  • The Mythology
  • Thrive From Within
  • Titánika
  • Athemesis
  • Steel Hammer
  • Black Fairy
  • Fuera de Contexto
  • Antártica
  • Mörwen
  • Thunda

Punk and Ramifications

Punk and Ramifications
  • 19-89
  • Wackyrace
  • El Piloto Ciego
  • Antised
  • Nada Personal
  • Agresores
  • Tercera Parte
  • Giro de un Grito
  • Detective Wadd
  • La Perrera


  • Hialina
  • Devastal
  • No Redención
  • Proyecto Beta
  • Real House Of Hate
  • Nuestro Tiempo
  • Living The Panic
  • Propuesta Fuera de Foco
  • Menuda
  • Ground of Chaos


  • Wil Vélez
  • DC Family
  • Monkyllaz
  • FL
  • Backing Rap
  • K Max
  • Biela
  • Zooul
  • Ese Aguinaga
  • Fly so High

Rock and Hard Rock

Rock and Hard Rock
  • Los Vidriosos
  • Voodoo
  • Metropolitan
  • El Nuevo Coyote
  • Barrett
  • La Banda del Bisonte
  • Morell
  • Jaggman
  • Hipsum
  • Perros de Reserva

Electronic and Alternative

Electronic and Alternative
  • Felisa Tambor
  • Animaleja
  • El Pulpo y la Naveplaneta
  • Miranda
  • Dosis Margarita
  • Agatha I
  • Viajeros, Música y Camino
  • Monopop
  • Santy Clap
  • Shimura Cinema

How Was Altavoz in 2021?

How Was Altavoz in 2021?

Last year, the festival returned to face-to-face performances after a virtual presentation in the lock-down year of 2020. 

Around 30,000 people attended, and 50 groups performed over 25 hours of programming at the Cinquantenario Stadium and the Carlos Vieco open-air theater.

After the tense and frightening year of 2020, seasoned attendees were able to enjoy this special event again and welcome new visitors, encouraging them to sing, jump, and join in on the festival’s iconic pogos. 

Excited to be back on stage, beloved groups such as La Pestilencia, Superlitio, La Etnnia, and Nanpa Basico put on an amazing show. 

Attend Altavoz Events in Medellín

If you enjoy urban music and discovering local talent, I highly recommend attending Ciudad Altavoz and Altavoz Fest. 

Stay tuned for additional information concerning both events, and have a great time dancing in the crowd! 

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