Afternoon Coffee at the Marquee Hotel

TLDR? If you’re looking for a place in Poblado to take a coffee break, the Marquee Hotel is the place to go! 

When you’re in a rush, coffee at Starbucks does the trick. But, if you have some time to indulge, why not try a more luxurious experience? 

During a relaxed day in Poblado, I took myself for coffee at the grand Marquee Hotel, and it was a memorable afternoon that I would soon do again. Located in the center of the iconic Parque Lleras, this 5-star boutique hotel is a stylish fixture of the neighborhood. 

Besides its prime real estate, the real allure of the Marquee is the interior. Walk inside, and you’ll be wowed by the architecture and design, done artfully in the lavish Art Deco style. Because who doesn’t want to feel like they are in the Great Gatsby while enjoying some caffeine – this writer certainly does.  

Let’s take a look at what to expect at this coffee shop.

Where to Drink Coffee at the Marquee 

Where to Drink Coffee at the Marquee

Abbiocco is an upscale restaurant that serves Italian food peppered with influences from Colombian cuisine. The menu was dreamt up by gourmet chef couple Carmen Angel and Rob Pevetts, who are renowned for their high-brow eateries in the city. 

The Abbiocco patio reminded me of a terrace I might find at a restaurant in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by lush, overgrown plants, I forgot that I was sitting in the middle of a bustling city. 

I stopped by midday during that odd time when it was no longer lunch but too early for dinner. It ended up being the perfect time for a peaceful coffee break because I had the patio almost to myself. 

Much to the shock of my waiter, I explained to him that I was just there for some coffee and didn’t want anything to eat. Honestly, after browsing the appetizing menu, I understood his confusion. 

The Coffee Selection 

The Coffee Selection

To be completely transparent to my readers, I am not a coffee purist. When I go to cafes, I’m easily seduced by fancy latte drinks with various flavors, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle. 

But when you are living in the coffee region, it is only right you drink coffee in its simplest form. So I ordered an Americano with sugar—I’m only so strong. 

Even if I had wanted to, there aren’t many frilly coffee drink options here. On their menu, you’ll only find the caffeine classics: 

  • Espresso 
  • Macchiato 
  • Americano 
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino 
  • Cold brew Abbiocco 

Any true coffee connoisseur knows that quality coffee doesn’t need to be dressed up, and they would be right. Made from local coffee beans, my Americano not only had a rich flavor but left me feeling sufficiently buzzed. 

Decadent Desserts 

Decadent Desserts

Eventually, I decided I did want something to snack on with my coffee—dessert. My waiter’s shock turned to what can only be described as concern when I said I would have the ‘No Me Llames’ tiramisu.

After double checking that I, in fact, only wanted dessert, he put my order in. The ‘No Me Llames’ is not your traditional tiramisu. 

Tossed together in a large bowl, this outrageous dessert is made up of cookie crumbs, chocolate mousse, coffee creme, and merengues. The chocolate products are all locally sourced from the Antioquia region

To top off this masterpiece, the waiter poured espresso on top from a tiny pitcher. Even I’ll admit coffee paired with a coffee-infused dessert was a bold move. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, proceed with caution. 

Abbiocco doesn’t just have great desserts. Their menu has great brunch, lunch, and dinner options, which I’d highly recommend trying out at some point!

Coffee Tasting at the Marquee 

Coffee Tasting at the Marquee

For my hard-core java lovers looking for more than just a morning or afternoon coffee, try Marquee’s coffee tasting experience

Anyone can sign-up for this unique opportunity, not just guests. Your coffee expert will take you behind the scenes of the coffee-making process from beans to your cup. 

You’ll get the chance to sample different blends and learn about different flavors. It’s definitely a fun time!

How to Get There

How to Get There

The Marquee is centrally-located in Poblado. If you’re staying in the neighborhood, you can enjoy a scenic walk to the hotel from other nearby spots. 

This convenient location is just a fifteen-minute walk from the Poblado metro stop for those traveling by public transportation. While care is more convenient for many, I recommend using a ride-share app, as parking in the neighborhood can be tricky and inconvenient. 

Make the Marquee Your Next Coffee Stop

Poblado has no shortage of cafes to choose from, but the Marquee experience is one-of-a-kind. From the regal decor to the gourmet cuisine pairings, you will enjoy more than coffee while you are here. 

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