All the Best Nightclubs and Late-Night Bars in Medellin

TLDR? Salon Amador is one of the best nightclubs in Medellin!

Even the pandemic couldn’t put pay to one of the paisas’ favorite pastimes, perreo, the act of grinding to reggaeton.

During lockdown and restrictions, the opening hours just shifted the city’s party calendar to all-dayers and underground after-parties. That said, post-COVID perreo is going to be off-the-charts.

This list is designed for out-of-towners looking for Medellin’s top DJs and a hip, well-to-do crowd. In the best of times, the places on this were and still are the best of Medellin’s bars and nightclubs. These are the places to put the dark days of social distancing behind us once and for all.

Salon Amador

Salon Amador

This pumping club in Provenza pulls in Medellin’s electronic dance music faithful with international DJs and the city’s top house and techno deck technicians.

A pretty bunch packs the club out at weekends but despite the eye-watering price of drinks you can forget Las Vegas-style table service, you’ll be fighting to get served all night, so bag yourself a bottle and be grateful if you can find somewhere to put it.

Opening hours:
Fri – Sun: 7:00pm – 2:00am

IG: @SalonAmador

Address: Calle 10 #40-30, Poblado, Medellín

La Oculta 

La Oculta 

This petite crossover club is part of a hedonistic three-story compound in Provenza that includes popular late-night bars, Belisario and La Guardia.

Concealed by a door camouflaged as a bookshelf, La Oculta is ridiculously small but beautifully decorated by Medellin’s beau monde.

It pays to put some plastic behind the bar to bag yourself access.  Head to Belisario first to get those wooden hips loosened up with a couple of Martinis.

IG: @LaOculta.mde

Address: Cra. 35 #7-114, Poblado Medellín

Perro Negro

Perro Negro

Packed, steamy, and proud of their perreo, this trendy nightclub in Provenza pulls in a good-looking crowd that loves being packed like sardines into one of Medellin’s hottest underground dancefloors.

The DJs at the black dog keep the bow-wows and the bitches euphoric with a popular mix of reggaeton while the doormen keep the vibe local by cock blocking big groups of guys looking to hit upon girls.

Single guys will need to get strategic on entry but there are normally plenty of girls looking for a sponsor to get them in. Get to work.

IG: @Clubperronegro

Address: Cra 35 #7-83, Poblado, Medellín

Son Havana

Son Havana

Medellin’s top salsa venue is a swirling delight for lovers of the Fania and Colombia’s tropical rhythms.

With a frenetic crowd getting hot and sweaty to the magical sounds of a 10-piece band, Son Havana is for serious salsa dancers and fearless novices.

It gets crowded early and getting a table can be complicated so expect to dance for your supper. If you’ve been looking for your Latin lover you’ll definitely find him here hurling someone around the dance floor. 

IG: @SonHavana

Address: Carrera 73, Av. San Juan #44-56, Laureles, Medellín

Fonda La Chismosa 

Fonda La Chismosa 

Mariachis meet mayhem on most nights at this OTT Fonda-themed nightclub for a crazy crowd of busty beauties and their plastic-flexing, plus-ones.

Popular with a celebrity mix of footballers, models, and musicians, the girls leave little to the imagination in this contagiously kitsch canteen. Unbeatable for people watching. If the live Mexican sing-a-long isn’t your thing, there’s a dingy basement downstairs for a bit of perreo.

Another similar Fonda-themed Mariachi joint, La Chula serves up a similarly spicy, Mexican mix-up in Avenida Las Palmas. 

IG: @Fondalachismosa

Address: Cl. 18, Poblado, Medellín

Dance the Night Away at the Top Medellin Nightclubs

Any of these Medellin nightclubs will make for a fantastic evening out. Grab a drink, grab some friends, and enjoy a fun time on the town!

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