Where to Grab a Bite to Eat in Remedios

Where to Grab a Bite to Eat in Remedios

You may think it might be tough to find good restaurants in a small town away from the city, but Remedios will change your mind. A little village known for its waterfalls and natural pools, Remedios is sadly often overlooked in many people’s travel plans. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through all the delicious food and great restaurants Remedios has to offer. Is your stomach grumbling? Then let’s jump in! 

Tribal Foods

Tribal Foods

Tribal Foods is by far the best place to eat in Remedios, and you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from their extensive menu. 

Only a five-minute walk away from Remedios’s main park, their specialty fast food and desserts will fill you up for an affordable price. 

If you’re someone with a big appetite, you’re in luck! I recommend trying out one of their double burgers with bacon and caramelized onions to cure your hunger pangs. 

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, grab a hot or cold drinks and order one of the restaurant’s healthy combos of granola, yogurt, and protein. 

For travelers in need of a pick-me-up after a long trip, I recommend ordering one of their famous waffles topped with fruit, dulche de leche and ice cream. Bring your meal to their outdoor seating and enjoy the cool weather and views of the village. 

Here’s an insider tip: Tribal Foods offers a variety of unique Italian soda flavors. My favorite was the granadilla flavor, but some other fan favorites are cherry and mango biche. 

Address: Remedios, Antioquia

Leños Restaurante

Leños Restaurante

Leños Restaurant rustic family atmosphere is perfect for lunch or dinner. The menu changes every day, and on Sundays, they make special dishes such as bandeja paisa, sancocho en leña, or roasted chicken.

There are two dishes that I recommend you order at Leños Restaurante:

My first recommendation is the grilled chicken steak with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, accompanied by the traditional coconut rice, mashed potatoes with cilantro and mayonnaise, and finally a lettuce, ham, parmesan cheese, and raisins salad. 

A passion fruit juice goes perfectly with this meal! 

The second dish I recommend is roasted Corvina, also accompanied by coconut rice, patacona (fried platano) with guacamole, and a salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion. This dish pairs wonderfully with a beer, but if you don’t drink alcohol, I recommend blackberry juice. 

Regardless of what you order, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the amazing food at Leños Restaurante. They’re known for their lunch service, but if you come in the morning you can enjoy a traditional Colombian breakfast.

Address: Remedios, Antioquia

Estadero El Guayacan

Estadero El Guayacan

When I first arrived in Remedios, I heard a ton of locals chattering about El Guayacan, the best place in town for seafood. 

Here, you’ll find all kinds of fish prepared in the most exquisite ways by Mariela, the restaurant’s star cook. 

First, you’ll need to decide what type and size of fish you want to eat. After that, choose how you’d like your fish prepared. 

You can choose from options such as: 

  • Fried
  • Sudado (boiled in water)
  • Cooked in coconut milk
  • Parihuela (In Peruvian fish soup)

If you’re not one for seafood, don’t fret. El Guayacan also serves Chinese and Peruvian dishes, as well as different cuts of meat that will leave you satisfied. 

The restaurant also offers hostel services that’ll make you feel right at home, with lots of food for very low prices. 

Insider tip: Although there are many dishes to try, I think the best meal of all is the róbalo with shrimp sauce, accompanied by coconut rice, a traditional arepa paisa with mozzarella cheese, and cabbage and pineapple salad.

Address: Cra 15 #2-331, Remedios, Antioquia

La Bastilla Bakery & Coffee Shop

La Bastilla Bakery & Coffee Shop

La Bastilla Bakery and Coffee Shop is a well-known meeting spot for locals to sit down for a bit of coffee and conversation, so the atmosphere is very welcoming, although sometimes a bit crowded. 

One of the largest cafes in town, you’ll always be able to find freshly baked bread and hot and cold drinks such as: 

  • Tinto (What at home they call Americano)
  • Aromatica (Fruit tea)
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Natural fruit juices (Can be water or milk-based)

Homemade cakes and cookies, aromatic coffee, and an extensive breakfast menu make this the most popular place to enjoy the delicious food of Remedios. 

Address: Cl. 10 #11-71, Remedios, Antioquia

Tickle Your Taste Buds in Remedios, Antioquia

Now that you know all the best places to eat in beautiful Remedios, all that’s left to do is choose the perfect place to fill your stomach and satiate your cravings. I’m sure you’ll be wanting seconds! 

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