A Guide to Getting to San Pedro de Los Milagros From Medellín

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A Guide to Getting to San Pedro de Los Milagros From Medellín

TLDR? San Pedro de Los Milagros is located only about 40 minutes outside Medellin!

We get it. Tourists love visiting Medellin because of the countless attractions to visit and restaurants to try. 

But, why not make your vacation even more worth it by staying in nearby towns like San Pedro de Los Milagros? San Pedro de Los Milagros is most famous for its churches and nature parks. It’s a great place to catch your breath and relax after a busy time visiting Medellin.

This article gives you all the information you need to plan a trip to San Pedro de Los Milagros from Medellin. Plus, I’ll even throw in a few pro tips on where to eat and stay in the area.

What’s the Best Way to Get to San Pedro de Los Milagros From Medellin?

The exact distance from Medellin to San Pedro de Los Milagros is 23 kilometers. And knowing the best route to get to this historical place depends on your capabilities. 

To help you out, below are the three most possible ways to arrive at San Pedro de Los Milagros. We’ll discuss each route so you know which is the best option to choose. 

Traveling by Bus from Medelin to San Pedro de Los Milagros 

Riding the bus is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to go to San Pedro de Los Milagros from Medellin. It’s safe public transportation that won’t cause you any inconvenience. The fare costs around $1 to $3, and the entire travel only takes 30 minutes. 

But you still need to prepare when the weather conditions are bad, or there’s heavy traffic. You just need to go to the Medellin bus station and purchase a ticket. Buses arrive every fifteen minutes, so it really is hassle-free. 

And, they are available every day. With this, you’re sure to catch one regardless of when you want to visit San Pedro de Los Milagros. When you ride Expreso Belmira, the bus directly stops at San Pedro de Los Milagros. This makes it easier for you to reach the town’s top tourist attractions. 

Buses are reasonably comfortable to ride in, with soft covers and reclining back supports. Also, if you’re lucky enough, you might get a bus with free WiFi. 

Riding the Taxi To Get To San Pedro de Los Milagros

If you want more privacy, riding a taxi is also possible. This alternative transportation can be more comfortable, but it’s pricier too! Don’t worry, multiple taxi providers are available in Medellin. So it won’t be hard for you to get one. 

A taxi ride from Medellin to San Pedro de Los Milagros takes around 30 to 40 minutes. And it would cost you anywhere between $11 to $14. Also, the entire ride would still depend on traffic, weather conditions, and stop-overs. 

Riding a taxi gives you the ultimate comfort you need. You just need to sit back, relax, and let the driver take you to San Pedro de Los Milagros. It would even be a better experience when:

  • The seats are soft
  • The driver is respectful and kind
  • The air-conditioning is strong and cold 

Self-Driving to San Pedro de Los Milagros 

And, of course, if you’re up for a drive, you can bring your car all the way to San Pedro de Los Milagros. It’s also a pretty good option because:

  • You don’t need to interact with many people like when riding a bus.
  • You are in control of everything.
  • It’s safe and convenient.

The fuel cost would only be around $2 to $3. And the entire ride will also take about 30 to 40 minutes, similar to getting a taxi. Self-drive is best for people who prefer convenience and time management over anything. 

If you’re bringing your car, don’t forget to inspect it for any damage or parts that need maintenance. It would be a hassle when your vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of the road. 

And if you don’t have one, car rentals are available. You just need to find the most affordable rates online. But renting a car is still more expensive than commuting or getting a taxi. Also, you need to factor in the gas you need to pay for. 

What to Expect When You Get to San Pedro de Los Milagros

San Pedro de Los Milagros boasts churches, nature parks, and plazas worth visiting. The most famous tourist attraction is Basilica Menor Del Senor De Los Milagros. It’s a cathedral with beautifully painted walls and roofs. Most pilgrims visit this place when vacationing in Medellin. 

You can also visit nearby nature parks, but they are not located directly in San Pedro de Los Milagros. You might need to ride the bus or taxi to get to the following parks:

  • Parque Alvi
  • Parque El Salado
  • Parque Ecologico Los Salados 

Where to Stay

Accommodations are also available if you want to stay in San Pedro de Los Milagros for more than a day. You’ll find various hotels and hostels with free WiFi to make your stay more comfortable. Also, Airbnbs are available! 

If you’re on a budget, accommodations are pretty affordable. Bed and Breakfast places are scattered in the entire town, so it’s easy to find one. 

Where to Eat

San Pedro de Los Milagros is also a popular destination for food enthusiasts. It features different restaurants offering varying cuisine for any craving. If you’re looking for where to eat, here are our top picks:

Calipso Restaurante

Calipso Restaurante is a tourist-favorite. It offers a fusion of Mexican, Colombian, and South American cuisine. It’s famous for having affordable yet delectable dishes, perfect for lunch or dinner. 

If you happen to stay here, try their sandwiches. The servings are pretty huge, and the slices of bread they use taste unique and soft! 

Restaurante Ricolandia 

If you want full and authentic Colombian cuisine, Restaurante Ricolandia is the place. Visit this restaurant during breakfast or dinner to enjoy its best-tasting dishes. The prices are also affordable, and it also serves rich coffee flavors. 

Experience An Escape in San Pedro De Los Milagros 

San Pedro de Los Milagros gives you a relaxing break you need. With its churches and nearby parks, you will certainly have somewhere to visit and stay. Make a side trip to this destination from Medellin, and make it one of your memorable travels. 

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