Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style in Medellin

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TLDR? There are some great New Year’s Eve parties and feasts to check out in Medellin!

While a lot of the city’s moneyed locals enjoy skipping town to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the Caribbean coast in Cartagena or Santa Marta, not everyone does. And, those who prefer to stay close to home sure know how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Medellin in style. 

This useful guide is filled with tips on how to get your end-of-year party shizzle together fast. Keep reading for what you need to know for a rocking NYE in Medellin!

How to Plan for New Year’s Eve in Medellin

Like most of the world’s hottest New Year destinations, getting organized for your NYE shindig in Medellin well in advance is key to making the most of the biggest night of the year.

Medellin’s best mountain retreats, luxury vacation rentals and hotels get booked out early. That’s because every year more and more foreign visitors are choosing to skip the crowds in Cartagena to spend their New Year in the mountains.

So, you want to start planning sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Likewise booking dinner at one of Medellin’s best restaurants or getting onto the guest list of Medellin’s New Year’s Eve parties can prove a challenge.

Top NYE Parties in Medellin

To use a popular Colombian expression, Medellin’s clubs love to throw the sink out of the kitchen window on New Year’s Eve. The biggest and brashest clubs and the city’s biggest destination restaurant venues love to throw a party. 

Whether you like to get dressed up and rub shoulders with Medellin’s elites at a ritzy hotel gala evening or prefer to get proper mashed with the crazy kids at the city’s top New Year’s Eve Pop-Up Party, there’s a special New Year’s Eve guest-list with your name on it.

We’ll update this guide with links to the best parties when information is released by the organizers.  

Top NYE Feasts in Medellin

A fabulous meal is a wonderful way to say goodbye to what shall we say has been a challenging year. And there are some delicious, gourmet spreads being cooked up by Medellin’s top chefs.

Our favorite Medellin restaurants get booked out fast on New Year’s Eve. So, if you want your last meal of 2021 to be your best meal of the year, call us for help.

We’ll help you snag a table at one of the best places to eat in the city.

El Cielo

This restaurant borrows avant-garde kitchen techniques from its heroes, Iwao Komivama and Juan Mari Arzak. However, the whole menu at El Cielo is a tribute to chef Juan Manuel Barrientos’ imagination.

Expect unique meals that repurpose Colombian classics like pork and beans into ultra-Instagrammable moments. The meals here are sure to give you memories that will stay with you throughout your trip. 

Website: https://elcielorestaurant.com/
Address: Cra 40 No. 10A 22, El Poblado, Medellín, Colombia

Carmen Restaurante

Carmen’s sophisticated tasting menu and a sensational collection of craft cocktails and devilish attention to detail has helped this El Poblado culinary landmark hold off an army of upstarts for the title of best restaurant in Medellin for more than a decade.

Contact & Address:
IG: @carmenrestaurante
Carrera 36 No. 10A-27 El Poblado, Medellín, Colombia

Effortlessly laid-back, Oci.Mde serves up comfort food that they slow-cook to perfection. They have an award-winning architectural setting at the upper end of Provenza’s best-tasting street.

Contact & Address:
Carrera 33 No.7-21
El Poblado, Medellín, Colombia

Where to Watch the NYE Fireworks in Medellin

Unlike some New Year’s Eve destinations that encourage people to congregate in one spot like Time Square in New York, that’s not the case in Medellin.

In fact, in Medellin there’s no single answer to the question “Where to watch the fireworks in Medellin on New Year’s Eve?”

Still, there are plenty of top places to appreciate the stellar display of firecrackers lighting up the Colombian sky including down by the river amidst the city’s Christmas lights or one of the trendy rooftop bars in Poblado.

If you want to check out our guide to the best rooftop bars in Medellin that’s a good starting point. Here’s a few places that are a good shout for a privileged perch to catch the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Medellin.

Mosquito Rooftop

You can’t miss the 11-story poshtel, The Somos, with its distinctive staircase linking the basement bar and diner to the rooftop. Get there early-ish for a Gin & Tonic and a deep house sunset with an impressive 360 view of the city and Medellin’s marvelous mountain backdrop that’s perfect to marvel at the fireworks at midnight.

Contact & Address:
T. +57 324 490 7830
Web: The Somos
IG: @MosquitoSocial
Calle 10a #40-19, Poblado, Medellin

La Deriva

The L-shaped jungle on the roof of the Click Clack hotel hides a pool with a party in the best possible Miami-style. A lively and lovely crowd makes Click Clack’s La Deriva rooftop bar, a fun place to dress to check out the New Year’s Eve fireworks with the option of ending up in the pool.

Contact & Address:
T. +57 (4) 604 32 32
Web: Click Clack Hotel
IG @ClickClackHotel
Calle 10B #37-29, Poblado, Medellin

Pre and After NYE Parties
Every year, New Year’s Eve extends itself even further into Medellin’s cultural calendar. That means there is a host of pre and after-parties built with the party crowd in mind.

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there’s normally a giant concert or two. Plus, there are plenty of people skipping town to enjoy some time playing around on the water in Guatape.

The city often confirms the details—price and what’s included—and their dates late, however. So, stay tuned for all the latest info

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style in Medellin

Our team of concierges is always the first to hear what’s what. So, send us an email if you want us to keep you in the loop on the best New Year’s Eve parties in Medellin.

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