What to Know About the Daddy Yankee Concert 2022

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What to Know About the Daddy Yankee Concert 2022

TLDR? Daddy Yankee’s final tour will be held in 2022 and Medellín is one of his pit stops

Are you a fan of reggaeton? Then you should see the best of the best, the so-called “king of reggaeton”, Daddy Yankee!

You can’t miss it, and as this will be his farewell tour, this could be your last chance to watch him on stage and hear songs from his album, “Legendaddy”. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Daddy Yankee concert that’s coming to Medellín in 2022!

How to Get Ready for the Concert

You still have plenty of time to get ready, as the concert will be on October 15 and 16. However, now’s the perfect time to buy your tickets (if you haven’t done so already).

Also, you’ll need accommodation close enough to the concert’s venue, the Atanasio Girardot Stadium. It’s located in Laureles, so my personal suggestion would be to book a room at Factory Lofts.

The event won’t have parking, so if you go by car, finding a safe place to park in advance is crucial. The best thing would be a parking lot, to enjoy the concert without any worries.

Here are some other tips for going to the concert:

  • The concert starts at 7:30 PM, but it’s best to get there a few hours early to avoid queuing too long. 
  • The concert will end very late at night, so make sure you have a safe way to get home.
  • Go in a group for safety.
  • Carry a backpack with everything you need, but make sure it’s not too full, and always look after your belongings.
  • If you drink alcohol, keep an eye on your drink.
  • Carry some cash on you and leave the credit cards at home.

Of course, these are just a few things you can bring with you. You can also pack other items, but just make sure you know that whatever you bring will be subject to search by the guards.

What to Expect at the Daddy Yankee Concert

Being a farewell concert, it will probably be one of the most historic reggaeton events! You can expect to see fantastic choreography full of perreo, flashing lights, and Daddy Yankee performing his new songs. 

While the official set list still hasn’t been released, fans expect Daddy Yankee to sing some of his more famous songs, such as “Despacito” or “Gasolina”. Rumor also has it he may make a few special performances that haven’t been seen before.

But of course, that’s all speculation. I can’t confirm that, so you’ll have to visit the event yourself if you want to know what’s going on!

The Seating

In terms of where to sit, there are a couple of different options to pick from.

The VIP section will have balconies, and first-class benefits, such as private parking lots, elevators, mini-bars, luxury sofas, TV, and delicious catering service. These seats are going for upwards of $300 USD, however, and with tickets on the official site sold out, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cost twice that.

AIf you can’t be in the most exclusive section, the stadium allows everyone to see Daddy Yankee from different angles. The general stadium seating is pretty much your standard concert seating.

It might not sound that glamorous, but you’ll actually feel more like you’re part of the action. As a result, you may find you enjoy being down in the trenches more.

How to Get There 

You can get to the concert venue by bus or metro. The nearest bus stops are 201, 304, 315, and 316, and you’ll only have to take a few steps to get to the concert from the bus stop.

If you want to take the metro, take route B and get off at the stadium’s station. It takes eight minutes to walk from the station to the stadium.

Or, if you’re feeling fit, you can use the EnCicla bike system. The EnCicla bike system is another way to get to know the city as you ride to the concert.

Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to take public transport home after the concert. So, I recommend taking a cab or renting a car.

Legendaddy Merch

Since it’ll be the king of reggaeton’s last concert, you should buy merch to look the part at the show (and to take home as souvenirs). You can buy Daddy Yankee t-shirts, hoodies, and caps!

Whlie there’s going to be merch on sale at the event, you can actually already buy things online. Get your gear in advance and you might be able to save a bit on prices at the door!

Get Ready for the Last Daddy Yankee Concert in History!

Undoubtedly, the Daddy Yankee concert 2022 is an event worth attending. Don’t miss the opportunity to say goodbye to one of reggaeton’s greatest artists.

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