Loma Verde

We are proud to announce Loma Verde as our next development in partnership with the Obras De construction group located just 750 meters from Via Provenza/Parque Lleras.

One of the last (and in our opinion, one of the best) building lots in El Poblado is where Loma Verde will take the form of 54 short and long term, 1 and 2 bedroom rental apartments. The name itself, literally "The Green Hill" is derived from the lush vegetation, a quiet park like surrounding and old growth trees to be preserved post construction.

Loma Verde will also feature a ground floor/garden commercial venue, truly top notch construction quality and finishes and a series of roof top amenities that will rival those of our other buildings. It will be hard to disappoint investors and future guests at Loma Verde.

Complete investor packages are available upon request.  Loma Verde is currently sold out however resale units do come available from time to time via the original investors.  Excavation started as of June 2016, with an estimated 18 month construction period until building delivery. The project is currently on schedule for on time completion in Dec 2017.

Contact Brad for more information regarding our operational strategy and resales,  brad@casacol.co.

Casacol Team. 



Monthly Construction Updates

Additional photos contained within this Dropbox  link.

June 2016 - Excavation of 2 parking levels commences.

July 2016 - Excavation reaches "sotano 2", second level of parking.

August 2016 - Excavation of perimeter columns begins, parking at target depth.

September 2016 - Footings and foundational column construction begins.

October 2016 - Completion of Section 1/Tower 1 foundation.

November 2016 - Construction reaches 4th floor of Section 1, Section 2/3 foundations nearly complete.

December 2016 - Section 1 at target height, Section 2 to go vertical.

January 2017 - Section 2 at 3rd floor, Section 3 foundation complete.

February 2017 - From a distance, Section 2 at target heigh, Section 3 goes vertical.

March 2017 - Loma Verde at structure completion, facade Section 1.