The Best Coffee Shops for Digital Nomads in Carmen de Viboral

The Best Coffee Shops for Digital Nomads in Carmen de Viboral

TLDR? Casa Rosé Hotel is the best place for working in Carmen de Viboral!

Being responsible for about 15% of the nation’s coffee production, Antioquia’s the perfect destination for coffee lovers!

And if you’re looking for fresh ground coffee and a space to get some work done, Carmen de Viboral has a few cozy Wi-Fi coffee shops that’ll give you all the comfort you need. 

Keep reading to find the best coffee shops for Digital Nomads in this beautiful town known for its ceramics.

Casa Rosé Hotel

Casa Rosé Hotel

Casa Rosé’s a nice hotel with a spacious terrace full of hanging plants, perfect for the digital nomads!

You can stay in the hotel overnight in one of their 25 rooms and enjoy their included breakfast and the bar at night.

Or you can come here just for the coworking space and use the high-speed Wi-Fi in the common area. 

Either way, you should get some coffee or some delicious snack and check out their Plaza Rosé to get the artistic air of Carmen de Viboral. If you’re trying to eat healthily, you’ll find fit food there too.

At Casa Rosé, you’ll also see some beautiful pieces of Carmelitan Ceramic, and they’ll offer some plans if you’re interested in learning the technique.

Address: Cra. 30 ## 27 – 20, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia



This bar’s an extension of the Carmelina Cultura y Felicidad Parrilla, a restaurant that specializes in Colombian meat. Both places have Wi-Fi, but the bar area has quieter vibes.

The green area outside the bar is perfect for relaxing after work. Sometimes they even have live music concerts.

This bar is perfect for the ones who prefer a cold iced beer over a cup of coffee. It’s not the ideal place for meeting with coworkers, but it’s great for digital nomads who want to get some fresh air after work.

CarmelinaBeerBar’s a 10-minute walk from downtown Carmen de Viboral.

Address:, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Macondo Café

Macondo Café

Macondo café is an extension of Hotel Macondo Inn, and both have a Wi-Fi area. 

It’s a small coffee shop close to the Parque Principal, perfect for individual working space while eating some sweet deli followed by Colombian Coffee.

Here you can also chill after work, for the place’s a cultural center with events and live music concerts.

They offer many workshops, plans, and tours to enrich your experience in Carmen de Viboral.

Address: Cra. 31 #28-30, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Vista Hermosa Centro de Bienestar

Vista Hermosa Centro de Bienestar

This place’s the perfect getaway if you need some quiet and relaxing time to get work done. 

This place is in Carmen de Viboral’s countryside, about 20 minutes away from the town, and surrounded by nature.

You can stay for the night or spend a “Dia de Sol” there, paying an entrance fee for the whole day with access to all the attractions. Both night guests and day visitors have access to their free Wi-Fi.

Vista Hermosa has a bar and restaurant and many tours and plans for couples or groups to enjoy the beauties of Carmen de Viboral.

The place’s a wellness center, which means you can also delight yourself with their pool or Turkish bath and give yourself a well-deserved break.

Address: Vereda Alto Grande, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Factory Coffee and Bar

Factory Coffee and Bar

Factory Coffee is a small coffee shop close to the town’s central park. Its menu is suitable for all tastes: they have different kinds of coffee, hot or cold, pastries, cheese boards and appetizers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. They also offer different beers, wines, liquors, and cocktails. 

The place is quiet and has high-speed Wi-Fi. The only con about Factory Coffee and Bar is if you’re a morning person, it only opens around 2 pm or 3 pm every day, except for Tuesday.

Address: Cra. 30 ###28-55, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Closest Town for Digital Nomads

Closest Town for Digital Nomads

As Carmen de Viboral’s a small town, it might not have tons of coworking shops, and maybe it might not have many meeting rooms for more formal encounters. That’s why I have a suggestion that perhaps best suits your needs.

About 30 minutes away from Carmen de Viboral, you’ll find Rio Negro. This city is way bigger than Carmen and has many more coworking places.

Here’s a list of some places close to Rio Negro with high-speed WiFi, coffee bar, and meeting rooms: 

  • Sinergy Coworking
  • Quirama
  • Social & Co coworking
  • Arkana
  • Coworking Oriente

These are some of the best coworking spaces in Rio Negro, but you’ll find many more options like a coffee bar with high-speed Wi-Fi or a brunch restaurant.

Carmen de Viboral is a Ceramic Town for Digital Nomads

Now you know that you don’t have to worry about your job if you want to spend a few days in Carmen de Viboral: this town will offer you Wi-Fi and ceramics classes!

If you want a quiet environment to focus on work or something fun to do afterward, you got it! Enjoy this town and all it has to offer.

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