What’s the Deal With Itagüí?

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What’s the Deal With Itagüí?

TLDR? In Itagūí, you can shop for clothing at factory prices and enjoy urban and ancient art!

Have you heard of Itagūí? If you’ve been south of Medellin, I’m sure you’ve seen the signage to this municipality.

You might have wondered: what is in Itagüí? Is it worth knowing more about this place?

The answer is yes! Continue reading, find out what you can do in Itagūí, and plan a day trip to this town that blends into Medellin.

How to Get To Itagūí 

Since Itagūí belongs to the Valle de Aburra Metropolitan Area, it’s part of the best transportation system in the city, having the Itagūí station of the Metro System.

From downtown, you can get to this station in just 20 minutes! Then you can take an integrated bus that’ll take you to the central park or any places you’ll read about here.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use private transportation or rent a car for your tours, it can take you 20 to 40 minutes to get there from El Poblado. In this case, I recommend you avoid peak hours.

What to Do in Itagūí 

There are many things to do in Itagüí! If you’re interested in fashion, art, history, and nature, this town’s a full plate for you. Here’s a concise list of the best activities there!

Fashion Tour

As Colombia’s fashion city, Medellin developed international events such as Colombiamoda.

In this sense, Itagūí has been its ally, managing local textile industries of great size and variety.

For a fashion tour of this place, I recommend the Centro de la Moda, the Super Centro de la Moda, and the Via de la Moda. On these sites, you’ll find around 50 local clothing stores such as jeans, sportswear, underwear, and many more at factory prices.

Fashion represents one of the main economic activities in this municipality. People come looking from all over the country for clothes at low prices and market quality.

When you get off at the Itagūí station, you can cross a bridge that takes you immediately to the Mayorca Shopping Center, the largest in the municipality. The mall has an extensive range of outlet stores.

Go comfortable and get ready to try the best of local paisa clothing on this tour!


No, it’s not the one from Comuna 13. The Grafisur is a tour that exalts urban art in the south of Medellin and Itagūí and tells its history through murals and graffiti made by local artists.

This route goes from the Ayurá Metro station to the El Pedregal hamlet of Itagūí, where you’ll see dozens of murals that recreate important moments, characters, and activities of this municipality.

You can also participate in creative urban art workshops.

Find a guide or agency and enjoy this colorful and artistic tour.

Petroglyph Park and Museum

This park is in the El Rosario neighborhood of Itagūí. On a natural area, by the side of the road, you’ll find rocks with ancient engravings and drawings of Colombian heritage.

The Petroglyph Park is a little mentioned and super educational activity. The samples belong to ancestral indigenous cultures and are rarely seen in large quantities in Antioquia as in Itagūí.

A few minutes from there, you’ll find the Graciliano Arcila Archaeological Museum, in charge of preserving Itagüí’s heritage and culture and giving prominence to these petroglyphs.

Itagūí’s Central Park

Itagūí’s central park is a traditional Colombian park with a square and a church operating since 1832. It also has a figure of Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Colombia.

In this square’s surroundings, you can find a wide range of Colombian food in street places or restaurants one or two streets away, such as:

  • La Antioqueñita
  • Fonda Bitagūí
  • El 10 Gourmet

Parque de Las Chimeneas

This park is a benchmark in Itagūí. Modified a few years ago, it has a modern infrastructure suitable for cycling or other sports, with a square that is half closed and half outdoors.

In Las Chimeneas, you can enjoy a curtain of lights and water that gives the park a very striking touch at night. The park has a quiet and familiar atmosphere, full of vegetation, perfect for taking a break and relaxing.

Near this spot, you can find some food places and easy transportation.

Parque del Artista

The Itagūí Artist Park is a tribute to Antioquian artists. In its center, you’ll find a sculpture by the artist Salvador Arango that represents two people dancing.

Remember to check out the park’s schedule since it holds several cultural events. If you’re going there in December, prepare to be amazed by its beautiful light decorations.

Get To Know Itagūí

Itagūí is an ideal town to visit in one day and do different enriching activities: anthropological and ancestral knowledge, visiting traditional parks, a tour through the art, and local shopping at very affordable prices. 

What are you waiting for? Visit Itagüí today!

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