All the Best Places to Eat in Caldas

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All the Best Places to Eat on a Trip to Caldas

TLDR? Even though Caldas is a small village, there are some great places to grab a bite to eat.

Besides the excellent views and activities that the Aburrá Valley offers, food is something you don’t want to miss when visiting Caldas, Antioquia!

It doesn’t matter if you come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner: all the places you find here are trustworthy options. Let me be your guide on all the best places to eat in Caldas!

Breakfast at Caldas

If you come early in the morning, wait until you arrive in Caldas to grab a meal! That way, you’ll already start your trip with a new experience. Here are two great options for that.

Cafe Galería calicanto

This Café’s a surprise! Although the architectural structure might give you the feeling of an old house, you’ll forget that the moment you enter. It’s decorated with traditional pictures, offering an immersive experience near downtown.

With a wide menu for the day, this place will give you an intimate perspective of the coffee zone. 

Address: Cra. 7 #4-45, Salamina, Caldas

Repostería Aymará

Unlike most of the restaurants in Caldas, Repostería Aymará offers vegetarian and even vegan options. They promise a tasty experience for brunch and breakfast.

They also have baked goods, desserts, and some beverages.

If your brunch’s so late it should turn into lunch, you might enjoy their gourmet options for healthy meals. Repostería’s open from 6 am to 9 pm.  

Address: Calle 129 Sur #50-51, Caldas Colombia


In Colombia, like most Latin American countries, lunch is the big meal! Especially for tourists that spent the whole morning exploring a new place. Here are some restaurants where you can enjoy and gather energy to keep going!

La Monarca Café Bar & Grill

If you love meat, this restaurant specializes in grills!

The recommended main plates are churrasco, ribs, picada de chicharrón, and chorizo antioqueño.

Ask for the snack of the day!

The atmosphere is familiar. La Monarca is also the best place to watch a soccer game and enjoy a beverage.

Address: Carrera 50 120b Sur 51 Moll portal del parque, Caldas Colombia


El Rancherito

If you’re looking for an authentic traditional experience, El Rancherito is the right place. This country-themed open space will be ready to serve you every day from 8 am to 7 pm.

You can also rent it for private parties and gatherings. As is usually expected from these open sites, it’s pet-friendly.

Address: Kilómetro 2 vereda, LA TOLVA, Caldas, Antioquia



Good days need a memorable sending-off. Here are some options to remember your trip to Caldas!

Bistruck Burger & Pizza

Open for both lunch and dinner, Bistruck Burger & Pizza is prepared to offer you any flavor. In a quiet environment, you’ll be able to enjoy Italian and Argentinian food.

Insider tip: all of their burgers come with craft bread!

Bistruck Burger & Pizza is a perfect place to have fun with the best company.

Address: Carrera 48 #136 Sur 51 Mall de Villa Rita, Barrio Felipe Echavarría 2, Caldas 055440 Colombia

The Grill House

In The Grill House, you’ll find the best burgers in town with some fun philosophical proposals. There’s nothing more recommendable than your own experience, so please, ask the house for a complete guide for their burgers!

Address: Cra. 49 #135 Sur-68, Caldas, Antioquia


Other options

Maybe your schedule includes a very late lunch or early dinner, so it’s vital to figure out other places to have snacks and fill your stomach whenever needed.

Chamán Burger

Chamán Burger is a place to enjoy a delicious meal. There are other options, but you cannot miss their grills. 

Also, their drinks are just tasty!

Address: Cl. 131 Sur #10 52, Caldas, Antioquia


Mexican Restaurant El Chile Bravo

If you like Mexican food, this is the place for you. If you ask, they can give you all the chilly they have! Their options, all delicious, are:

  • Gorditas
  • Acapulco shrimps
  • Burritos
  • Nachos
  • Tacos

Address: El Bulevar del Carrusel, Cl. 131a Sur, Caldas, Antioquia


El Abuelo Caldas Antioquia

If you’re looking for something sweet or just want to grab something quickly, El Abuelo will give you everything from ice-creams to their recipes!

Address: Cl. 133 Sur #48-28, Caldas, Antioquia


Eating in Caldas

Be sure to enjoy every single detail of your trip, including eating. I’m sure your belly will find everything it wanted!

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