The Best Pet Rescues in Medellin

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The Best Pet Rescues in Medellin

TLDR? Almanimal Foundation is one of the best pet rescues in Medellin if you want to volunteer or adopt a little friend.

I’ve worked as a cat foster mom for a while now, so you can bet your bottom dollar that when I arrived in Medellin, the idea of continuing my volunteering appealed. My fostering days may be over, but that’s a story for another day. 

If you’re interested in cat petting or dog walking yourself, there are a couple of foundations scattered around Medellin where you can do that. 

And who knows? Maybe you’ll take home a new member of the family. 

Almanimal Foundation

Rescue, rehabilitation, and relocation are the mission of this foundation. The stories of each of the rescued and rehabilitated pets at this foundation are truly inspiring. And, so are the testimonials from people who have adopted these beautiful little animals.

There are a couple of different ways that you can get involved here. For instance, you can become a sponsor for an animal that just needs a fairy godmother. 

Or, you can become a volunteer. 

Here’s a bit more detail on each of the different ways you can get involved. 


Volunteering is the easiest (and most hands-on) way for you to become involved in this foundation. 

As a volunteer, you just have to fill in out some basic information on the website and the foundation will contact you.

From there, they’ll learn a bit more about your experience with animals and walk you through the different ways you can help out!


Sponsoring means giving a monthly fee to the foundation to support a particular animal. This is great if there’s a furry friend you’ve fallen in love with but aren’t quite ready to adopt. 

When you sign up as a sponsor, you’ll get special rights (such as preferential adoption). You’ll also have a couple of duties. 

The foundation will walk you through everything that’s involved in becoming a sponsor and help get you oriented. 


You can also donate plastic bottle caps, cleaning supplies, pet food, toys, and other items that contribute to the well-being of pets. 

Of course, you can also give cold, hard cash. But, in my book, it’s always nicer to give something that shows you put a little thought into the animals. 

Web Site:

Address: San José de la Montaña, San Cristóbal, Medellín, Antioquia

La Perla Bienestar Animal

This place encourages people to adopt rescued animals and welcome them home as four-legged members of their families. 

On the website, you’ll find photos of the pets available for adoption as well as testimonials from people about the animals that have been adopted.

If you make the big decision to adopt, the Foundation will give you a free veterinary consultation for the first month. 

They’ll also provide all the vaccines, microchips, up-to-date medical check-ups and dewormed your new little friend.

Although they’re not always accepting volunteers, they are always happy to accept donations. Just let the team know you’re willing to provide monetary or gift donations to help out!

Web Site:

Address: Av. Colombia, Medellín, Altavista, Medellín, Antioquia

Orca Foundation

Our friends who are staying at a Casacol rental in Laureles will love the ORCA foundation. 

Despite the name, this place actually has nothing to do with orcas. Instead, the foundation is all about caring for cats, dogs, and other pets abandoned on the streets of Medellin. 

With a long, ten years of experience in helping homeless street animals, ORCA is a clear example of love for animals.

Here,you can help out by cuddling cats, walking dogs, cleaning cages, and participating in the active care of the animals. Or, you can sign up to become a sponsor. 

The minimum sponsorship requirement here is about the price of a cup of coffee—that’s easy on the budget for anyone wanting to donate!

You can also adopt a pet here through there #Adoptanocompres campaign. All you have to do is check the page for adoption days and then head down to the foundation. 

Web Site:

Address: Cl. 41 ##72-24, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Corazón Animal Foundation

Placing your paw on your heart is how you support Corazon Animal Foundation. 

Okay, okay, that was a little corny. But, this foundation does have a couple of ways that you can get involved. 

For one thing, you can participate by serving as an active volunteer at the organization. Jobs include: 

  • Organizing and running educational and adoption events
  • Taking care of pets’ daily needs
  • Walking pets
  • Cleaning animal pens and bathing the animals themselves
  • Transporting pets to and from pet appointments and new homes
  • Providing professional skills that can help the organization (for example, photography)

Any of these activities are great ways to get involved, and none of them take very long. You can just carve out an afternoon and spend some time giving back to the community.

Web Site:

Address: Cl. 106bb #27c-2 a 27c-34, Medellín, Antioquia

Salvar Organization

Salvar isn’t like the other pet rescues in Medellin. This place doesn’t actually have a physical address, but instead, houses pets in foundation members’ homes. 

Salvar is committed to rescuing and spreading information about the welfare of animals.

You can get invovled here in a couple of ways. For one thing, you can sponsor animals by donating money, food, toys, and pet goods on a one-time or recurring basis. 

Or, you can choose to act as a foster and take animals into your home until they find their forever home. 

You can also support the organizaiton by purchasing items from their store. The proceeds all go to helping the animals. 

Web Site: 

Con Pasión Animal Foundation

If you’re a cat lover, Con Pasión is the place to go. This foundation has a rigorous adoption process, which shows that they really care about their cats. 

In order to adopt a pet here you’ll have to undergo an interview. 

After the interview, the foundation will conduct a tour of your home. At the moment, due to COVID-19 regulations, they’re accepting a video of your home. 

Finally, you’ll have to pay a fee. This goes towards your pet’s shots and spay or neuter, meaning they’re healthy and ready to come home. 

This is your best choice if you are a cat lover.

Alternatively, you can always just volunteer to go cat cuddling. The cats are always thrilled to meet new people, and you can get rid of some stress while you’re at it!

Web Site: Con Pasion Animal Foundation

Address: Tv. 32B #74c-55, Medellín, Belén, Medellín, Antioquia

Get Involved in One of the Many Pet Rescues in Medellin

Being an animal lover can leave you missing your furry friends back home. However, with these pet rescues around the city, you can find new ways to get involved with the animals and give back!

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