How to Hire a Babysitter in Medellin

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How to Hire a Babysitter in Medellin

TLDR? If you want to hire a babysitter in Medellin, Babysits, Sitly, or Trunanny are great resources.

Planning a trip with children isn’t an easy task. First, you have to come up with family-friendly hotels, and then you’ve got to think about the logistics of getting around the city with little ones in tow!

If you’re spending some extended time in Medellin with your young ones, you might need a babysitter at some point or another.

So, where do you begin? Let’s take a look at how to hire a babysitter in Medellin.

What to Look for When Hiring a Babysitter in Medellin

Before we talk about where to look, let’s examine what to look for in a babysitter. Here are a couple of things to help you find the perfect person!


Each babysitter has a unique experience. Look for what age kids they’ve worked with in the past and any educational or professional background. 

You should also check the person’s identity document and the current judicial record. Many nannies also have personal references. That’s a great way to verify if they’re as capable as they say.

Language Abilities

Some babysitters will only speak Spanish, while others may be bilingual. On top of that, their second language could be English or something else, so be sure to look at what languages the sitters offer before hiring them.

Other Tasks

Some babysitters offer to do other tasks to complement the parents’ help. That means helping children with homework, taking care of your pet, going shopping, doing light housework, or even driving and taking the kids somewhere. Be sure to ask about it before hiring them! 

Tips for Parents of Kids With Special Needs 

Finding a good babysitter is even more important if you have children with special needs. Kids with special needs often require extra attention, and a babysitter who doesn’t have experience might not know what to do in certain situations. 

The good news is that most good babysitting sites in Medellin allow you to select any special needs your kids have, including:

  •  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  •  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  •  Asthma
  •  Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorders (ODD/CD)
  •  Diabetes
  •  Language disorder
  •  Epilepsy
  •  Physically limited
  •  Sleep disorder
  •  Tics
  •  Visual impairment
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Global development delay
  • Food allergies
  • Hemophilia
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

If you’re not sure if a babysitter’s qualified, you can reach out to them and ask for additional information. That way, you know you’re leaving your child in good hands. 

Where to Hire a Babysitter in Medellin

Medellin has some great sites for anyone wanting to hire a babysitter. Some of these sites even let you hire someone to watch your pets, too!


Babysits is a safe website dedicated to providing parents with qualified sitters. There are dozens of profiles on the site for you to browse through.

On each nanny’s profile, you can find their experience, what languages they speak, reviews of parents who have already hired them, and other information that will help you choose the right one.

On Babysits you can also use the built-in instant messaging feature to connect with your chosen sitter. You can organize virtual interviews before setting up a time for her to meet the kids.

As it’s not an agency, you have total control of choosing and hiring a babysitter and negotiating the rates.

Babysits is a bridge to connect babysitters and parents from all over the world.



Sitly is designed for nannies rather than babysitters, but still helpful for anyone staying in Medellin for a while.

Like on Babysits, all the nannies have reviews, experience, languages, and hourly rates listed on their profiles. You can also use filters that only show profiles that meet your needs. 

The platform also has a messaging feature so you can get in touch with nannies before you hire them. There’s no interview system, but you can schedule to meet with the nanny. 



Trunnany is a digital platform that lets you connect with tutors and nannies. If you want your kids (or yourself) to step up their Spanish game, this might be the place to hire a tutor!

They also have nannies available by the hour, day, or week. Unlike the other sites, you don’t pick your nanny. Instead, the site matches you with an appropriate worker, which saves you the searching and interviewing work and gives you the support of a responsible and safe company.

A big plus for Trunanny is that some available workers have degrees in preschool education, early childhood assistance, or extensive experience. Trunanny has only women.


Hire a Babysitter Service in Medellin

Hiring a babysitter in Medellin is a lot less complicated than it looks. Be specific about your needs and check each profile so that you and your kids have a great trip! 

And of course, you can always ask your Casacol concierge for help!

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